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  1. Yeah, that's another thing. My phone's generally OK, but I lose phone service in various parts around town, some entire boondock villages, too. People say it shouldn't happen, their phone is fine. So evidently, I have a terrible phone company (Prepaid Straight Talk Wireless, and about their cheapest plan). Come to think of it, maybe I don't even care. I shall ponder this.
  2. My phone doesn't have service in various parts of town. Iphone 8, and the same phone chip I took out of my 'droid phone that had similar issues. I think it's my prepaid phone service (Straight Talk Wireless). Anyway, I couldn't log if I wanted to. Which I tend to not want to, until I return to my PC and can type proper logs. But I hardly ever “claim FTF” anymore*. I sign a blank log, and my online log says that I found it, and I include the time I found it. People can figure it out. * An eye-opener was as a newb Geocaching, I made a log about how some cache was t
  3. When we talk about ugly babies, I'm thinking of logs that talk about what a stupid place this is for a cache or imply that the CO is incompetent in some way. So "the container leaks and the log was a mess" is fine, but "only an idiot would use a container like this" is more of an ugly baby comment. I think a lot of people don't recognize the difference. If you do, then you can carry on without worrying about me. The point is that there are many factors a finder might not understand, so suggestions should be neutral and explanatory, not dictating and self righteous. Local standards are
  4. Well, it might be easier to talk it over with the CO. If the OP's intent is to "confront" before he's heard the CO's side of it , I can see why he'd want to go through a 3rd party.
  5. Gosh, talk about doing it the hard way! We have heavy rain and possible storms forecast for Friday and Saturday, but hopefully nothing quite that severe. There's a couple of P&Gs I should be able to get to if I'm still in the running at that stage. I got number 3 today (although my stats page still only shows a streak of 2 days), a nice little Sidetracked multi at one of Sydney's northern railway stations, and I'm planning to do similar ones tomorrow and Thursday. A handy quirk in our railway's electronic ticketing system is that if you start your return journey within an hour of reaching
  6. My husband forgot to get a cache where he teaches in another city, and I don't have a car. He was teaching in town tonight, when all the sirens went off, with very strong winds, the most severe lightning I've ever seen, and a possible tornado about 2 miles north of where he was teaching. Since all the warning sirens went off the students were able to leave a little early! Time's running out. Then we talk and figure out that all day long my account was locked, and now I can't see the coordinates of a geocache to tell him how to navigate there. Little panic. I frantically tried to jump thr
  7. Yep, I know. The APE is on my tentative list as one can't stand on one leg, right? (found the one in Brazil last year). HQ, it depends on whether they are open around the time. The stash plaque... well, maybe. I'm rather looking at GC12 as I'm only in need of that date for completing my Jasmer challenge But I'll avoid the Going Ape event as I'm simple not into Megas in general. I'd rather go to a small event in a pub and talk to friends than being among masses of people I don't know. Basically I want to explore, enjoy nature, all the different landscape forms you mention. Might be tempted to
  8. Hi all, I was thinking of starting a geocaching Discord which is a easy place for UK based geocachers or people visiting the UK to connect and talk with other UK Geocachers. I thought it would be a fun place to help one and other out with puzzles or ideas for future caches. Remember sign up with your geocaching name to make it easier. Use the below link to join the discord server and it would be great to get to know you all. https://discord.gg/pm3bCC
  9. +1 here When I have hosted an event, I made sure to talk to everybody--at least to say hello and thanks for coming. As the event progressed I made sure to talk to those who were not sitting with a group--if they are just hanging on the edge of a group and not participating in the conversation I may not notice that. But if I'm not the host, I talk to whomever I want to--usually this is a person by him/herself because I do better in a one-on-one than in a group conversation (poor social skills ya know). Mostly people talk to others that they know; that's just natural and it's no
  10. That quote should come up every time someone looks at the submit-a-cache form. What about gadget caches? Often placed only in a location where it would be feasible, rarely about the location. It's a great quote, but I would never use it to presume that it's fundamental to every cache placement. It's something to keep in mind, but sometimes yes, the reason you bring people to a spot is the geocache. Better would be to consider that your bringing someone there either for the location, or the geocache. However... sometimes a cache is about the extended experience -
  11. >[ Extremely irresponsible cache owner behavior, done in anger to goad. See what happens @dprovan when you talk to some addicted COs. He archived without retrieving it and welcomes irresponsible finder behavior. katdude archived Westpoo Tree Hanger Saturday, 17 August 2019California W 3441.3 km from your home location "When you go to hide a geocache, think of the reason you are bringing people to that spot. If the only reason is for the geocache, then find a better spot.
  12. I've used the smaller, 3x5 Rite in Rain notepads for some time for multiple caches in a day, and simply a 3x5 index card when only going for one. Both fit easily in a 4x6, 3 or 4mil baggie with a FP sharpie/golf pencil in my cargo pocket . Bought in bulk, we've paid less-than two-bucks each for RiR notepads. - Pencil writes well on RiR, even when wet, and can be erased if on that much of a budget. I've used one PAF in my time in this hobby (so far) ... Mechanical devices pinched together, and had the option of cutting rope and dropping 30+ feet on rock, or cal
  13. Have you talked to the CO about it? It seems like that would be more productive than coming here to complain. I'm not criticizing you: it's fine to come here to vent about something like this. But the problem you're having is strictly a local one, so think about how to solve it within the community. (I'm a little sensitive about this because every time someone complains about something some individual CO is doing, GS tends to make rules that get in everyone's way even in places where COs don't do annoying things like that.) I think it's really interesting that you are fully aware f
  14. OK, I should be getting my tax cash back in a week or so and plan on ordering a GPS system. Dell has these on sale and I think, if I talk to the right person, I can get them to match Amazon's price, which would be bonus to me as I can use my preferred account with them. I kind of wanted to stick around 200-220, but if I could get Dell to match, I'd have a hard time not pulling the trigger. My goal is to use this mainly for geocaching, some summer hiking/camping and some photo outings. For travel on the road, I have a TomTom, so maps aren't a big deal to me. So, I come to you the
  15. Yep. Sorta... Many of the "corrections" made here over the years was because of more than a few pushing the envelope. We lost cache types too. We talked with another at an event about one that required all members logging be PMs. - Even though it's PMO, there's been alternative logging for basic members way-before we started. Another requiring a photo of all at GZ didn't fair well. Parents with their kids, and that privacy thing... But I've honored requests for pirate talk, lie/exaggerate on your log, continue the story, rhyme, and did an entire series where the
  16. Hi i want to activate one of those geocoin. Can, someaone please, tell me where should i go to get the activation code. PL
  17. Thank you whoever you 4 are. This is the way we should all strive to talk to land owners. This came in to Groundspeak today and I thought thanks were in order. It is so nice to get emails like this. It really helps things when cachers are professional in their dealing with land owners and managers. Thanks to all that do this, not just these 4 people.
  18. Talk me out of returning my Colorado and getting a 60 CSx. I'm really disappointed about spending the cash and none of the geocaching features work.
  19. What a great day.

