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Need Help With .loc Files

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I may show my stupidity on this, but.....If you go to see the detail of a cache, you can see the Latitude and Longitude. When I download the .loc files they are totally different from what the cache details say. Example: Park Entrance Cache details show N 34° 46.372 W 090° 08.056. When I download the .loc file it looks says the coordinates are 34.7728666666667 and -90.1342666666667. These aren't even close. Please someone explain. Thanks.

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The coordinates are identical, just being provided in two different formats.


The numbers in the .loc file are provided in decimal degrees format, while the numbers shown on the cache page are shown in degrees/minutes/seconds format.


There are various places you can go to learn about converting between the two representations, but here is a good place to start.

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I'm using EasyGPS. Is there a program that will let me view them in the degrees/minutes/seconds format? I have a low end model GPS that will not let me download coordinates, so I just want to be able to quickly get many cache coordinates in one program and print them out instead of individually clicking on each one to get the coordinates. Thanks.

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Is there a program that will let me view them in the degrees/minutes/seconds format?

Hmmm... EasyGPS won't show you the coordinates in deg/min/sec? (It's been a while since I tried that program)


GSAK will work. You can load the .loc files individually into GSAK (you'll be prompted for the state on each one because .loc files don't contain this information, and GSAK needs it), then you can print out the list with coordinates, GC number, cache name, etc.


You can download and use GSAK for free, but after 21 days you get a nag screen.


If you are really trying to load lots of coordinates into your GPS you'll probably find yourself wanting to get a GPSr which can handle coordinate downloads. Then you'll find that you really want to become a premium member ($3.00 per month) so you can download .gpx files (which have lots more information).


But if you don't mind the manual effort, your current GPSr and GSAK will work for you.

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