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Found 2 results

  1. Few days ago we visited adventure lab https://adventurelab.page.link/j8M9 There were 5 locations, we all visited en answered correctly. In the App we see that the 5 have been visited and that the Adventure lab is completed. On the adventure lab website we only see 4 visited and completed locations. Also the counter of our total found caches has 1 cache to few. Any Idea what could went wrong and how this can be fixed? thx Bergloper
  2. Has anybody else had this problem with both the app and the website? On the IOS app; On the map caches logged on the app aren't showing as found caches until I click on them. Caches logged on the website aren't showing as found on the app at all. Logged caches aren't showing on the 'finds' list (experimental feature). Finds count is increasing correctly and daily statistics are correct. On the website; Logged caches are not showing in the recent activity. On the map caches logged as found aren't showing as found caches until I click on them. Have tried logging out and even uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Anyone else having this issue?
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