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  1. I've got a great idea - Let's put out a new category in peer review on a US holiday weekend so that hardly any US waymarkers can look at it! Nice. It's also another great idea to never have had it discussed in the forums. You aren't really requiring photos - you're saying screengrabs are okay. This is a violation of Groundspeak terms of service if those "screengrabs" happen to belong to someone else on another platform like Facebook, Twitter, etc., where the original photographer and the platform hold a copyright. You have to agree to terms of service for each waymark you post and violating that terms of service can get the waymarker who "screengrabs" the picture of the rooftop garden in trouble with Groundspeak and with the copyright holder. Groundspeak Terms of Service You agree not to: "viii - Upload, post, transmit, or otherwise distribute any content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other intellectual property, or proprietary rights of any person, including without limitation under any privacy or publicity rights. xi - Violate any applicable local, state, national, or international law." How are people supposed to visit these, especially if they are private rooftop gardens? There is no mention of this in the writeup? What kind of long description are you requiring? Where does one get the coordinates for the garden, especially for a private one that they cannot physically visit, but can only take a picture from afar? What about trespassing and voyeur laws, especially for these private gardens where you would be taking photo from locations outside the garden? If you are shooting from another location, you could be violating privacy laws, which I know for a fact a very strict in California and are very strict in Europe. With that said, that would be a violation of, again, Terms of Service 11. You also speak of playgrounds - why both? Again, people who own these are going to have SERIOUS issues of people taking long range photos of their kids on a private playground. This category isn't well thought-out; it is not well written-out; and frankly, and it definitely has the possibility of being downright illegal. This is why you should always bring these new category ideas to the Forums first. Talk to me on the above, clear up the concerns. There is a hole where this category might fill, possibly, but how can you document these without violating the owners privacy and, just as importantly, how could someone visit these waymarks? I have published the above as my response in peer review.
  2. A false-positive test will do that. It happens. They don't talk about it.
  3. What's dangerous for one child isn't necessarily dangerous for another child. Children learn from parents, peers, teachers, friends about what constitutes safe actions vs what constitutes unsafe actions and they learn those things at different ages. They don't learn it from osmosis, so your point about a child's age not mattering is also not a valid point. Let's use your railroad example. Let's say the child caching with you is 15. By this time, there's a strong likelihood that they realize trains will either severely injure you or kill you if you get too close to them due to their weight, being told by parents and peers, seeing movies/videos, etc... Now let's look at the 3 year old. Their exposure to trains is probably limited to Thomas the Train or The Little Engine That Could. They see familiar faces and trains that talk, are friendly, and are things that have feelings and the ability to do things that people do. They're not things to be cautious about because they haven't learned that yet. They see them as things that they can interact with. The "choo choo" is a friend, not a 300,000 pound engine that can't stop in time to avoid hitting, maiming, crushing, or killing a toddler that doesn't know any better. The same goes for caches near ponds, which was another point brought up. At some point, the dangers of drowning are learned by a child. Until that point is learned though, we do what we can to keep them safe. We have kiddie pools (where drowning can still occur) that are shallow and make sure to watch them. We provide PFDs. We teach them how to swim. There's no specific age for every child where they learn the potential hazards of water. So let's look at the 15 year old at a cache near a pond. They see water and they realize that it's something that has the potential to kill them but have learned how to swim, whether or not the body of water is safe to swim in, whether or not there could be potentially dangerous things in the pond (alligators, red tides, jellyfish) and what to look for to determine that, and various other things that they may have learned in order to keep themselves safe. A 3 year old sees a body of water and associates it with a kiddie pool, even though it may have current, is considerably deeper than the kiddie pool, and may have dangerous animals in or around it. They haven't learned all the coping mechanisms that the 15 year old has learned so they don't understand the inherent danger like the 15 year old does.
  4. A broken plastic container with a log so wet that it's unsignable, by a cache owner that 9 times out of 10 has left the game.. if that's vandalism, then I contend you just replied just to hear yourself talk. But with 10,000 more posts than me I should have expected that.
