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Possible Caches

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I have been thinking about some possible Caches to do, but as I have not found that many, I believe that it is not a wise idea to go placing lots of Caches out there. So I thought to myself that I could just give these ideas away and hope that I can help someone who is stuck for ideas about what their first/next Cahce could be. My ideas are all themed Caches that are a variation on a theme.


Mind Your Own Business :lol: - This Cache is a small one and contains only business cards hence the name.

Star Trek - This one could be a Multi-Cache that is designed to be done at night where the constellations help you find the Cache.

Wattle You Do Next ? :ph34r: - This Cache could contain different pressed flowers from the wattle family or even be amongst a few wattle trees.

Lights Out - If you don't know what to do with all those old light globes heres a Cache for you. Basically it's a medium sized Cache that would hold dfferent types of blown globes.

My Old Stamping Grounds - The Cache contains different stamps from all over the world and for all sorts of occations.

Under The Boardwalk - This one would be placed under a boardwalk some where, possible in St. Kilda.

Out Of The Frying Pan - This Cache would contain different kinds of recipes that can only be cooked in a fring pan.


I hope that this helps someone who's stuck for ideas, and feel free to post any Caches that you have thought about making but just don't have the time to make them, but still want to see them made.

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