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Missing Pq's


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At I created a new PQ centered on a zip code, tested it in preview mode, it showed 500 caches in a 60 mile radius, set it to run today and noted that it ran at 12:15 pm. Got back after lunch and noted that it had not arrived yet. Checked some things to reassure myself that my email account was working (like sending it an email from my gmail account), so created a new identical query set to run today and to run only once (yes I tested it in preview first), its marked as having run at 1:15 pm, but still no email. I created yet a third PQ, sending it to an alternate email address, it claims to have run at 1:37 pm but by 2:05 pm it still has not arrived.


Is something happening with the PQ system?


All times are PDT, I have two existing PQ's that are scheduled to run today but have not yet done so and I am at the 5 per day limit. All were tested to make sure they generated results before they were set to run.

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