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  1. I don't think that this is true. Often when I talk with geocachers about Waymarking, they have no idea what it is. And after explaining it to them, they usually ask questions like "is there an app for it?", "can I create pocket queries?" etc. And after all the "No" answers I have to give them, only few of them will even start looking at Waymarking.com. The design and bugs of the website will deter more people from starting to publish waymarks. So, my theory is: If Groundspeak would invest as much in Waymarking as it does with geocaching, it would be much easier to find new waymarkers. Just ima
  2. My family is 10 (highly supportive) and 0 (ABSOLUTELY refuses to participate). They do nice things like let me talk about the hobby to them and others, support my geocaching YouTube channel, and help me host my big GIFF event in a movie theater each year (they attend and run the entry table while I'm greeting everyone). So, they're awesome and supportive. But they do not enjoy finding geocaches.
  3. The title of the thread is the pertinent topic here, not the subjective quality of the caches that are being placed. If you're going to talk about "numbers", then you need, well, numbers, not subjective determinations about the quality of new caches. No one is asking if the number of new quality caches is decreasing and there's absolutely no way that this could be determined, as what makes a quality cache is so subjective to likes and dislikes of individual cachers. Apparently you didn't read the title of this thread. Tell this to @barefootjeff (or any other cacher i
  4. Sure, talk it over with them. Maybe they think it makes sense. Maybe mom planted the cache and the kid really did run out and find it as soon as it was published. I think it would be fun to find out and an easy way to meet them. They aren't adversaries or opponents, just people you're playing a game with. If you decide the FTF was invalid, then just ignore it. I'd try to make my FTF claim lighthearted. Maybe say "first to find after members of the CO's family" in the log. You get to decide if you're FTF. The CO doesn't have to approve your claim.
  5. Oh we've had instances of proxy-maintenance being noticed by reviewers and being dealt with. It gets to the point that people won't mention in find logs that the cache was missing and so a replacement was set in place (whether knowing beforehand or not, with permission or not). It happens. And when it happens regularly, and the CO continues to allow it as if it's the norm, then reviewers will take action. At least around here. Now, I suppose it depends on what style of 'maintenance' is happening -- replacement caches (throwdowns or condoned) will likely get quicker action than other people me
  6. More to the point, what do you call the people who you think are geocaching but when you talk to them you realise they're actually just shuffling around near a cache on their smartphone?
  7. This discussion came up yesterday, but unfortunately the thread was closed. I also would like to talk about false or odd ratings. For reference: Discussing false ratings in a forum post is absolutely up for discussion, and has been discussed many times. Without getting into details, that's not all that was happening with that particular discussion, which is why that particular thread was closed.
  8. This discussion came up yesterday, but unfortunately the thread was closed. I also would like to talk about false or odd ratings. For reference:
  9. How do you know that before you talk to them? Besides, even if you do already know that, all you're saying is that there's another, even bigger reason to talk to these people and try to fix your broken community instead of putting up with people that are intentionally irritating.
  10. Good time to consider what you mean by "it". If you mean the "problem" of poorly chosen ratings, I deny it's a problem. If you mean those specific examples of badly rated caches, what you should do about it is talk to the CO and other members of your community that support badly rated caches. Make your arguments for accurate ratings to them and try to talk them out of rating caches arbitrarily. Among other things, remind them that challenges based on ratings are based on ratings because the ratings reflect the challenge of the caches, so their bogus ratings aren't really helping people meet th
  11. It looks fine to me. My only reaction is that any one of those requirements would make a good challenge cache, so putting them all together seems like overkill. If I knew you better, I'd try to talk you into doing 5 different wonderful challenge caches about those attributes instead of just the one. But if you're going to do just the one, and you really think the final location is good enough for that challenge, I think it sounds great. I doubt I'd satisfy the requirements, but I might be closer if I lived in your neck of the woods.
  12. Furthermore, it creates problems with challenge-caches especially those covering number of countries covered. Note these states number of 'countries'. So I'd expect Northen Ireland would count toward this, however Project GC still shows my finds in Northern Ireland as part of another _country_... There is no talk in the challenge caches about 'political territories' or anything else. While I agree upon the ease relating to PQ's, searches and such. That has absolutely no bearing to souvenirs nor countries in the relation to challenges...
  13. I'd bet there's a couple times Reviewers have been able to hit a cache FTF, simply not grabbed by others yet. - That's how I get some now. Most a day or two after published. I doubt a rogue Reviewer is fake-logging caches... We had one similar to yours years ago. A kid. Maybe they figured that if FTF was already "taken" online, they'd have more time to head out. - We notice that still ... caches often sitting for days unfound after a FTF. We see that in other areas too. One time the CO called to meet me as I opened the container, figured the field puzzle,
  14. I would be calling Garmin customer support direct. Talk through the problem with them. I had a problem after 6-8 weeks and the unit was replaced. That was 9 months ago Since then all OK I guess you have a12 month warranty anyway
  15. Yeah, that's another thing. My phone's generally OK, but I lose phone service in various parts around town, some entire boondock villages, too. People say it shouldn't happen, their phone is fine. So evidently, I have a terrible phone company (Prepaid Straight Talk Wireless, and about their cheapest plan). Come to think of it, maybe I don't even care. I shall ponder this.
