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  1. Can I use an SD card to store offline lists for Geocaching App ( Android) ?
  2. Support for Android Automotive. just gotten a new car polestar 2 and its running Android Automotive Version and have google play store for downloading apps thats are compatible for automotive... maybe adding support ?
  3. Normally, I have no problem opening up Waze whenever I hit the car icon in the Android app. I used this as recently as 3 Februaru without issues. Today, it's telling me "Sorry, that action is not available." Using the official app, version 9.20.0, Samsung A52, Android version 13.
  4. Ok so this has been mentioned many times on various Facebook groups. That when you hit navigate it takes you to a spaceshuttle view of the world. This is since the last android Geocaching app update. Clicking back then navigate a second time corrects the issue. I figured it must have been reported here but I can find any mention. I think I speak for all... That this will be fixed soon.
  5. Few days ago we visited adventure lab https://adventurelab.page.link/j8M9 There were 5 locations, we all visited en answered correctly. In the App we see that the 5 have been visited and that the Adventure lab is completed. On the adventure lab website we only see 4 visited and completed locations. Also the counter of our total found caches has 1 cache to few. Any Idea what could went wrong and how this can be fixed? thx Bergloper
  6. I'm pretty sure this problem was reported several years ago but is still persisting. When I view my cache GC9JDPF in the app, it shows as Disabled. Yes, I disabled the cache back in April when the access trail was closed due to extreme rain, but I enabled it again in May when the trail reopened and it's since had a find. It's now September but the app still thinks the cache is disabled, even though it's showing that August find under Activity: I realise I can bring the status up to date by logging out of the app and back in again, but should that really be necessary every time I view a cache?
  7. Sometimes in the Geocaching App I get little blue dots in the menu strip at the bottom of the screen. The blue dot on the Profile icon is usually a new souvenir. But the blue dot on the Lists icon? It has been there for months now and I do not know what it is. I assume one of my lists has changed - but which one? Could we please have the blue dot replicate to lower levels in the menu all the way to the specific item. Thanks, Tom
  8. The geocaching application after a couple of caches stops receiving data, it seems that it loses the internet connection. I have a Samsung S22+ with updated software and geocaching app also updated. After a few minutes of use, the app stops updating the cache data (tip, information, activities) although the entire mobile phone is functional and with internet. For example, the app does not update the caches, for via the web browser it works, as well as the Adventure Lab application, it works normally. Any suggestion? Any solution? Thanks.
  9. If I open my profile tab on the app, it shows 50 hides. This is the count I actually have. But if I tap on the "Hides" from there to expand, it shows "59 caches". Not sure how that is happening. I suspect it could have something to do with AdLabs, but not sure where is it getting whole 9 new hides from. Running the latest Android app version (v9.9.0)
  10. I have both a Samsung G9 w Geocaching app uploaded and a Garmin GPSMAP 66i. Can anyone tell me if one or the other device is more accurate when searching for cache? I've only discovered geocaching since last July 25, so truly a newbie with no one close to buddy up with me on these adventures.
  11. Hi A while ago, when hitting the car icon, I used to have the choix between all my installed navigation apps. Sometimes I prefer Osmand over Google Maps especially when out of cities. But right now, it necessarily opens Google maps. I have no default nav app, so all other apps, on the same situation, will push the pop-up asking me to choose the navigation app. Geocaching app instead seems to have a link to Google hard-coded. When disabling the ability of Google maps to open compatible links, I can see that hitting the car icon opens Google maps in a Web browser. Could you reverse to the previous situation, just sending the coordinates so that we could choose the most appropriate navigation app? Thanks for your hard work.
  12. Sometimes when I'm Geocaching I send an image via the Message Center to verify something. To add an image to a message you have the option to directly take a photo or to select an existing image. In most cases I take the photo directly via the option in the Geocaching app. My standard photo application is then opened, I take the photo and confirm the result. In certain regions there is a less good mobile connection and the forwarding of an image can take a very long time. I synchronize images made on my mobile with a network drive. I recently noticed that directly under the DCIM folder are photos that I made via the Geocaching app. The photos have a file name with the following structure: GEO_yyyymmdd_hhmmss.png. What struck me even more is the size of the images. On average, these are 18 MB in size. Photos that I don't take via the Geocaching app are in jpg format and are on average about 5 MB in size. I suppose I can assume that those photos that the geocaching app places directly under DCIM folder are also the photos that are attached and sent. This could explain why it sometimes takes a little longer to send a message. Is there anyone to confirm this? If this is the case, I still have some questions. Why do they choose a PNG format that is so much larger (png is also more intended for drawings, not photos)? In most cases, the photos I send are even allowed to be a lot smaller than my regular photos. Wouldn't it be a good idea to offer via geocaching (via configuration or when the photo is confirmed) to be able to reduce photos to a certain size before they are sent? It would make sending an image a lot easier and faster. Alternatively, I either take a photo first and then add it (= more steps) or adjust the setting when I take the photo (= not user-friendly) FYI: I can delete the images on my phone without any problem. Thanks for your feedback!
