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Topo Tracks To Expert Gps

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I have numerous (8) different GPS/mapping and "Conversion"programs , but apparently that is not enough to find the correct combination.....


Topo, Arc Explorer, USAPhotomaps, MapSource, Expert GPS,G7ToWin,DNRGarmin,GPSU


The task I need to accomplish is to move MULTIPLE Topo "tracks" into Expert GPS.....even if it is "one at a time"

I know this problem is a result of NG Topo not being able / willing to be compatible with open source file file format, however, that does not change what I need to accomplish.


The tracks are no longer in my GPSr......ONLY in the TOPO program in a "tpo" file. There are several maps with multiple tracks of Snowmobile trails, ATV trails, and Hiking trails that have been compiled over several years.


NG Topo will not export "tracks", but will export "routes", so I have converted "track" to "route" in Topo and exported as comma delimited text , and several of the other (few) choices that Topo has for exports, but as yet have not been able to successfully get a Topo track into Expert GPS. Several times I thought I had it made but ended up with no waypoints on the track (no visible track).

That's kinda like being only slightly fatal.


I would appreciate any help. If you don't have the Topo program, I can send you a sample "track converted to route and exported as comma delimited" file to play with.

If you have the Topo program, just hand draw a track and convert it to route within the program (use "adding enough waypoints to closely follow the track") then export to see/get the exported format.

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As you've learned, Topo! really doesn't want you to be able to use your GPS data outside the program. Not a great way to treat your customers.


Show us a few lines of your comma or tab-delimited data. Perhaps there's a way to convert it.


The .tpo binary file format is full of all sorts of junk, and I'm not aware of anyone who has tried to decipher it.

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Here is a sample of the "as exported" comma delimited file.


...or I can send it by e-mail....whatever.

This one is just a hand drawn track, converted to route, then exported as comma delimited.


TOPO! GPS Data Format UTM NAD83 ElevFeet UTC-Time

TOPO! GPS Route,001 TO 044











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I trimmed your data down in a text editor so that it looked like this:


easting,northing [tab] elevation


291259,4218364 12196

291274,4218257 12235

291374,4218043 12188

291575,4217613 12074

291747,4217450 12051

291884,4217270 11965

291934,4217162 11899

292107,4217017 11826

292316,4216941 11710

292440,4216937 11587


I then opened ExpertGPS, recentered the map on a waypoint in UTM zone 13, and pasted the data from the text editor. ExpertGPS created a new track.


I didn't bother with the timestamp data. If you want to try to convert this in your spreadsheet, read the following:


ExpertGPS stores timestamps as the number of seconds since January 1st, 1970. Microsoft Excel stores timestamps as the number of days since January 1st, 1900. To display ExpertGPS timestamps in Excel correctly, you will need to apply a formula.


That formula is: Excel_time = ExpertGPS_time / 86400 + 25569


Explanation of the values used in the formula


86400 - the number of seconds in one day. (24 hours x 60 minutes x 60 seconds)

25569 - the number of days between January 1, 1900 and January 1, 1970.

To convert an ExpertGPS timestamp in cell R2 to an Excel time in cell S2


Enter the following formula in cell S2: =R2/86400+25569

To format the Excel time in cell S2


Click on cell S2

Click Cells on the Format menu.

Select Date in the Category list.

Select 3/4/97 1:30 PM in the Type list.



All timestamps in ExpertGPS are in Universal Time (UTC). To display local time in Excel, you will have to add in the appropriate offset. Boston, Massachusetts is 4 hours behind UTC during Daylight Saving Time. (Eastern Daylight Time is UTC-04:00). Divide by 24 to convert to a fraction of a day. The appropriate formula for converting ExpertGPS UTC timestamps to Eastern Daylight Time in Excel is


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