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Found 124 results

  1. Talk me out of returning my Colorado and getting a 60 CSx. I'm really disappointed about spending the cash and none of the geocaching features work.
  2. I can't seem to get my new (Christmas gift) Garmin 76CS Plus gps to (Interface) send lat. or long. to my new Raymarine DS 500 X fish finder. On their own, they both work perfect, but I am at my witts end and I need some help. I have read both owner's manuals from cover to cover and it seems to be so easy to make the gps send text to the fishfinder. I have hooked everything up the right way ( I Think), I set the gps to send NMEA text and the fishfinder to receive NMEA in. The Garmin gps only has four wires out of the power/data cable ........... {Red=Power} {Black=Ground} {Brown= Serial Data Out} {White=Serial Data In}.......... The Raymarine fishfinder has alot more wires, Seven to be exact..........{Red=Power} {Black=Ground} {White=NMEA Input+} {Green=NEMA Input -} {Yellow=NEMA Output+} {Brown= NEMA Output -} {Grey=CGND}. I used the {Brown, Serial Data Out} wire on the gps and hooked it to the {White, NMEA Input+} on the fishfinder and nothing happend. Do anyone of you know what I'm talking about? I need some interfacing help here. I will try to talk to Raymarine after the holidays if I still need to, but they are vacation till Jan. 2nd.
  3. We are fairly new to the geocaching world and have become VERY addicted to say the least. We enjoy hiding as much as we enjoy finding. We are wanting to put out a multi cache. Ive been doing research on different caches to see how everyone else does theirs. I haven't found all that much about how to list them and how they need to be done to get approved. Say if I want a 4 stage cache, how would I go about inserting all the coords. We are going to do a trivia one and the answers to the questions will be the key to the next one's place. Do we just put in one cache's coordinates? Im really a green pea here that needs some help. Thanks in advance!
  4. Can anyone compleatly decode the geo-talk abreviations found in log books, I figured out tnln, and ftf, and dnf, but that was it? What is some of the other abreviations used?
  5. I have a real problem with muggles. Not the ones that catch you cacheing as I have only found one cache so far. No, I have problems with them at work; I am afraid they are going to catch me printing out the caches that I am going to look for this weekend! I have to hit the print button and run down the hall to get the printout off the printer before someone sees it. Oh, I could explain what I am doing, but half would think I am crazy and who knows what the other half will think.
  6. FYI, It would seem that the OGA talk list RSS feed has been locked out. A shame that the general public can no longer see what is going on unless they become an official member.
  7. The moderator may move or delete this, I don't know, but our magnetic compasses (if we carry one) are as much a part of our gear as our GPSr. I am curious as to what make and model magnetic compass people are using. I have a Suunto M3G with the global needle (I am in Ecuador). Turns out the little Silva starter compass I carry every day in my backpack worked just fine. But I like the larger dial and needle and the luminous dial on the more expensive model. Looking through the catalogs, you sure can spend a lot for a compass! I Remember years ago Silva was the only game in town.
  8. Then you should be here----> http://forum.geocaching.com.au/ Mix
  9. I have a Pioneer XM Radio Inno, with car kit, home kit, remote, and portable speakers. I am looking for a Magellan Roadmate 2000 or 3000. May be out of the ball park here, but I firgure it never hurts to put it out there. Thanks for looking, The Miller Family
  10. Had this link for months - just now had a chance to watch it. I have been a ham for a lot of years, but I learned a lot about GPS that I didn't know from this link. Relieve yourself and get a cup of something before you start - it is 1:20 long. CLICK HERE. Hope you enjoy it.....
