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  1. Keystone is exactly the correct person to talk to. You can get all the opinions you want here, but ultimately he is the one who you will need to get approval from.
  2. In the words of Adrian Monk, here's what happened: I'm browsing waymarks, and see a new Wienermobile waymark in Oklahoma, where I was JUST was, at a Homeland, where I was just at. Drats. I missed it by that much! So I look up the Wienermobile tour, and what????? It's in Yukon today! I yell to Max, "Do you have time for a trip to Yukon". Yes! I grab my coat and we're out the door. As soon as I leave the driveway, I text Snowdog to let him know of this opportunity. Turns out he was there hours earlier, and about to submit the waymark. He was kind enough to wait until I was ready, then we both submitted our waymarks. I remember this thread very well, and knew that we could both waymark the Wienermobile, which is why we didn't turn around, just continued driving to Yukon. It was so much fun to visit. I got a Wiener Whistle, took lots of pics, and even posed with the Wienermobile. I asked questions, and had a nice talk with the driver. Sure wish I could have stepped inside the Wienermobile! So cool. They're always hiring.
  3. Your reviewer seems to be @Keystone based on your previous posts and I'd talk to him about it. I'd tell him what your idea for this series is and ask if there are any potential issues he can help you head off. Talking to my reviewer is always my first step in hiding a cache.
  4. This is horrible. All the talk of "hide as a noun" brought to mind that line "Tan me hide when I'm dead, Fred" and now Rolf Harris's rendition of "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport" is stuck in my head.
  5. My fiancee has a Visor edge PDA, while I'm looking to buy the Viewsonic v36. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience trying to beam files from a PDA to PPC or vise versa. Will a database file (for example) from her PDA work on my PPC? Totally new to the whole thing so please forgive my utter ignorance. Thanks in advance!
  6. I found out about a talk in Menlo Park that I thought might be of interest to geocachers due to his involvement with the USGS. Simon Winchester, geologist, journalist, and author, to the USGS. He will be in Menlo Park to speak about his most recent book, "Krakatoa," Friday, August 22, 2003 1:30pm in the USGS Building 3 large conference room A U.S. Geological Survey 345 Middlefield Road, Menlo Park, CA Winchster's previous books include "The Professor and the Madman," and "The Map That Changed the World." He is currently working on his next book about the 1906 SF Earthquake.
  7. I've yet to experience geocaching, but have enjoyed orienteering. I am a freelance writer interested in talking to people in the Toronto, Canada area to get their input on how they enjoy the sport, what draws them to it, is their family going along, etc. If you would be willing to share some experiences and insights with me (and perhaps let me tag along on a sample outing), I'd love to hear from you. Am particularly interested in families for an outing, but want to talk to anyone for feedback. [This message was edited by freewrite44 on June 27, 2003 at 08:36 AM.]
  8. Hi. I'm new to this and I've heard of the NWPA Geocachers. I was hoping to talk to some of the members. I'm mainly looking for tips and any info on joining. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  9. Our reviewer does not talk to people. You ask any questions and you get some type of computer generated response.
  10. If one of my caches (usually an obscure puzzle) was coming up to a year unfound I used to flag it up on the local Facebook group as people in the UK like to "resuscitate" caches (find them more than a year since previous find) - I've left all the FB groups since they became dominated by talk of "if you go caching, everyone will die" type talk in April, though. (Culprits now often back FTFing like there's no tomorrow...) On a general maintenance theme, I've replaced about 7 of my caches this year - in most cases winter flooding and winds to blame for missing containers. Not put out a new cache for a long long time. Just looking through my hides - one series put out in April 2018, never revisited (about 35 finds on each so paper not full); another series Jan 2019, only visited the trailhead one for TB dropping. Similar number of finds. I think one bison might have lost its rubber ring but the weather has been so dry since March I'm not worried. Trad placed Sep 2017 never been back. Another Aug 2016. Puzzle placed April 2013, looked at but never touched since placement. It's a black-painted snail on the back of a black-painted urban bus stop and has never been muggled. Aren't I naughty? I think 25 of my 85 active caches have had the container replaced though.
  11. Wow! Talk about learning something new! All these years I never knew that those Cache Names were clickable and would give a list of all caches included. (Except GPS Adventures Exhibit)
  12. Talk about anything in this topic! [This message was edited by Radman Version 2.0 on March 27, 2003 at 01:30 PM.]
  13. Do not write anything that is about avatars. They only can be discussed in another thread. But do write about geocaching in eight words. That's not six, or seven, but eight words.
  14. I might be the only one, but when I log into the general forums it says this on the top of my page: If you have a topic that doesn't quite fit anywhere else, post it here. I agree that a preponderance of the subjects discussed on gc.com are geocaching related, but is not this also a place for geocachers to congregate and discuss things they find interesting? just my 2 cents ps, I'm not baiting TPTB, I'm just curious why the question is circumvented and not answered?
