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  1. Hello geocachers! Greetings! This is the first time I create a topic here. I am a brazilian geocacher (and, by the way, I welcome you all, inviting everyone to know my country by looking for the caches spread all over Brazil! :) But besides being a geocacher, I am also an academic researcher. And today, that is the reason why I am creating this topic. (I hope I am not breaking any forum rules ... but if I happen to be, please let me know, so that I can correct my fault). Well, right now I'm starting to study about the experience of players playing while traveling (or traveling while playing). More specifically, players who, while playing, can explore or go on tour over various environments (cities, countries, rural locations, nature areas, and so on). So, I am thinking of developing an analysis over this subject, starting from the observation of two specific games. One of them is Geocaching, for the reasons mentioned above. The other game is yet to be defined, but it must be (necessarily) an Open World type (due to the possibility of exploring and touring on virtual worlds, using maps and/or GPS, and so on). Therefore, I would like to count on your participation, opinion or support. Do you (or someone you know) play Geocaching AND ALSO other classic digital games* ? * (In this case, I refer to the classic digital games as those referring to worldwide renowned series, such as Grand Theft Auto, Assassin's Creed, The Witcher, The Elder Scrolls - Skyrim, World of Warcraft, and the like). ----------------------- To sum up: the idea of this topic is to talk a little bit with you here, about the subject of "Games & Travel", taking into consideration your experiences/adventures as Geocaching players and [insert name of Open World game you play here] players. To those interested in the subject, wherever in the world you are, I thank you very much for your participation! (and sorry for the long text :) Hope to talk to you all! Until next time!
  2. If we are allowed to talk about our own "children", I would vote for Victoria Amazonica and Jaguar.
  3. Guest

    Cape Talk Interview

    Interview between Cape Talk presenter Kieno Kammies and Prof Charles Merry of University of Cape Town on Cape Talk radio (567 AM) in South Africa, May 3 2001 at 1330 GMT+2. www.capetalk.co.za. Duration is 7 minutes 32 seconds. Listen now (mp3). http://www.geocaching.com/media/CapeTalk.mp3 ------------------ Peter Scholtz www.biometrics.co.za
  4. Okay, yeah, I misread your comment to infer that YOU updated something, which really, really threw me for a loop. There have been some changes in years past in the Datasheet program on how it interprets log entries for stations, which likely helped these stations get an accurate monumented date. (I only know this because one such update that was made back about a year ago) caused a whole bunch of logs that had no status, no agency, and no date appear tacked onto the history list on the datasheet. Had to talk to them and point out some stations that were causing this.
  5. We all are customers of this site, whether it is explicit, by paying premium membership and purchasing products like hats, shirts, and travel bug tags, or implicit, by keeping the number of visitors to the site up, which helps bring adv. dollars to GC.com. As a customer of the GC.com website, do you like the forums better now that there is a strict policy about being totally on subject and sticking only to talk about geocaching ? My personal view is that the website has become boring, and one could affirm this by looking at the number of times I have logged on recently vs. about two months ago. I hope this posting does not get shut down. I am not posting this question with any ill intent towards GC.com, but rather, am a less than 100% satisfied customer, wondering what other customers think. As a for-profit entity, I am suspect answers to this post could be valuable. Thanks
  6. I don't think so, not for me. I usually talk to the people I know and not to all 100 who have signed-up. Just recently have attended an Event with more than 800 People https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC8GVCH_event-am-see-2021-event-at-the-lake-2021?guid=1768bcdd-034c-4155-950a-718a51a3accc and I have been in contact with about 10. The other 790 were not even close to me.
  7. It's fine to talk about a church's history, architecture, etc. on a cache page. They are interesting spots to visit, regardless of whether it's a mosque, synagogue or country chapel. It is a beautiful building regardless of whether Presbyterians or Baptists constructed it. There is no reason to get into a discussion of the religious beliefs celebrated within the building. It's fine to talk about hand sanitizer, too! I am the OP's reviewer. Another option is to create a cache page with a number of physical waypoints (i.e., multicache) for the general location of 10 churches, and submit that page for a coordinate check. That is a good way to become aware of conflicts with puzzle solutions, multicache finals, etc., before going through the trouble of obtaining permission and placing the cache in its hiding spot.