  11. Nothing personal of course but as from tomorrow I shall be on holiday and out of contact for a couple of weeks. If you have any questions, comments etc. please contact either Eckington or Deceangi in my absence. I'm hoping to have limited internet access from 22nd March and I'll be back as normal from 30th (or more likely 31st allowing for jet lag). If anyone has a TB or Geocoin that wants to go to Grenada in the West Indies be sure to put it in Gatwick Bug Hotel MK 2 (West Sussex) by tomorrow morning as I'm hoping to bag a few caches on my way to the airport tomorrow afternoon. Be good while I'm away Byeeee
  12. The Geocaching Talk Net is alive and well, every Thursday evening at 6:30pm Pacific Time on IRLP Reflector node 9000. Find an IRLP node near you and connect it to the reflector and join in on the fun! --Marky, K6FTF (lately, it seems that I'm more "Fast To Fade" than "First To Find". )
  13. When I try to upload or download waypoints from GSAK to my GPSMAP 76CSx from GSAK, a "sending waypoints" or "receiving waypoints" dialog box comes up with a gas gauge that goes from empty to full over and over and over and over and over, ad infinitem. It seems like it isn't communicating with the GPSr at all. USB connection. I can upload and download fine with Mapsource. The only way to get GSAK to do anything is to end task in task manager. Help!
  14. For Thursday night 8-10-06 3 checkins from IRLP 5 checkins from echolink KI6CPB Tag net control hope more can start to checkin
  15. OK, who has an opinion on handheld compass's to share. I'm looking for a good mapping compass primarily to use with 1:24K topos and aerial photos. So far I've been looking at the Brunton 8096 Eclipse GPS compass Brunton and the Suunto GPS-Plotter G compass. Suunto. What do you think about the quality of these manufacturers, features these offer, other options, or ??? I haven't seen a Silva with similar scaling features for my purposes, am I missing something? Thanks for your comments
  16. Just wondering, is there a talk around freq. for GW4. Is it better to go on the national simplex channel on 2m, or is there another channel, or a repeater that would be better.
  17. I've been geocaching for a little over a year now...not too religiously, but enough that when I travel, I take a quick look at what caches are in the zipcode I'm going to. It looks like the hot setup is to download all the specific cache info to a PDA and use the PDA in conjunction with your GPS. There's a lot of good and bad to every PDA I've researched. Anyone have a "most bang for the buck" story related to their PDA. BTW, I just "upgraded" from a Garmin 76CS to a 60CSx and LOVE IT, now I want to get the most out of it by throwing some cash into a reliable and functional PDA. Comments? Fire away!
  18. Clan X-Man

    Google Talk

    I notice the card option on the forums. Could we get a google talk line in there?
  19. My ladyfriend and I went caching today at a spot just off the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. After we had located the cache and hiked back to the parking lot, I unlocked the car and laid my brand new GPSr (A Lowrance Expedition C) on top of my old Taurus wagon because I needed to put my backpack in the back seat. As soon as I had done that, we hopped in the car and headed home. After eating dinner, I went in the den and reached over to pick up my GPS carrying case and thought to myself, "this thing feels awfully light." Then I felt a sick feeling beginning to well up inside because I didn't remember getting my GPSr back off the roof of my car. Thinking that I may have just laid it in the back seat, I raced outside and there sitting on the top of my Taurus wagon was the Lowrance, just where I left it. I picked it up and stared at it in disbelief. I had just driven about 30-35 miles on an extremely curvy road at speeds of up to 50 mph and the thing hadn't moved. The only thing I can figure out was that the Expedition has some tiny rubber feet on the back of it that must have kept it from sliding around. Man, what a lucky break!!!
