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Excited About New Cache This Summer

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have recently found out I'm moving half way across the country this summer to the area I grew up in.

When I was a kid there was a spot we always looked for that has a huge "X" crack in the rock face. We always (and still sorta do) believed there was pirate treasure there and swore to climb the face and see. We never did but still talk of it often. This will be the site of my new cache shortly after I get there. Not to climb the face but to find the big"X".

For those of you not sharing my excitement :cute:

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I grew up several hundred miles away from where I live now... close enough to find caches there pretty regularly, but not close enough to maintain a hidden cache there. I often think about how I'm at a bit of a disadvantage in hiding caches where I live now. I didn't move here until I was an adult, and I "wasted" many years here where I did not spend time exploring the area outdoors. It is hard for me to compete with lifelong residents who know all the "cool spots" in which to hide a cache.


When I go to my hometown and visit family, I especially enjoy finding caches hidden near the places where I used to play as a little kid, explore as an adventurous pre-teen, or "hang out" at as a less than perfect teenager. THERE, I know where all the cool spots are. And every time I travel there, someone has hidden a new cache at one of those cool spots.


I think we are best at discovering the "cool spots" when we are young and unburdened by the cares of the adult world. How fortunate that you will be able to go back and hide a cache at one of the places you enjoyed many years ago. These usually make for great caches.

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