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Tools For Managing Waymarks

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Having managed a waymark category for a few weeks now there are a few things that I would like to have to make my job easier.


First, to be able to call up the approval history of all accepted and declined waymarks in the category.


Second, I think its been mentioned before but have the distance to the nearest waymark of the same category and to any other category on the approval page. This allows checking of possible duplicates with different or same names.


Third, the ability to archive waymarks and post reviewer notes. And whatever other functionality that Groundspeak reviewers at geocaching already have.


Fourth, to be able to sort or filter by attribute. I posted this before on behalf of the searcher but it would also be nice for the manager. As a manager, I may want to see what other waymarks of the same attribute are in the area before approving.


The Canadian benchmark category will likely quickly grow into the thousands and possibly hundreds of thousands if a database import is ever accomplished. That plus benchmarks are often very close together and distinguinshing each unique one can be difficult for the manager who was never at the site. So it will be important to have many tools at your disposal for checking the validity of waymark submissions.


If anyone has other requests for tools for managing waymarks or comments on mine please post them here.

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