  5. You're clearly enthusiastic about geocaching and want to talk about it. That's a great thing. However, you're not an expert at this yet. While it's ok to share your opinions, I think some of your posts come across as the only way to do things, and not all of them have been what I would consider the preferred technique. I've been at this for over 13 years now and am closing in on 10,000 finds. I think it's fair to say we have a decent amount of experience at this point. But at the end of the day, I am just one geocacher, and I don't pretend to have all the answers. I try to share my experience, opinions, recommendations, or my personal approach as only that, and not as the "right answer." I don't always remember to do it that way, but that's how I try to approach things: rather than telling someone what to do, I post about what I have done, or what I have seen, or what I think, or what I'd recommend. All in all, this forum is pretty well behaved compared to some other corners of the internet. And if nothing else, we all have at least one thing in common: we are all interested in geocaching. So don't lose heart. But for now, perhaps consider sitting back and doing some more reading, to inform your opinions and experience some more, and asking questions instead of answering them.
  6. I've read a couple threads about Covid-19 and caching, and it got me to thinking: With all of this talk of social distancing and PPE, would there be a legitimate case for cachers to create virtual caches? What are your thoughts?
  7. Yes, but if this happens with a GPS, you're in the same boat. Whether GPS or Phone, if you plan to go out of cell range, you must plan ahead. And just to reiterate, only the Oregon 700 and GPSMap66 series have live geocaching abilities, and this must be paired with either a wifi connection or your cell phone's data to work. They do not connect to 4g/5g natively. Otherwise, you must plan ahead with a GPS for all geocaching activities. Pocket queries are your friend either way. No GPS connects to the website anymore. The communicator plugins are no longer supported. A newer model will interface with GPX files and geocaches better than the 60 series. Again, you could go back to the Colorado series (not recommended) or even a 62(s) to get this functionality at an inexpensive price point, though current models have removed the limit on the number of geocaches you can load, making them great for larger trips. I'm not trying to talk you out of a new GPS, just give you an accurate portrayal of their limitations along with the functionality of your phone. I'd hate to see you drop $3-400 and be disappointed. That said, when you work within the limitations, the GPS can be more useful than the phone. But both will get the job done.
  8. Hello, if this is an important place for your children why don't you tell something about it in the listing? Isn't there more to tell as Talk about the place, why is it special to you!? That's some part of the spirit of a geocache and with a good listing (you might even add pictures) you might get better logs than the FTF log.... Without a listing this cache might look as a statistics point ("+1") and I think it is much more than that to you. Tell us! You can still edit the listing. Have fun with your cache! Jochen
  9. In my (limited) experience, younger kids are not excited as much by finding something sneaky as by riffling through "treasure." On the other hand, once the local kids find out about the box of toys in the park, it's doomed. Besides counting, you could use colors. Or multiple choice. "If the bench is green, keep going straight ahead. If it is brown, turn left." You could put a simple jigsaw puzzle in the first or second stage. Put the puzzle together to see the coordinates. Or a photo of the final location. Treasure map? Maybe you could make it spy-themed. Talk about spy gadgets and tell them they are looking for something small that is a disguise, and what it can hold (the logbook).
  10. Where did I say they are ONLY in it for that +1? You're reading things that aren't there. I said it makes it more interesting for people wanting a +1 to go caching in groups. Good for you! My experience comes from reading logs and THIS THREAD (and other threads). Yes, people are probably as friendly as anywhere else but as far as geocaching goes we're keeping to ourselves (a plus in these times ). We avoid events and avoid the new caches placed for events. Standing in line to write in the log is not my idea of fun. The few friends we have in geocaching we know a lot longer, they are radio amateurs that we see during club meetings and "on air" but geocaching is almost never a topic of conversation. No problem to have a talk when (and if) we come across other geocachers but we wouldn't call them "friends".
