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Installing Older Garmin Maps On Hard Drive...

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Along with City Select 7 which came with my M5, I have older versions of Roads & Recreation, World Map, and Topo, that I used with my GPS-12Map. While I have been able to use them with my M5, the install app that comes with them only give options for 'Typical' and 'Compact', neither of which copies the map data to the hard drive. This means I get prompted for disk every time I want to use them (5 cds!!).


I know about copying the entire disk to a selected location on the hard drive and installing from there, but this is not how they were installed. So, a few questions:


Is there a way to uninstall these products, or can you remove them from within Mapsource? Note My CS6, CS7, and Topo 24 West products all have instances in the 'Add or Remove Programs' control panel app. Topo, R&R, and World Map do not.


Can I just copy the cd files to a location of my choice, re-install from there, and end up with just one instance of the map in the Mapsource drop down box, and will it point to the right place (I assume so)?


Is there a better way to approach this? I have looked high and low, and while I have found many references to copying the CD to a seleted location on the hard drive and then installing the map, it's always refered to the initial instalation.


Any help would be appreciated. I'd rather wait a few days and do it right verses ending up with several selections for the same product (that I can't remove) in MapSource.

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