  20. Yesterday evening about 7 pm we found a cache near a local business. We had to walk about 10 feet through knee high grass to find the cache. No problem, signed log, traded TB's and were on our way. Had a good evening and went to bed about 11. At midnight I was woken up by something crawling near my leg. I tried to shake it off and go back to sleep. I felt it again, and jumped out of bed and turned on the light, expecting to find a spider. When I threw back the (luckily yellow) sheets, my husband saw a tick walking around. IN MY BED!!! So, I let it crawl on a piece a paper and fed it to the Venus Flytrap in the kitchen and then TRIED to go back to sleep. I laid there for an hour and a half waiting... I knew if there was one, there may be others. And where in the heck was that thing hiding for the last five hours? No bites on anyone, but ugghh! I finally fell asleep and dreamed about ticks all night. Today the sheets get a wash in hot water. Here is my question. Are the ticks worse this year? Or is it that we are new to geocaching? We've walked through the woods with the girl scouts, boy scouts and just the family before, and never had a problem. Now we walk 10 feet through grass by a business and gets ticks in the bed. This is our fourth tick encounter this spring, even using DEET sometimes. Are there superticks in Sacramento? Do I have to put off geocaching until it's cold? Help! Signed, Sleepless in Sacramento
  21. Are they travel bugs or collectibles or both? How can a coin from finland start here (calif). Can anyone purchase foriegn geo coins. They are interesting and i picked one up BUt I do not quite get it...Thanks a newbie who is getting rolling
  22. I am new at postion information and at Geocaching I need all the help I can get. If anyone wants to e-mail me for information or have any questions, I will try to help in any way. I wanted to incert a photo but dont know how to? Trailing The Old Leather Man In Search Of The Truth THE LEATHER MAN, a mysterious figure who for 30 years traveled the back roads of Western Connecticut and Eastern New York dressed entirely in a suit made of soft-tanned calfskin leather stitched together with thongs, will be the subject of an photograph exhibit, videotape, and PowerPoint presentation sponsored by The Burlington Library Association at 7 p.m. Wednesday May 17, in the Burlington Public Library, 34 Library Ln. The photograph exhibit and presentation, entitled "Trailing the Old Leather Man," will be on display and will feature a 30-minute videotape entitled "The Road Between Heaven and Hell: the Last Circuit of the Leatherman" and a PowerPoint presentation by Leather Man historian Dan W. DeLuca of Meriden. In search of the truth, Mr. Deluca has traveled throughout Connecticut and New York for 17 years researching trying to separate facts from fiction and has assembled a comprehensive collection of data on the Leather Man. He has unearthed new information on the Leather Man that proves that “The Leather Man” was not Jules Bouglay. At one time the Leather Man was gathering, preserving food and tending gardens in different locations. Mr. DeLuca hopes to strip away the myths that have clung to the mysterious Leather Man for more than a century. Both the exhibit and the program are free and open to the public. The Leather Man, so-called because he dressed entirely in a suit made of crudely sewn pieces of leather, first appeared in region around 1856-8. For the next 33 years, he traveled a 356-mile circuit between the Connecticut and Hudson Rivers that took him through many towns including Danbury, New Milford, Waterbury, Roxbury, Woodbury, Watertown, Plymouth, Hartington, Burlington, Bristol-Forestville, Southington, Meriden, Berlin, Middlefield, Middletown, Haddam, Chester, Killingworth, Deep River, Old Saybrook, Westbrook, Clinton, Madison, Guilford, Branford, East Haven, North Haven, Hamden, Woodbridge, Orange, Naugatuck Junction, Weston, Redding, Wilton, New Canaan, Long Ridge, Stratford and Greenwich in Connecticut and Rye, Armonk, Bedford, Pound Ridge, Kensico, Bedford Hills, Ossining, Yonkers, Turkey Mountain, Shrub Oak, Somers and Brewster in New York. He slept in rock shelters near the towns through which he walked, ate only what was offered to him by the people whose houses he passed and refused to say more than a few words to anyone. The clockwork-like regularity of the Leather Man's schedule, which saw him reappear at the same locations every 34 days, combined with his reclusive behavior and the impenetrable shroud that cloaked his past, made him a legend in his own time. He died March 20, 1889. Facts and romantic legends about the Leather Man have been passed from generation to generation since his death, has earning him a place in Connecticut history and folklore. The exhibit "Trailing the Old Leather Man" features many new photographs of the Leather Man never before seen, including photographs of the Leather Man’s bag and glove, knife, pipe and axe as well as other printed materials from historical societies, libraries and private collections in Connecticut and New York. This is not a complet list of towns that he traveled through. Hope to see you all there The Researcher
  23. Just a place to talk about cache problems and other random cache stuff please feel free to post anything cache related!! Such as Problems you have had in the past with your caches and the odd stuff you have found in them and make it so this is a non judgmental place to talk no bashing other players about what they think speak your mind!!! and have fun!!
  24. Due to the recent flooding, one of my caches had to move a considerable distance. A bridge that the cache was next to was washed out and isn't going to be a quick fix, so GCQP1X (Frog Talk) is at a new location. Since this is a puzzle cache that some of you may have been working on, I thought I'd give a heads up so you won't still be working on the old coordinates. Have fun!
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