  11. When I log a find on a cache that involves climbing, be it a tree or on rocks, I'm not claiming to have climbed the thing, all I'm claiming is that I signed the cache's logbook. In fact I'll state quite clearly in my log that I used a ladder instead of picking my way up through the branches, or rope, a grabbing tool, an agile friend or a borrowed child. For the latter, there's a cache near here where the CO says on the cache page, "In order to find this cache you will have to be agile and non-claustrophobic. Or just talk one of the youngin's into doing the dirty work for you." After trying to squeeze into the narrow space and fearing I might become stuck, I instead took the CO's advice and used the services of a youngin.
  12. Congratulations to Alfouine for determining the extraction point of CONTROL's top agents. Your hard work is much appreciated. You have been declared CONTROL's #4 Agent! The Chief would like to again thank Agent 72, CONTROL's #3 Agent for all his work in decoding the secret message from Max and 99. Outstanding job! For everyone else, here is the solution: Max and 99's profile; News Articles Posted. Use first letter of waymark title. Code uses what3words (geocaching toolbox can help) This is a secret message from CONTROL's top agents Max and Ninety Nine. KAOS is close. Tell the Chief we need extraction from Frogs Brain Water. End of message. Toyota accidentally hits bridal shop - OKC, OK Hearing aid company closes, owing customers money - OKC, OK In-crisis youth have safe place to ask for help with community partners - OKC, OK Seniors served by Mobile Meals - Edmond, OK In-and-Out Burger receives Excellent rating from health inspection - Tucson, AZ State google design finalist at Carl Albert Middle School - MWC, OK Angry Crab has new owner - Tucson, AZ Sheriff announces Logan County a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County - Guthrie, OK Emergency childcare offered by YMCA to health care workers and first responders - Edmond, OK Christian Heritage Academy has a superfan! - Del City, OK Relatives fight to bury loved one at Ft. Lowell Cemetery - Tucson, AZ El Reno Cemetery graves damaged - El Reno, OK. Tiger Time helps students get ready for learning - OKC, OK Midwest City to temporarily close Senior Center to protect against Coronavirus - MWC, OK EPS provides free meals to kids during closure - Edmond, OK Spanish teacher at Carl Albert High School named teacher of the Month - Midwest City, OK Signs outside churches display different views on guns - OKC, OK Animal welfare accused of poor treatment of a dog in their care - OKC, OK Greek restaurant the target of theft - OKC, OK Everyone asked to leave 21c Museum Hotel for cleaning - OKC, OK Finance taught at Apollo Elementary - Bethany, OK Restaurants brace for economic impact of Coronavirus - OKC, OK OKC church holds college and career fair - OKC, OK Maker's Mark dinner raises money for The Center of Family Love - OKC, OK College counselor allegedly gave AP tests early - OKC, OK Old Paris Flea Market the site of a drive-by shooting - OKC, OK No one injured in car fire at On Cue - OKC, OK Thousands of dollars of product stolen from dispensary - Bethany, OK Restaurants you can support with takeout during the pandemic - Edmond, OK OKC Police talk man down from cell tower - OKC, OK Loved Bishop Moreno buried at Holy Hope Cemetery - Tucson, AZ Sale of GFF Foods in Moore - Moore, OK The story behind Goldie the Robot - Tuscaloosa, AL One dead at SW OKC gun range - OKC, OK Piedmont girl asks for donations to hospital instead of birthday gifts - Bethany, OK All SWOSU classes to be held online - Weatherford, OK Group voices concerns over 5G technology - OKC, OK Elementary students who will run to remember receive a gift - OKC, OK New medical treatment helps woman with breast cancer illness - OKC, OK Truck and chains used in attempted theft of ATM - OKC, OK Soldier surprises daughter at Mustang school - Mustang, OK Medical Center needs volunteers to sew face masks - Stillwater, OK A Kerr Middle teacher is back in the classroom after using a racial slur - Del City, OK Xrays and other non emergency imaging postponed at Mercy Clinics - OKC, OK Authorities need help identifying man who stole from a metro pharmacy - OKC, OK New indoor play area in OKC - Oklahoma City, OK DHS urging daycares to remain open - OKC, OK No membership fees at Spontaneity Kid Care for First Responders - OKC, OK Investigators need help identifying suspect in credit union robbery - OKC, OK Nature Center at Martin Park and OKC Rec Centers to close during pandemic - OKC, OK Employees of Love's getting raises and bonuses - OKC, OK Those who served honored at Dorset Memory Care - OKC, OK Youth offered free day camp during teacher walkout - Edmond, OK New carpet and renovation for Woods Memorial Library - Tucson, AZ Investigation into Dove Charter Schools - OKC, OK News 9 practicing social distancing - OKC, OK Exercise workouts offered online amid Coronavirus - Edmond, OK KOCO names Coyle math teacher "Teacher of the Month" - Coyle, OK Alleged fight over parking spot leads to shooting - OKC, OK Oro Valley Library now county run - Oro Valley, AZ Sioux City man is riding a new Harley around town - Sioux City, IA Importance of new Sunday liquor sales discussed - Moore, OK Stop signs near James L. 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  13. I don't judge COs for their reasons for planting a cache. Object if the cache is low quality, sure, but don't complain just because the CO's motives aren't pure enough for you. But, above all, talk to the CO. That will be much more fruitful in many ways than talking about it here.
