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Problem With Vista C Compass


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hi anyone had problems with the etrex vista c compass, i seem to have lost the black pointers on the compass screen, i have recaibrated and even downloaded latest unit software is this a real problem or is it a settings problem. its my first gps that i have recently bought and am confused i'm beginning to think they wer'nt there in the first place Any ideas or experiences would be gratefully recieved

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The pointer is only there when you are in navigate mode. The pointer indicates the direction to the waypoint you have selected to navigate to (the bearing). The compass 'bezel' will rotate to indicate the current cardinal directions, and the one facing 'up' on the screen will be the direction you are currently facing (your heading).


be sure to hold your Vista C level, since the compass will only function that way (just like a real compass). Also, the magnetic compass will generally only operate when you are stopped; when you are moving, the Vista C will determine your heading by your motion as determined by the GPS ("you used to be there, now you are hear, and that indicates a northern heading") After you've stopped for a determined amount of time (you can set this in the setup menu), the magnetic compass will kick in. this is important to remember because, when you stop, you can rotate your body and the GPS will have no way of knowing this--you are still at the same coordinates. Since the compass will usually kick in after about 15 seconds of being motionless. It is real easy to turn your body (the compass stays put) and when you start moving again your bearing and heading suddenly jump drastically! I set my compass to kick on after I've dropped below 2mph for 15 seconds, as when I slow down to approach a cache.


Hope this helps!

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