  8. Thanks Keystone, this is the same advice I offered the cache owner when the caches were first submitted. Dan, In regards to the distance, the distance is variable but what we take into account is the audience and if the cache is part of a series. Let me talk in a local example for you. If for example caches were placed around the Canberra region but to the cardinal points then these caches may be further than 100km from each other but are set to appeal for the same audience. This is even more the case where the cache have the same names as a Platinum step within a series. In regards to appealing a reviewers decision this is always an option. Reviewers don't take offence and it helps us to ensure we are following the intent of the guidelines. Often for borderline case we will take a cache to appeals for you. Hope that helps.
  9. My fiancee has a Visor edge PDA, while I'm looking to buy the Viewsonic v36. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience trying to beam files from a PDA to PPC or vise versa. Will a database file (for example) from her PDA work on my PPC? Totally new to the whole thing so please forgive my utter ignorance. Thanks in advance!
  10. I found out about a talk in Menlo Park that I thought might be of interest to geocachers due to his involvement with the USGS. Simon Winchester, geologist, journalist, and author, to the USGS. He will be in Menlo Park to speak about his most recent book, "Krakatoa," Friday, August 22, 2003 1:30pm in the USGS Building 3 large conference room A U.S. Geological Survey 345 Middlefield Road, Menlo Park, CA Winchster's previous books include "The Professor and the Madman," and "The Map That Changed the World." He is currently working on his next book about the 1906 SF Earthquake.
  11. Here we have a classic example of WHY we have peer review for new categories. Talk about a category that is completely subjective - one person's "urban legend" may not be another's... Then, you have the creator of the category bugging out of Waymarking the same year he created this "interesting" piece of Waymarking. My question is - if you expand to just "Legends", and these are people, how would this be different than "Epic Beings" if Epic Beings allow a statue of Lewis and Clark to be included in their category????
  12. I've yet to experience geocaching, but have enjoyed orienteering. I am a freelance writer interested in talking to people in the Toronto, Canada area to get their input on how they enjoy the sport, what draws them to it, is their family going along, etc. If you would be willing to share some experiences and insights with me (and perhaps let me tag along on a sample outing), I'd love to hear from you. Am particularly interested in families for an outing, but want to talk to anyone for feedback. [This message was edited by freewrite44 on June 27, 2003 at 08:36 AM.]
  13. Hi. I'm new to this and I've heard of the NWPA Geocachers. I was hoping to talk to some of the members. I'm mainly looking for tips and any info on joining. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  14. I don't think there's a need to skip over the identity of the person/category leader in question here. He's not an ogre, nor a mean and vindictive or vengeful person, just cantankerous, as many of us are becoming. For some reason he's just unwilling to come and say "Hi". I feel no antipathy toward him and I suspect that most people here feel likewise. They'd rather just have the opportunity to understand his point of view. I believe he's here, listening and watching right now. What say Possum Man? Could you come and talk to these people? Keith Addendum: OOPS!! I have been apprised that the Possum Man may not "come and talk to these people". Displaying my ignorance here. My apologies to all, including the Possum Man. OH CRAP - I've done it again. How do I get rid of the stuff below?!?!
  15. Talk about anything in this topic! [This message was edited by Radman Version 2.0 on March 27, 2003 at 01:30 PM.]
  16. Do not write anything that is about avatars. They only can be discussed in another thread. But do write about geocaching in eight words. That's not six, or seven, but eight words.
  17. The definition of "game" in general is oft debated. I don't think there will be any consensus here But I primarily refer to this as a hobby. Occasionally a game. Depends on context I think. If I'm talking about stats, my mind may jump to game. If I'm talking about the fun and adventure, usually hobby. A game doesn't have to be competitive, or necessarily even have win/lose conditions. Some may even call some hobbies games, depending on their motive for 'doing' the hobby (could building and selling crafts be considered a game to some? *shrug*) I don't think the label is as important as how we promote the activity and talk it up.
  18. I might be the only one, but when I log into the general forums it says this on the top of my page: If you have a topic that doesn't quite fit anywhere else, post it here. I agree that a preponderance of the subjects discussed on gc.com are geocaching related, but is not this also a place for geocachers to congregate and discuss things they find interesting? just my 2 cents ps, I'm not baiting TPTB, I'm just curious why the question is circumvented and not answered?
