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Looking For Specific Ppc Gps Software

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Hey all, am new to Geocaching, and I need help on software for my Dell Axim x50v.


I've tried many different types of freeware software, and already own pocket streets, but the software I'm using for geocaching is unreliable. (Since I am new, I could be using it incorrectly - and I mean no disrespect to the author of the software) I am currently using VitoNavigator, and when I compare the Lat/Long to say Streets, they are way off. It lent to a very frustrating first geocaching experience for me, and I'd like to recitify that.


I use Streets, but for whatever reason, my Lat/Long don't update when I move (I'm in GPS info). So I am looking for a no frills software for the Axim, that tells me:


1. I have a fix.

2. Lattitude.

3. Longtitude.


That's it. A nice to have would be a compas, but if not, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. Do any of the veterans out there have any suggestions, so I can find my first cache, and start my journey?


Thanks in advance for your words of wisdom!



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Would you be interested in beta testing a Pocket PC prgram I call GPSWAYPOINTER? It works on my DELL Axim X5. You can download "loc" files and save them. It converts HMS to Degrees and Visa Versa. It has a compass that points to a waypoint, shows distance to waypoint and estimated time of arrival based on your speed. It also has features to show satellite information. I am currently writing a simple help file. I need some beta testers to see if it works on Pocket PC's. Also I need some input on desired features. Reply if you are interested.

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You have lots of choices and it seems that you have use a few.


You could try VisualGPSce(free) - no frills, just position, satellite data and compass. You could also try BeeLineGPS. Full featured specific for geocaching, support GPX files and reliable.


There is also GPSTuner.


Keep looking and you will find something that works!

What OS do the pocket pc's use?

Can a person use those programs with winXP?


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What OS do the pocket pc's use?

Can a person use those programs with winXP?


Pocket PC use a special version of the Microsoft operating system. It's tuned for PDAs as for VisualGPSce and BeeLineGPS those are specifically for the PPC platform.


There is a version of VisualGPS Free for the Windows XP platform and can be found at here.

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I just bought the same PocketPc (Dell Axim x50v) and was wondering how the software was doing for you. Any hints and advice would be appreciated.

I've tried VisualGPS, and it's exactly what I'm looking for, no frills just to the basics. Follow me is good for tracking your trail (if you're in the bush or whatever) and Streets is good for live mapping. PM me, if you have any questions abouyt software for the Axim, and it doesn't have to be GPS related.



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