  14. Well put. The terrain rating can mean whether someone takes an unnecessary risk or avoids the unnecessary risk, so it's important that the terrain is rated as accurately as possible. Some people get bogged down in arguing what does half a star matter. Exactly what does half a star mean, or on some lower rated caches even sometimes a star. If in doubt, rate it higher. In lower rated caches it can be subjective. But when the terrain gets to risky levels, it needs to be as accurate as possible. Not long ago I faced one of those ledge problems you mentioned below a cliff. This one marked rather low at only 2T. Alone as I was, it would have been possible suicide to try to lie down and lean over and reach it that way, if I could even reach it, as there was a high chance of me slipping off head first. From below, after getting down a steep (but doable) incline though scratchy bushes it was way beyond my reach. Fortunately for me (not the logs) the cache was temporally in a plastic bag as someone had nicked the cache container, and I was able to hook it down with a long stick. If it had been in its original ammunition tin I'm not sure how I would have been able to get it down. Likely not. It took two visits to find this cache, but it was a 2001 cache, so that increased my determination, as it is increasing many other people's determination. My logs. I attempted this twice. Didn't find it I really wanted to find this one. My first approach came to a place which I knew I could get down, but wasn't sure I could get up again. I was about to give up then, but I wandered on a bit further (I really wanted this one) and found a way I could get up as well as down. Then I searched on several levels, but frustratingly couldn't find it. I was also late for dinner, so I had to leave. (And I did arrive late for dinner.) I hope to get another opportunity to search here. DNF . Found it I returned to have another attempt at finding this old cache, and found it this attempt . But wow, hard work. I would rate this 3.5T, maybe even 4T. Definitely NOT a mere 2T. There is also the scramble about trying to find the cache that adds to the difficulty. I brought a stool to stand on, but ended up only using it to peer into the wrong ledges and holes, with my hand above me holding a mirror to look in those spaces. Finally I spotted the cache from above, but being by myself I would not attempt to retrieve it from there. I returned back below down the slope through scratchy bushes and I heaved myself onto a wet ledge giving me a wet behind and managed to retrieve the cache with a stick. I threw it back. Some very tall people apparently can reach (but would need to be extremely tall), but I'm only about average height. Sadly, someone has stolen the cache and left the log books in no more than a ripped plastic bag. One log in particular is very wet. I removed soaked leaflets and junk and took them away to dispose of. I supplied the only plastic bag I had with me. It doesn't seal though..... .....So pleased to change that to . The log following mine I thought a great log. It also demonstrates that people do judge a cache and what to expect on the rating given. Found it The closer you get to completing a challenge, the more determined you become in not only seeking out qualifiers but also the efforts you go to find them. Only recently realising this oldie was close-ish and a reasonable D/T, made the 80km roundtrip detour on my way home from a family function over the weekend to tick off my third last Ausmer month (or 7th last Jasmer). The walk from car to GZ matched the D/T expectations but the last few metres was where the “fun/insanity” of doing this solo kicked in. Had overheard a friend talk about “coming from the top/bottom” but only realised once onsite I was going to struggle with either option. Even with thunder now growing louder in the valley, I was determined not to leave without a find and cautiously positioned myself to confirm a likely spot with a mirror. Apparently the missing container was replaced the following day but today luck was on my side as the log books were still currently in a double zip lock bag and the Macgyver in me, worked out a way of hooking a stick into a torn section and gently manoeuvring them to within reach. Signing duties completed, I carefully balanced prostrate in the mud and loose leaf litter once more (following torrential rain last week) and returned the bagged logbooks to their shelter (and without the TBs I’d intended to drop). Caught my breath, checked for leeches, assessed scratches then made my way back to the car to wipe myself down, even considering changing clothes, just as the rain started to teem down. Again, timing was everything!
