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In an eariler thread of recent date, I noted that I would go look for OC2669. I did. At that time, a minor USGS disk is noted as OC2686. It was listed as not being on either the NGS or GC lists but was simply listed as part of the total equation.


As of my mentioning it on OC2669 (complete with pic) and posting that designation with NGS, it is suddenly listed on the NGS site.


Has anyone else found this type of situation? Did I find an old PID that can now be found?

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My guess would be that it was previously NONPUBLISHABLE due to no descriptive text:



- -------- -------------------------------- -

- X Surface Mark Reported Destroyed -

- Y Surface and underground mark reported destroyed -

- A A-Order Horizontal mark not tied to an adjusted HARN -

- C C-Nonoperational CORS Station -

- W Weakly determined position. -

- P Purpose of position is not for network control -

- D No Descriptive Text available -

- R Restricted position -

- O Outside NGS Publication Area -

- N No geodetic control at this mark -


When you added descriptive text in your recovery report, it became publishable. Note that the datasheet for OC2686 does not list marker type. If I were you, I would amend my report to say something like "STANDARD USGS DISK SET IN ROCK AND STAMPED TT 6 TDA 1940"

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Good idea, TerraVador, I'll do that.


And you are correct. Prior to my listing this under OC2669, there was the non-publishable statement that you have listed below. I believe it did list a 'D' as the reason why but I cannot be sure. Maybe it was an 'O' ?

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