  19. Well, well, well Pika Cacher. How does it feel to get your arse handed to you? Heheheheh oh God stop, I can't laugh anymore or my sides are going to bust. Going into Monday night football you had me by 14 points, then the Tampa Bay DEFENSE came out onto the field to "collect rent". (One of Warren Sapp's quotes, I love that guy). Getting beat sucks, but getting beat by 3 measlie points really really sucks and on top of that, you would have killed anyone else in our league had you played them instead. Oh the horror, hehehehehehe. Okay, I'll wind down a bit. But when I beat someone, I rub it in till it leaves a stain. Because, after all, this is football. Cheesehead, your next.
  20. My opinion? Let's talk about extremes. If we (theoretically!) excluded all the categories mentioned above, I don't know if I will ever find a waymark for this category. If we include all of them, we will have a lot of crosspostings, but we will also have a category with a lot of fine art on a grave and won't miss any great pieces of art, just because it also represents his/her hobby/occupation or the deceased is a Dead Poet. So, I guess we need something in between. Maybe we should think about it that way: Is the category to be ex- or included also an art category or not? For example: One of my Out of Place Graves is a wonderful piece of art (in my humble opinion). Not sure, if it will create a "wow" for everyone, but let's just pretend that it does. Would you post that one in "Out of Place Graves" or "Funerary Art"? One is an art category, and the other lists graves that are not on a cemetery (artful or not). IMHO there is no reason for preventing a crossposting in that situation. I would understand, if a grave artwork was posted in two different art categories. F.e. "Funerary Art" and "Relief Art Sculptures". In the bottom of my heart I would even allow crossposting in 2 art categories, but that is most likely just my opinion. What I really would like to clarify: Are we talking about "figurative" art to compensate, what the Figurative Public Sculpture category denies (= animals and humans) or are we also considering f.e. abstract art? I posted a photo of the grave of Hedy Lamarr in this thread on July 28, 2017, but received no feedback. PS: Don't worry, I won't shoot you. I don't even own a gun.
  21. OK, so I am working up preliminary areas where Funerary Art could be found. Up front I will say I am not religious, so I have not been raised in any religious tradition (calm down, I am not going to talk about religion). Therefore, I am not familiar at what types of tombs/stones/art on final resting places would be found in places of worship. Most of the locations I am finding are related to Christian churches and burial traditions. If anyone can help with other religions/burial traditions, I would be quite grateful. Remember, the reason this category is getting up and rolling is that Figurative does not accept Funerary Sculptures. We are not trying to create a redundant category and there are many categories that deal with markers for the deceased. The thrust of the category is funerary art, not final resting places or type of monument for the deceased. This category recognizes that most of the sculptures would be found in a cemetery. However, there are other burial locations that may include sculptures that are funerary in nature, such as churches, cathedrals (bigger church), mausoleums and some burial locations that were owned by the deceased (family burial locations). Are there other locations common in other faiths/burial traditions I am missing? (Help please.) Any comments/thoughts on what should/shouldn't be accepted and why. Here are some locations where Funerary Art could be found. Should the category accept/decline from these various locations and styles of burial for the deceased: Sculpture/Artwork found on a headstone, columbarium, crypt, tombstone, mausoleum, ledger grave marker, cenotaph, tomb, effigies, church monument, cadaver monument, .... ? I know some of these have their own categories. Any of these that are related to s specific burial of an individual would not be accepted in Figurative. Figurative only accepts monuments that are, in essence, honoring all the deceased. Figurative does not accept pieces of a specific ('known") individual--that goes in Statues of Historic/Religious Figures. Just looking for comments/thoughts on what should/shouldn't be accepted and why. Existing Waymark Categories (I probably missed some) that need to be considered to be included/excluded: Death Mask Gravestones Broken Column Headstones Occupational/Hobby Grave Stones Woodmen of the World Grave Markers/Monuments Headstones of Centenarians **Veteran Memorials (Many categories - Specific wars and general categories) Homemade Tombstones Graves Mentioning a Cause of Death Out of Place Graves Statues of Historic Figures Statues of Religious Figures Dead Poets Society Zinc Headstones Mausoleum Relief Art (I am contacting Relief Art to verify if they accept/reject relief funerary art) Figurative Public Sculpture Sphinx Sculptures Equestrian Statues Epic Beings Lions, Bears, ... Pet Cemeteries (**There are many categories that honor the resting places of Veterans. For my convenience, I am grouping them into this overall term.) I am not against cross-posting and NOT suggesting all the above should be excluded. Remember the goal of this category is to highlight the art of the memorial - not the final resting place of the