  15. @Goldenwattle I see you are also a TomTom user. Seems most here are using Garmin for automotive. PM me (or better, email) sometime if you like and perhaps we can talk about getting the best use in a caching environment. Depending upon which model you have (we have nearly all of them in test here), might be able to make helpful suggestions. I recall vividly my earliest attempt to find geocaches after a friend introduced me to the hobby in 2008. I didn't own a purpose built handheld and phones weren't any good for this sort of thing, so I tried to use my TomTom GO 720 to find caches by reading the coordinates off of the display. At that time, I didn't appreciate the 'road snap' function of these devices that attempted to correct for rough coordinate fixes by making assumptions about your position being on the nearest bit of road, assuming you were anywhere near one. What was weird (and later changed, largely at my request to the developers) was that the displayed coordinates on the satellite page weren't the 'real' ones, but rather, the assumed 'road snapped' coordinates! Talk about frustrating! Soon got that sorted, realized it wasn't going to work, and went out to get my first Garmin, and old and trusty Summit HC.
  16. Sure, what do you want to talk about?
  17. If you are unsure about the safety of geocachers and other traffic participants make contact to the owner and tell him (or her). It is possible that he (or she) hasn't thoguth about that and maybe will archive the cache or move it to a safer place. If the owner knows a good way to log the cache safely for everyone (!) you might ask him (or her) to write this into the listing. Perhaps adding some trailheads will help. And if the owner doesn't react at all or says "f.... u I don't care" you might log "needs archived" if you still think that it's a dangerous hide. Most geocaches will take the log (+1 point) and stay quiet. Looking away is no solution so get active! The owner is always the first person to talk to....
  18. If a wife or girlfriend has ever rolled her eyes when you talk about Benchmarking, you might be interested in this BBC-TV series from a few years back. It centers on a couple of quirky metal detecting hobbyists who take their activity oh so seriously as they roam the scenic countryside around their lovely village. Their search for a big treasure payday more likely turns up a modern one-pound coin or a beer can pull tab than a stash of Saxon gold, and not everyone gets their passionate involvement in detecting business. I'm finding it a refreshing change from nonstop pandemic news. Also, no one does quirky like the Brits. I've been watching on Acorn TV, but it may be available on other platforms, too. Cheers! ArtMan PS: fans of the wonderful 1960s British series The Avengers will want to know that Diana Rigg appears in some of the later shows, but not in the first season.
  19. I was hoping that Groundspeak would talk about the Blue Switch Day souvenir in today's newsletter. But no newsletter! Edit: I just got the newsletter, almost 2 hours later than usual. Nothing new regarding the souvenir.
  20. Well, Easter is here, and now, this thread ressurects (no pun intended). The time has come to contact all geocachers interested on participating in this research interview. Hope to talk to you all soon! Take care! Shak.
