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How Do I Assign A Group To My Category?

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This post will explain the process for creating a Group to manage one of your existing categories on Waymarking.com. It is our goal to have all existing categories assigned to a Group within a few months.


First, visit your My Page and click the My Groups link at the upper right of the page. Then click "Create New Group".


Choose a name for your Group and fill in a description of your Group's goal. If you aren't ready to fill in the goal you can always change this information later, but choose the name carefully as it cannot be edited after the Group is created.


At this point you can recruit two (or more) Premium Members to help you manage the category. Use the invite link at the bottom of your Group page and an email invitation will be sent to each user. If you are not sure who might be interested in joining your Group you can post a topic requesting support in the Waymarking Category Proposals forum or visit the topic in which you originally proposed the category idea to find people who expressed interest. If you turn on "Open Enrollment" you won't have to manually invite everyone - they can simply visit the Group page and click "join".


After your invites have been accepted, click each of the names in the Member list and promote them to Officer status. Once you have promoted at least two Members a dropdown menu will appear listing all of your current categories. Highlight the category and click Submit. You're done!


Of course, you can always continue to invite more members to your Group and make changes to the rank permissions, logo, and Group goal.

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