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Found 5 results

  1. Google Pixel 7 - Android 14 (U1B2.230922.013) Geocaching 9.39.0 Hello! My app is slowing down rapidly when i move the map around, until it completely crash the phone. I took a little video to show you :
  2. Hi, I noticed tonight when I go to my profile on the iOS app, the first page with the Wheel of Challenges, Finds, Hides, Statistics, etc. It shows what I believe is my correct number of finds: 250. But when I click on that 250 and it takes me to the list of my finds, the small text at the top of the list displays "You have found 247 caches so far." As far as I can tell these two numbers should match. They match on my wife's phone and I can't see any logical reason why they should not match. I'm attaching screenshots of both screens. My forum name matches my actual name on geocaching.com and I don't care about hiding that information.
  3. Hello, When clicking on the car to launch google Map, the link sent to google map no longer works .. , it is of the form: 43,243083, 1,155317(Geocache) when it should be of the form: 43.243083, 1.155317 the decimal separator remains as in France a comma ", " whereas it would take a "." to differentiate it from the comma between the 2 numbers.. more over there is this text "(Geocache)" following the link! Is it the same for you ? version 9.24.0 in French..
  4. Normally, I have no problem opening up Waze whenever I hit the car icon in the Android app. I used this as recently as 3 Februaru without issues. Today, it's telling me "Sorry, that action is not available." Using the official app, version 9.20.0, Samsung A52, Android version 13.
  5. App version: 9.18.0 This has been going on for at least weeks now. I just look around on the map and the app starts lagging very hard. Then the app freezes for a while and then continues lagging. Sometimes at this point the app crashes, curiously more often to the lock screen than to the home screen. Clearing the app cache and force stopping the app resolves this problem temporarily but after a little while of using the app the problems return. This has made the app essentially useless for me. Has anyone else been having similar problems?
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