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  1. Have you talked to the CO about it? It seems like that would be more productive than coming here to complain. I'm not criticizing you: it's fine to come here to vent about something like this. But the problem you're having is strictly a local one, so think about how to solve it within the community. (I'm a little sensitive about this because every time someone complains about something some individual CO is doing, GS tends to make rules that get in everyone's way even in places where COs don't do annoying things like that.) I think it's really interesting that you are fully aware f
  2. Hidden Legends

    Exit GDAK

    @ cghove: You quoted me right, but It seemed I was not to be able to explain in the quoted section what my problem (and it is not really a problem) is. Yes, I know we talk about two parties (or do i have to say single companies). Yes, I know this are different sources. But, what I wanted to show with my comment is following (as written in the sentence that followed, which too can be read in your quote of my post:" It is running, I'm logged in and it does what it should do, but it says it does not, funny!" ) meaning. So again, I try to eplain what happens here. I'm logged-in
  3. Yep. Sorta... Many of the "corrections" made here over the years was because of more than a few pushing the envelope. We lost cache types too. We talked with another at an event about one that required all members logging be PMs. - Even though it's PMO, there's been alternative logging for basic members way-before we started. Another requiring a photo of all at GZ didn't fair well. Parents with their kids, and that privacy thing... But I've honored requests for pirate talk, lie/exaggerate on your log, continue the story, rhyme, and did an entire series where the
  4. Probably wasn't an real engineer. I doubt they would talk to someone in the users field unless it was an emergency of sort.
  5. FS: SIM Free Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro 8Gb/128Gb Mobile Phone £300. UK Postage free. Brand new unused, sealed box. Unlocked, Sim Free. I think this is the most amazing Android 9 Smartphone for Geocaching. It has really accurate dual GPS. That is as speedily accurate as my dedicated Garmin. The Mi 8 is the first phone to boast dual frequency GPS navigation technology. It has massive memory and I've not yet had a memory space problem. long battery life. Rave reviews online everywhere. Loads of info online. I bought my first in January 2019, but dropped it 2 da
  6. Assuming you're talking about promotions, I'd sort of agree. I've got someone hounding me about something around twelve hours a day. I cache to be left alone a while. Most times I've only got a regular phone, because people don't/won't talk on phones now. If there was an option to toggle off/on promotions in our settings (We still do annual and states...) I'd be for that.
  7. EVERYBODY was a new cacher at some point in time. You keep caching and you'll begin to realize that you belong. It took me a couple years to realize I was already a "real" cacher, regardless of what types of finds or hides I had and that what others said or thought of me didn't really matter in the larger scheme of things. I wish I had realize that sooner. Be content with what makes you happy when you cache and don't worry about what others think, say, or do. That doesn't mean to ignore what they have to say but realize that they're coming at it from their experiences while you
  8. I guess I am in a minority here on the forums then (though from my limited time here, I don't think so). Granted, my caching has slowed this year compared to last, but that's been due to circumstances that forced geocaching to the back burner for a while. But I still use the forums to glean useful information, bounce ideas around, and hopefully add some input that others find useful, if not entertaining. I don't necessarily like to hear myself talk - and I definitely don't think my opinions are gospel. And, frankly, I don't get that vibe (hot air, like to hear themselves talk,
  9. I'm so sorry for you. I'm glad I don't cache where you do. The more I know them, the less I find anyone cheats regularly, and the more I find that those that occasionally claim a find for that cache they couldn't quite reach reconsider after I talk with them about whether they really care that much about a +1. But the point in this context is that the proposal is to treat everyone like trash by demanding they produce the right code to prove they're honest. I don't really care much about cheaters, so it makes no difference to me how you treat them, but I do worry about anyone that's
  10. The majority of the participants here in the forums move more hot air than they do finding caches. In addition, the people that like to hear themselves talk here in the forums represent a tiny fraction of geocachers in the real world. I would not come here for advice but come here for the entertainment value. So with that in mind, don't avoid the community based on people here in the forums that think their opinions are the gospel.
  11. RIP Barney. We visited with Barney last summer and he was still sharp as a tack and a joy to talk with. If anyone recorded his "story" please share it! Edited: His "story" concerns being assigned to memorize Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “When Earth’s Last Picture Is Painted,” in the 5th grade. He could still recite it from memory!
  12. The one that always springs to mind when I think of the most challenging caches I've done is Broken Silence (GC6MT5R). Getting to the vicinity of GZ is tough enough, with a hike of some 3km along an undulating ridge followed by a daunting descent to a lower ledge and from there along a few hundred more metres to where the point ended in a narrow neck with vertical sides dropping some 50 metres to the valley below and, at the end of the neck and separated by a small gap, a column of rock upon which sat the cache. My sense of balance is impaired by an inner ear condition, meaning I tend to fall
  13. I prefer the real small gatherings. Little chance of the natural shifting to only folks you know. - New people think it's a "clique" thing, and for the most part it is, simply people you're familiar. I like to stir things up a bit. 3-4 people, I'd have a couple unactivated signature geocoins to pass out, and probably have a few trackables to exchange (depending on their goals). We don't discuss find totals, but will mention caches we've enjoyed the most with others. Sometimes we don't even talk about this hobby. Hang out with an ice cream, coffee, whatever ... and
  14. Most of the events I've attended have been short 30-60 minute "meet and greet" gatherings. Geocachers get together and hang out for a while, talking about geocaching, other hobbies, or whatever they want to talk about. The large multi-hour events are the exception. Large multi-day events, even more so.