  16. My phone doesn't have service in various parts of town. Iphone 8, and the same phone chip I took out of my 'droid phone that had similar issues. I think it's my prepaid phone service (Straight Talk Wireless). Anyway, I couldn't log if I wanted to. Which I tend to not want to, until I return to my PC and can type proper logs. But I hardly ever “claim FTF” anymore*. I sign a blank log, and my online log says that I found it, and I include the time I found it. People can figure it out. * An eye-opener was as a newb Geocaching, I made a log about how some cache was t
  17. Well, it might be easier to talk it over with the CO. If the OP's intent is to "confront" before he's heard the CO's side of it , I can see why he'd want to go through a 3rd party.
  18. Gosh, talk about doing it the hard way! We have heavy rain and possible storms forecast for Friday and Saturday, but hopefully nothing quite that severe. There's a couple of P&Gs I should be able to get to if I'm still in the running at that stage. I got number 3 today (although my stats page still only shows a streak of 2 days), a nice little Sidetracked multi at one of Sydney's northern railway stations, and I'm planning to do similar ones tomorrow and Thursday. A handy quirk in our railway's electronic ticketing system is that if you start your return journey within an hour of reaching
  19. My husband forgot to get a cache where he teaches in another city, and I don't have a car. He was teaching in town tonight, when all the sirens went off, with very strong winds, the most severe lightning I've ever seen, and a possible tornado about 2 miles north of where he was teaching. Since all the warning sirens went off the students were able to leave a little early! Time's running out. Then we talk and figure out that all day long my account was locked, and now I can't see the coordinates of a geocache to tell him how to navigate there. Little panic. I frantically tried to jump thr
  20. Yep, I know. The APE is on my tentative list as one can't stand on one leg, right? (found the one in Brazil last year). HQ, it depends on whether they are open around the time. The stash plaque... well, maybe. I'm rather looking at GC12 as I'm only in need of that date for completing my Jasmer challenge But I'll avoid the Going Ape event as I'm simple not into Megas in general. I'd rather go to a small event in a pub and talk to friends than being among masses of people I don't know. Basically I want to explore, enjoy nature, all the different landscape forms you mention. Might be tempted to
  21. That quote should come up every time someone looks at the submit-a-cache form. What about gadget caches? Often placed only in a location where it would be feasible, rarely about the location. It's a great quote, but I would never use it to presume that it's fundamental to every cache placement. It's something to keep in mind, but sometimes yes, the reason you bring people to a spot is the geocache. Better would be to consider that your bringing someone there either for the location, or the geocache. However... sometimes a cache is about the extended experience -
  22. >[ Extremely irresponsible cache owner behavior, done in anger to goad. See what happens @dprovan when you talk to some addicted COs. He archived without retrieving it and welcomes irresponsible finder behavior. katdude archived Westpoo Tree Hanger Saturday, 17 August 2019California W 3441.3 km from your home location "When you go to hide a geocache, think of the reason you are bringing people to that spot. If the only reason is for the geocache, then find a better spot.
  23. I've used the smaller, 3x5 Rite in Rain notepads for some time for multiple caches in a day, and simply a 3x5 index card when only going for one. Both fit easily in a 4x6, 3 or 4mil baggie with a FP sharpie/golf pencil in my cargo pocket . Bought in bulk, we've paid less-than two-bucks each for RiR notepads. - Pencil writes well on RiR, even when wet, and can be erased if on that much of a budget. I've used one PAF in my time in this hobby (so far) ... Mechanical devices pinched together, and had the option of cutting rope and dropping 30+ feet on rock, or cal
  24. Hello geocachers! Greetings! This is the first time I create a topic here. I am a brazilian geocacher (and, by the way, I welcome you all, inviting everyone to know my country by looking for the caches spread all over Brazil! :) But besides being a geocacher, I am also an academic researcher. And today, that is the reason why I am creating this topic. (I hope I am not breaking any forum rules ... but if I happen to be, please let me know, so that I can correct my fault). Well, right now I'm starting to study about the experience of players playing while trav
  25. If they're your buddies, then talk to them about it. If they aren't your buddies, make them your buddies and then talk to them about it. I certainly appreciate you wanting to use that area for your own caches, and I do wish you'd had your chance, but, at the same time, a lot of people will enjoy those caches, so it's not immediately obvious leaving the trail blank so you could hide one or two great caches would have added up to better caching overall. The best way to strike a good balance is to interact with the other COs to share the area. Some people here would ban such a series
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