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Trash Bag Labels???

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If you're planning on folding up the bags and putting them into film cans, the Mississippi Geocachers Association website has some premade labels in their Downloads area.


You can also toss together custom CITO labels pretty quickly doing something like this:


- Download one of the logos from the CITO Links page (one of the small ones should do fine)


- The online Avery Print page allows you to put together simple labels very quickly using your browser. You don't actually need to go out and buy Avery labels - just printing to regular paper and using a pair of scissors will work fine. <_<


- Selecting "Mailing Labels", and chose a size appropriate for whatever size CITO bags you're planning to leave.


- Select one of the sample labels that includes a spot for a graphic/logo.


- On the next page, use the 'Import Your Own' button to upload the CITO logo that you grabbed from the CITO Links page.


- In the Message box, enter a short message: "Happy trashing! --slapshot52" or whatever strikes your fancy.


- Confirm that everything looks okay, and you can download your custom labels as a PDF file and print up as many sheets as you need, whenever you need 'em.


If you want more flexibility, you can do something very similar with Microsoft Office or OpenOffice - they should both have a variety of label templates, and they'll provide more options for laying out text.

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