  13. I have this one frog keychain that is attached to my GPS and comes with me on every trip. I used to be able to log it as visited a cache and not leave a note/log. Now it's requiring me to leave a log. Did anyone else notice that change or am I doing something wrong? I always leave a comment on my found logs but I really don't think it should be necessary on my own trackable when visiting. I'm using the official geocaching app on an android phone. I tried doing the same thing on the website using a PC and it required a log as well. It's never done that for me before. Anyone else notice this? Bug or intentional update?
  14. Hi, I just noticed the following problem, and couldn't find an existing thread for it: App: Adventure Lab, version 1.3.31, build 2957, Android Open an AL with a predefined location sequence => on the start page, the location are correctly labeled "1" to "5" Click "Start" => Bug: The location closest to your current location is selected, regardless of its number. And you cannot select any other location, e.g. #1.
  15. Hallo, seit dem Neustart der App kann ich keine Nachrichten mehr aus der App an eine Person schreiben, deren Profil ich anklicke. Das Nachrichtenfeld öffnet sich zwar, aber die Tastatur nicht, so dass ich nichts schreiben kann. Das Problem besteht sowohlvom Smartphone aus als auch vom Tablet. Das Messagecenter funktioniert einwandrei, aber "Nachricht an den Owner" nicht. Oder auch nicht, wenn ich eine Person aus den Fundlogs anklicke, um sie anzuschreiben. Smartphone: Huawei, Mate 10 pro, Android-Version 10
  16. I noticed today that a log I had posted did not have the photo I had attached so I thought maybe since there was little internet at the location it just didn't get added. But it did show on the website it just doesn't show on the app. So I looked at a different geocache and sure enough logs that have photos are not showing the photos in the app, they only show on the website
  17. Starting today I've frequently been experiencing this issue: I click on a cache on the map and then click on the name and it brings me to a different geocache.
  18. In the app some mystery caches won't load and give me the cache information about the cache. I see the cache on the map, but when I click on the cache it just says Something went wrong - can't load this content (or something in that wording. I don't have the app in English so I don't know the exact wording the app use in English). Other caches loads just fine and gives me all the information about the cache. I've tried to log out and log back in again. The problem is still there. I've tried to delete the app and reinstall it. The problem is still there. I've also tried to load the cache information while on Wifi and while on mobile data. The problem is there both on Wifi and mobile data. On the website I can access the caches just fine. It's only in the app I have this problem. Version information: Version 8.56.1 Android 10 Samsung SM-G965F
  19. This week I've noticed on several different geocaches on the app instances of double finds.
  20. When I try to open a link from e.g. an e-mail normally I could choose if I want to open the link in a browser or in the geocaching app. After the last update for the new One UI 4.0 from Samsung I don't get this option anymore and the link will directly open in the browser. Have I something to change a setting or is that a setting on your part? Some information of my device: Samsung S10 One UI-Version: 4.0 Android-Version: 12 Just ask me if you need more. Greetings Oberbilker
  21. Since I have a new phone (Samsung A52) I don't get push notifications from the geocaching app anymore (other apps work fine). I already emptied the cache and switched off the battery optimalization, but unfortunately that made no difference. Has anybody the same problems or has someone an idea how to tackle this? Now, I see the messages in my email which is often too late when geocachers in the field have a question about one of my caches
  22. Almost every time to try to download a list for offline use it fails. I keep trying to download a single list over and over and it keeps failing. Sometimes a list will download quickly without issue and others just refuse to at all. Galaxy S9+ Android Version 10 App version 8.30.1
  23. Good day fellow Geocachers, ill get right to the point, i always had a iPhone but these have become very expensive devices. I subsequently bought a Huawei P40 5G lite, but was not told that it does not work with any google apps. so all the maps on the Geo apps don't work thus i cant geocache anymore! it has an Android version 10, EMUI Version 10.1.1 operating system. has anyone been able to fix this or have a work around? i have a "fake" google maps that works on the phone but obviously the Geo Apps don't talk to it?
  24. Howdy, This runs fine on my chromebook. However it does not take advantage of all the screen real estate and looks like it is running on a handheld. Thanks.
  25. Since September 28 (likely when I installed the most recent app update released September 26) my drafts in the app don't clear once I post my log on the website. Here's my typical "workflow" - I use the Geocaching app to locate, search for, and hopefully find a cache. I log the results as a Draft, making a few quick notes about the find. Once I get home, I log on to the geocaching.com website, go to the Drafts on the left side of my Dashboard, and click on the draft I want to log. The edit window opens, I flesh out the details of the find, open the trackables drop down list to visit or otherwise log any trackables, and hit Submit. I hit "Back to Drafts" to continue logging the other drafts, if any, I created for that day. The drafts are then gone from the list on the website. In my app, though, I have all the drafts from Sept. 28 through today. Prior to the 28th, once I logged from my drafts on the website, the app would sync and I wouldn't see them in the app or on the website. The app also shows a blue exclamation point for all the caches I have found since 9/28, rather than the smilie. The website shows the smilie. Sometimes there would be a delay in the app showing the smilies; but this is going on for over a week now with no syncing happening. I've restarted the phone, and the app, logged off and back on to the website - my Find count is updated in the app, but the map has blue exclamation marks that are increasing every day, and my drafts folders is getting full! Anyone else seeing this? Android app, version 6.12.1 Google Pixel (original) running Android 9
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