  21. I've found 10 or 20 caches since the lockdown, and not a single one had been touched by anyone within the period that the virus is known to survive on that kind of surface, discounting the remote possibility of a non-cacher finding it and handling it without a corresponding log being entered. With golf, the person you're worried about was there touching that object 5 minutes ago. So I don't consider the risk for geocaching large, although for the run where someone had found the caches the day before, I used gloves just to be sure. But I'm not trying to talk you out of not signing. That's up to you, and I expect most COs will understand if you explain in your find log and don't play games like not climbing a tree but then claiming the find. If you're worried about the CO, you could just log a note: they can't complain about that.
  22. How about getting a few college interns from down the street to help with this excellent idea? Though Siri offline you'll have to talk to Apple.
  23. It took me a minute to figure out what you were talking about because, although it might seem odd, I see little similarity between what a CO does and what the powers that be do. A CO has a lot of say in his cache, but, nevertheless, he has no authority. He's just another person playing a game with his friends, so, yes, of course I agree he should be patient with others, thorough in his explanation, and flexible when he can. As I said, I wish TPTB could be like that, but the fact is that they're just making decisions: yes you can do that or no you can't. In a case like this, there's no explanation: the people promoting virtual logs know full well they're against the guidelines, so there's no need to explain that. There's really no advantage for the powers that be to be nice once they've made a decision after considering all the facts. That's one of the reasons I don't think I could ever be a reviewer. Reveiwers are great. They're always fair and helpful. But we're talking about a situation where all the cards are on the table. There's no possible outcome other than "No". In that situation, I can understand when they see no reason to pretend there's anything to talk about. No, in fact, I don't agree with that statement. This isn't about a matter of opinion whether a guideline can or can't be broken. And, in fact, I think the idea that respect has anything to do with following the rules is absurd. This is simply observing that TPTB have made a decision, so that's that. In this case, I happen to agree with their decision because I don't see the benefit and dislike the precedent, but my purpose here is to support the TPTB's actions once they made the decision regardless of how I feel about their ruling. I can see them being more lenient in the case of a CO allowing a find that doesn't result in a signed log. I haven't seen them mind that in the case of a container that can't be opened, although I'm sure they'd get upset if it went on a while without the container being replaced. So I'm not surprised they're allowing it, but I also won't be surprised if they change their minds after it becomes more obvious this is going on as a matter of course.
  24. A few thoughts : First, unless there is some puzzle on the cache page they need to solve to find the locations of those bits of information, or the information itself is a puzzle, that's probably a multi not a puzzle . Second, practically speaking, why 16 portions of information ? Is that because of the length of the co-ordinate string ? Remember that the first few digits of both latitude and longitude are going to be exactly the same for a huge area, so unless your chosen site is near the border between .for e.g. , 50 north and 51 north, most smart people will skip visiting those predictable digits. A lot of puzzles in my area give a portion of the solution on the page like this N50 0x.xxx W 000 0x.xxx. Third, 16 (or however many) pieces of information are many times (16 ?) more likely to go missing than a single cache container, and in towns those do seem to get muggled easily. If one of your pieces is removed, painted over or whatever, you will need to maintain it. Similarly, you need to be sure your pieces of information are going to stay readable despite fading or water damage (or frost damage, or whatever your climate throws at you, I've not checked to see where you cache ! ) As baer2006 mentions, inbuilt redundancy of some kind reassures cachers that a single missing piece of information will not mean they have to post a DNF , if you can work it in, it's very worthwhile. Fourth, you need to ensure your pieces of information are placed in a way which causes no damage, personally I'd not ever contemplate putting a sticker or marking with paint or pen on someone else's property , or municipal street signs etc. Using a magnet (or magnetic sheet cut to size) or a magnetic fake bolt would mean no risk of damage . You could maybe talk to some property owners in the town, a friendly small shop, cafe, museum or whatever might be happy to have a discreet sign placed in the corner of a window facing out and visible from the street .
  25. Haven't read the whole thread, but wondering if there has been any talk/rumours of extending the first CITO season for this year since many if us are now in lockdown with CITO events cancelled or unable to be published during this time.
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