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Where To Place Micros In Urban Areas.

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I have placed many caches inside my city and outside of it.

I thought of starting a post with suggestions of every single information of placing a micro cache in a city.

This may be helpful to any of you that may want to place micros but does not know how...

I have placed in the city of Athens and elsewhere two types of micros, film canisters and Listerine mini boxes.

The film canisters can be found at any photo-shop.You can ask the shop owner if he has any empty film canisters-they gather them and they throw them away.Usually they have white ones.It is more rare to find black ones that are the best if we consider camouflage.I use to place a Neodymium magnet at the top and glue it with hot glue.The same way I glue these magnets to the empty Listerine boxes.

Sometimes I paint the Listerine boxes with permanent marker, black or blue.

We have now to add the log-book inside the micros.I found some good log-lists at the geocaching forums and I would be happy to give you the files, so that you can also print them and place them at your micros.Just PM me and I will send them to you !

Now the place where we are going to hide them...Usually in a big city the best hiding places are the parks!

And I prefer the benches, as many other micro owners ! Now the strong Neodymium magnets sets you free to place the micro at any surface that is metalic and can hold the micro. And this means that the micro can hung from any metalic area...they are so strong, that they keep the micro attached to the surface.

From this point you can use your imagination where these micros can stick to ! If you are curious enough, all you have to do is to "hunt" for any micros...you will discover many ideas for hiding them !

About the time of hiding the caches now.Usually it is not recommended to visit parks in the deep night...(Right Antoni?) I think the best time for hiding a micro in the city is half an hour after the sun sets.

Not too lighty and not so dark.The mugglers(=curious people at the area who look and do not let us do our geocaching stuff) usually leave parks when the sun goes down...But this is not a law for the hot summers here in Greece !

Then you have to trust your instinct and judge the right time that will be less people around.Also if the park has many buildings around, then you have to look around if anyone is at his-her balcony watching your effords to hide the micro instead of watching the news on tv...if there are such people then I guess you have to leave the park and come back some other time.

And a nice trick when you try to hide the cache, is having your mobile phone at your one hand, pretending that you are writing an sms and you are tired and you lower down on your one knee.

Placing micros at the middle part of some avenue, is a dangerous thing and not recommended.First the road signs in the middle of the road do not live for long.There is always some brainless driver that has to stop on them and destroy them along with your micro.Even the bushes in the middle of the avenue do not live long...if you do not believe this, just take a look at the Vouliagmenis avenue from Argyroupoli (Alimou) up to Glyfada...

So, road signs at the side of a road may be a good hide for your micro.


In a future post, I will write some more.

Please feel free to write your suggestions.




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Great tips Yanni, thank you.


If you want to order the magnets that Yannis mentions, search at ebay.co.uk for "Neodymium Disc 1/2"x1/8" Magnets NdFeB Magnet".


The size of these magnets are ideal for film cannisters since they do not take much space and are very powerful. I also use them for refrigerator magnets. These babies can hold anything :D


One tip I would like to add for film cannisters is to use IKEA pencils for logging. They fit just fine and they are quite weather proof.


Keep Caching



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