  15. I am trying to Bluetooth Caches from Huawei to Garmin oregon 750 via share in Geooh GO. I get a meesage saying 'Bluetooth share: Sent files 0 successful, 1 failed'. Accoring to Garmin I should be able to send Geocaches from my phone to the 750, but I can't find a how to do it. Garmin talk of:- From the app drawer, select Share Wirelessly. Select an option: Select Send, and select a type of data. Select Receive to receive data from another device. The other compatible device must be attempting to send data.
  16. All this talk about a lack of connectivity seems off the point to me. If you aren't connected at all, you aren't going to log the cache to begin with, so there's no reason for the CO to be waiting for you to provide the confirming information. And, on the other hand, if you do log, and then are disconnected for a week while you travel home, surely you're not going to be too upset about a CO being a little quick to delete your log, are you? Given he was concerned and raised some questions, it's not really his fault he didn't know you were traveling since the evidence -- your log -- supports the
  17. No not Leeds but we've all been beginners at some point. I wasn't going to be able to complete the summer challenge some years ago as there were no nearby events on a free night. We were going away for the weekend so I looked at caches in the area and there was an event at the pub just down the road. We had to eat out anyway so we got a meal, a drink, a natter, a cache in the pub grounds and a souvenir all in one outing. Since then I have been to various events. The format differs slightly but there's usually a log book being signed and the clink of dog tag TBs gets ears twitching. Somebody wi
  18. Events are "a great way to" - not a requirement. I know plenty of well-intentioned events that do none of the above other than exist as a social "hello" or souvenir-grabber, etc. So, if you argue that 'vacation events' are effectively pulling the hobby down, then all those events are. It's making a mountain out of a molehill. The event was social. Geocachers can attend and be social, and talk about geocaching. That's all there is to it. Even if the CO only wants to do it to get another icon in another country. Everything is a slippery slope these days; all you have to do is present anothe
  19. I think you'll find this forum extremely quiet too, sadly FaceBook is where all the action is these days, particularly for the social side. Alternatively go to, or organise your own, event in your area and talk to some people face to face.
  20. I'm always on the lookout for interested parties to partner for an ISS waymark. I thought a mention in the NW states forum might help spread the word to anyone in this area who might be interested. It's easy! In a nutshell, partners must be minimum flight time of 1 minute away (approximately 300 miles), both be able to watch the same pass at a minimum altitude of 45°. You can see the ISS with the naked eye. It makes one pass around the earth approximately every 90 minutes. I am in Oklahoma, and I have a pass that is also seen from the Seattle area, July 18, 3:30 a.m.,
  21. I have one out at the base of my driveway. It got a few finds within the first couple of weeks. I recognized some of the names from logs on caches I had found in this area--you know, it's a big community where we all recognize each other's names even if we never meet! Well, I started working for a murder mystery theater company about six months after I placed my cache. I met an actor who mentioned that he liked to geocache. Yay, someone to talk to about it! We both are in the St. Louis area right now, but he was recently from Vegas, while I used to live in southern Utah and wo
  22. Why are you asking us? Talk to them.
  23. Well, you asked... Guess (if true) multiple sigs and taking up the whole strip might be leading to destroying or damaging, though I feel "vandalizing" is reaching... Are they "taking the whole strip page" on both sides ? Sounds (to me) someone took a request of writing in the log sequentially as a bit much. IIRC, you're also the person who said in a thread that you'd delete logs if folks logged found after you disabled a cache. We have seen similar behavior when people get a little too anal about a hobby, and maybe the locals are attempting to show how silly that i
  24. +1. I don't need "direction to a cache" occupying a data field, but if I did, I'd select "Bearing". That's the direction from North where the cache is, and is displayed as a line in Map and a pointer in Compass. To Course could be a problem, because it directs you where the course is (for example, that line I mentioned), which is not necessarily the cache. The OP doesn't seem to be so much about the "compass pointing North", more about navigation tool selections. I'm guessing the compass is right, and the other settings are showing various things on individual devic
  25. We have a challenge in Ontario for finding 10 Earthcaches requiring the boat attribute. Maybe you should go find them all That question was answered (can't remember if an FAQ or the Geocache Talk episode with Bryan Roth) that all clues would be in the same listings for everyone. Bookmark the homepage for the promotion. The promotion does not require you to be using the latest version of the dashboard. (that we know of thus far)
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