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Magellan Explorist 100


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Is it ok for a newbie like me who knows nothing about GPS ?

I´m on a tight budget so I can´t afford the more expenzive ones where you can use your pc for downloading maps etc (but it would be nice)


Would this one be ok for me to track down "treasures" to start with or will I still need a compass and map to get right ;-) ?



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The Ex 100 would work fine. But if you're on a very tight budget I'd suggest you also consider the Lowrance iFinder GO. In my opinion it is more powerful than the Ex 100, and cheaper! Also the iFinder has a builtin basemap (basic coverage) whereas the Ex100 has no builtin maps at all.


Some here will complain neither the Ex100 or iFinder GO don't connect to PC.. but if you're on a shoestring budget that is not a factor. What you want most is a dependable reliable machine you can trust. And both the Ex100 & iFinder have excellent antennas & receivers, and are every bit as accurate as the most expensive consumer GPSr's

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I started with the Explorist 200 and have had lots of fun with it. However, the 200 has a base map which is not bad; I really can't imagine doing without that map. I think you should look at some other units (such as that recommended by IVxIV) before settling on the 100 - which is basic to the extreme.

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Just wanna add my $0.02 here. I currently own an eXplorist 100 and am looking to upgrade. I bought my eXplorist for $100 a year ago. I didn't know if I'd enjoy this "geocaching" thing, so I didn't want to blow a lot of money on a GPS I may not use. Well 1 yr and 200 caches later, I'm hooked. I'm even using my eXplorist for work (geographic information systems) now. My main problem is the eXplorist's lack of computer connectivity. It would make the task of entering cache coordinates so much easier, and for work, uploading coordinates to the PC would be a cinch. The eXplorist 100's lack of mapping capability doesn't bother me much, since I have tons of maps. I recommend looking at a receiver that does a little more than what you think you need. I wish I had done that. Now I'm looking at a Garmin GPSmap 60, which is a huge step up and costs more than twice as much as the eXplorist 100. The GPSmap 60 does more than I need, but I know that a year from now I'll have lots of features available if I want them. Buy more GPS than you think you need.

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