    ....../ )
    .....' /
    ---' (_____
    .TFTC . ((__)
    ..... _ ((___)
    ....... -'((__)

    August 26th started out kinda foggy, but met the better part of Team PBS at 1pm to start our cemetery adventure in Lincolnshire at bearpack8's place. Gave the ladies heads / tails coins to flip  and looked around bearpack8's place. Very cool. It was like being at a secluded resort in the woods in the middle of the city. She has several cache hidden close to home which Im saving for an emergency streak saver.  After some quick hellos to some of B's friends we piled into her SUV and headed to our first ISQ.   ISQ St Mary's Cemetery. Scrlttohra got her 200th find a couple of cache in, and we visited several cemeteries, weaved in and out of the Wisconsin boarder and had a blast.  Noticed a signature on several logs dated for tomorrow and they havent logged in on the cache yet... moral question? Ethical conversation. Does anyone really know what time it is? Does anyone really care? Found a cool lake MI rock share 1000 smiles. ( 2DO need to log on fb). Really enjoyed looking and reading the headstones while walking to an from cache.  Love cemetery hides. Love cemeteries. took a picture of an interesting being we found pointing at two graves. A husband and wife. notice the two finger point on each hand.  Discovered two geocache at the same location TB hotel IL/WI State Line TB Transfer Terminal and TEAM PBS signed the right log! Discovered beautiful flowers and sad children's graves where the parents had been visiting recently with balloons and toys. 