deceased. Members are concerned about the premise of the "Wow" factor as to what the category is wishing for. There is concern that the criteria may be too subjective (though there are many categories with 'wow' factor, this is not new). The reason for that idea of "Wow" is that, for instance, there are many headstones with little lambs (for the tragic loss of a child), or fingers pointing upwards, etc. Would a size criteria help (ex., roughly over 3 ft/1m square)? The piece must not be mass produced-it need to be a unique piece. How would members like to see this phrased/defined? Please don't get bogged down in format for title, etc. Right now, we need to best define what the category is trying to highlight and thus clearly define the types of sculptures/art the category is looking for. And I know there are always exceptions when a Waymarker finds something so magnificent we did not anticipate that. Again, I am just thinking aloud and looking for input. Please don't shoot the writer [grin]. Take care, Outspoken1 (Sandy)
  22. My assumption was that reviewers might only do this when they happen to know the exact location, e.g. probably not all that often. I don't really know how much responsibility any individual reviewer has to enforce any particular rule, so I perhaps wouldn't go there. Well no, I was assuming the multi was blocking large area, as that was the premise. (somewhere between a single waypoint and an entire town) Addressed in my premise: "unobtainable to most cachers for a reason that isn't related to the location (e.g. a run-of-the-mill T5 tree climb near a waterfall) ". There's also been talk of "dumbing down" things, which I haven't perhaps properly addressed after that premise, but I did mean unobtainable in a fairly literal sense here. The argument wasn't for popularity at all costs, and that wouldn't be an argument I could ever see myself supporting. Take your example puzzle cache, almost anyone can go look some letters in a sign if they choose to; it's just that some don't want to. But the skill and gear for T5 climbing or scuba diving, or the intelligence/domain-specific knowledge required for certain types of puzzle present a barrier that can't be overcome by simple choice. In fact there's probably a very finite set of people in any area that can ever do those caches. The few hour hikes and boat caches that don't require an actual seaworthy boat and skill fall somewhere in the grey area in my mind. I'm still healthy enough to do that kind of thing fairly effortlessly, and I kinda like doing them, so I might easily come to think that anyone could. But that might be biased. It will but the reviewer wouldn't normally even know what the container is. So what was the scenario you imagined that this would come up in? I imagined a perhaps inexperienced CO asking the reviewer, typically a more experienced cacher, if their container of choice was fine, and getting an answer like "that container type has the following known issues: [...] so it might be a good idea to consider something else if those issues apply to your hiding place." I'm getting the idea that you think reviewers shouldn't be able to talk about this kind of thing at all, so I thought it relevant to point out that the example you chose is something reviewers were arguably meant to enforce at one point. E.g. that the "allowed topics" can change. Of course now that it's been agreed that PTs are ok, individual reviewers have to stick to that. If that's trivially possible, then I guess the location isn't completely blocked. I guess I'm assuming either the reviewer would notice that and not ask, or the CO would notice that and point it out in their response to the reviewer and that would be the end of it. I own a multi, the last time I found a multi was today. But my premise to this was "Ignoring remote locations for a while, is there any merit to this type of targeting of unpopular caches in otherwise busy caching areas?" And I said I have not decided what my own opinion on this is, but acknowledged that I'd play the devil's advocate if need be. So if you'd like to discuss this further, could you perhaps do it without making it be about me personally? I was taking "leaving almost no space for anyone else" to entail that there in fact is someone else. From this response, and your many others, I understand this generally doesn't seem to be the case in your area. So if these were the rules and I were a reviewer in your area, I probably wouldn't think they apply. (As a side note, that kind of location would have been great use of one of the new virtual caches.)
  23. The one playground I went to was in a state park, and no one around. It turned out to be a magnetic altoids tin under the front of the slide. Moms with jogging kid-carriers are the worst, and I even hear the angsty talk on phones on rails to trails, and small local parks by moms... Sheesh... - I could imagine what it'd be like if santa in camo was found on his back under the slide by one...
  24. I can't get my sportrak pro and my computer to talk. i know it has to be something simple but it evades me. My etrex venture works with the computer just fine.
  25. I have seen several references in non-caching related sites that indicate that my Garmin eTrex should be able to communicate with my Sony Clie Palm device. Does anyone know if this is in fact the case, and if it is, how, and what cables would be required? Thanks
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