    As we headed in the direction of home,  find #17 was What A Mook #3 we saw a string of DNFs and decided to see if TEAM PBS could turn those frowns upside down. We climbed up the little hill to the evergreen tree border where our hunting would begin. The trees boarders condos below and we were immediately spotted by a couple sitting on their patio. The guy approached and I went down to talk to him. " have you ever heard about geocaching?" I asked. He thought I meant Pokemon. As I continued to talk and show my phone we were joined by his girlfriend and exchanged names. "No kidding there is one of those geo things in our back yard? We thought people were posting cameras and watching us?" I gave her a pathtag. "nope I explained,  just trying to sign our name on a piece of paper and log it in."  The muggle lady was instantly intrigued.  "I want to find it" she announced and she started up the hill towrd B & S still hunting in the evergreens. We looked and looked but ground zero was off and our new muggle friend shouted "I FOUND IT!" and she pulls out a pill bottle from underneath a evergreen limb. Her very first goecache. She quickly downloaded the App and logged in her first find. totally hooked for life!  sippi01 best of luck! If you ever wanna go caching - message me !


    he team found two more and then ended up at bearpack8's place and jumped in the jeep home. Best day ever... someone else got the GoCache Bug!  great day - and Thanks bearpack8 for driving and making us such a great route today and last week too. Loved your map and the day! Scrlttohra congrats on 200! AND thankful for SUV air-conditioning. on suck a record hot day. Looking forward to our next adventure. 

    200 finds.jpg

    team pbs.jpg

    log dates and log ins.jpg

    lake mi rocks.jpg

    being pointing with two fingers.jpg

    team PBS2.jpg

    cemetery daisys.jpg

    muggle's first find.jpg

  20. [Oh, hi! Until I looked at your profile, I didn't recognize you as "the new guy" planting caches just north of me in the San Ramon Valley.] To be honest, 2 months isn't that log for TBs. I mean, I agree TBs should be moved more promptly, but it's not uncommon for someone to take that long yet still move it along eventually. But, unlike NanCycle (although that advise is also good, by the way!), I'm not going to suggest that you just move on and forget about it. Go ahead and talk to the person holding your TB. Maybe they think 2 months is too long, too, and they're alread
  21. Probably wasn't an real engineer. I doubt they would talk to someone in the users field unless it was an emergency of sort.
  22. I can't seem to get my new (Christmas gift) Garmin 76CS Plus gps to (Interface) send lat. or long. to my new Raymarine DS 500 X fish finder. On their own, they both work perfect, but I am at my witts end and I need some help. I have read both owner's manuals from cover to cover and it seems to be so easy to make the gps send text to the fishfinder. I have hooked everything up the right way ( I Think), I set the gps to send NMEA text and the fishfinder to receive NMEA in. The Garmin gps only has four wires out of the power/data cable ........... {Red=Power} {Black=Ground} {Brown= Serial Data
  23. We are fairly new to the geocaching world and have become VERY addicted to say the least. We enjoy hiding as much as we enjoy finding. We are wanting to put out a multi cache. Ive been doing research on different caches to see how everyone else does theirs. I haven't found all that much about how to list them and how they need to be done to get approved. Say if I want a 4 stage cache, how would I go about inserting all the coords. We are going to do a trivia one and the answers to the questions will be the key to the next one's place. Do we just put in one cache's coordinates? Im really a gree
  24. FS: SIM Free Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro 8Gb/128Gb Mobile Phone £300. UK Postage free. Brand new unused, sealed box. Unlocked, Sim Free. I think this is the most amazing Android 9 Smartphone for Geocaching. It has really accurate dual GPS. That is as speedily accurate as my dedicated Garmin. The Mi 8 is the first phone to boast dual frequency GPS navigation technology. It has massive memory and I've not yet had a memory space problem. long battery life. Rave reviews online everywhere. Loads of info online. I bought my first in January 2019, but dropped it 2 da
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