  15. Well, well, well Pika Cacher. How does it feel to get your arse handed to you? Heheheheh oh God stop, I can't laugh anymore or my sides are going to bust. Going into Monday night football you had me by 14 points, then the Tampa Bay DEFENSE came out onto the field to "collect rent". (One of Warren Sapp's quotes, I love that guy). Getting beat sucks, but getting beat by 3 measlie points really really sucks and on top of that, you would have killed anyone else in our league had you played them instead. Oh the horror, hehehehehehe. Okay, I'll wind down a bit. But when I beat someone, I rub it in till it leaves a stain. Because, after all, this is football. Cheesehead, your next.
  16. Assuming it was logged into the cache, then obviously retrieve is the right log. You did remember to drop it in the cache, right? But maybe something else happened, or maybe he just used grab by mistake. The only one that knows is the person that has it. That gave you a good reason to contact the geocacher right away to ask, so you can certainly contact him now to ask about that and about his plans for it now. But I think what you really want to know is how quickly you can ask about a TB someone's holding. The basic answer is "it depends", but the more general answer is, you can talk to someone holding your TB whenever you want as long as you're polite. Demanding he place it in another cache is not polite. Asking what his plans are for it starts a conversation and has the happy side effect of reminding him he took it in case he forgot. To improve the side effect, mention the cache and where it was to help jog his memory, if he needs it. After talking it over you might, depending on what you learn, decide to request he move it along now. Or you might decide it's in good hands and you just need to be more patient. As I say, it depends. So that's my advice, and it applies to all cachers, newbies or not. But having said that, newbies are, by definition, not the best cachers. It's OK to imagine that because of a newbie fail, things are not good for your TB and you may not even be able to learn its fate. But try to avoid injecting those thoughts into the conversation. After all, if he made a mistake, you want him to learn from it. We *all* want him to learn from it. That's less likely to happen if he feels like he's being berated for his mistake instead of being given advice about how to geocache better.
  17. There was a ~110 stage multi in my area which I co-ftf'd with a few friends. Non-stop for two nights, and lots of talk with the CO as numerous stages had issues. The cache didn't last long. Being sequential (each stage had coordinates to the next), any problem with one stage and the cache is not findable. Nightmare to maintain. So maybe there needs to be a distinction - longest linear waypoint multi vs non-linear waypoint multi?
  18. You were given a clue more than a year ago. How much progress did you make? I get that it can be daunting when starting from zero, but did you even try? If not, someone offered to create a service for doing it in the last thread: did you talk with them, tell them it's something that would really help you out?
  19. I can't get my sportrak pro and my computer to talk. i know it has to be something simple but it evades me. My etrex venture works with the computer just fine.
  20. I have seen several references in non-caching related sites that indicate that my Garmin eTrex should be able to communicate with my Sony Clie Palm device. Does anyone know if this is in fact the case, and if it is, how, and what cables would be required? Thanks
  21. Good day fellow Geocachers, ill get right to the point, i always had a iPhone but these have become very expensive devices. I subsequently bought a Huawei P40 5G lite, but was not told that it does not work with any google apps. so all the maps on the Geo apps don't work thus i cant geocache anymore! it has an Android version 10, EMUI Version 10.1.1 operating system. has anyone been able to fix this or have a work around? i have a "fake" google maps that works on the phone but obviously the Geo Apps don't talk to it?
  22. @Goldenwattle I see you are also a TomTom user. Seems most here are using Garmin for automotive. PM me (or better, email) sometime if you like and perhaps we can talk about getting the best use in a caching environment. Depending upon which model you have (we have nearly all of them in test here), might be able to make helpful suggestions. I recall vividly my earliest attempt to find geocaches after a friend introduced me to the hobby in 2008. I didn't own a purpose built handheld and phones weren't any good for this sort of thing, so I tried to use my TomTom GO 720 to find caches by reading the coordinates off of the display. At that time, I didn't appreciate the 'road snap' function of these devices that attempted to correct for rough coordinate fixes by making assumptions about your position being on the nearest bit of road, assuming you were anywhere near one. What was weird (and later changed, largely at my request to the developers) was that the displayed coordinates on the satellite page weren't the 'real' ones, but rather, the assumed 'road snapped' coordinates! Talk about frustrating! Soon got that sorted, realized it wasn't going to work, and went out to get my first Garmin, and old and trusty Summit HC.
  23. OK I have slid down mud hills, fallen into water, had huge honkin spiders run across my arm and up my leg but nothing as gross as today. It was a beautiful day, the first real Spring like day we have had so I thought I would got caching since the wife was out of town with most of the kids. Also I wanted to break the 200 mark which I did. I decided to start off with the three Charlie Trail Duster caches and one Slinger cache out west I hadn't found. The first one I did was the Wilkesboro cache. I parked my car and since I had previously done CTD's Manning Cache I knew right where this was hiding when I saw where my GPS was pointing. I walked over and sure enough there was the "sign" under the tree cover. I started to reach down for the cache and as I did I noticed about six feet away there were three blue paper towels like a garage mechanic might use. It didn't take me long to figure out that someone couldn't wait and decided to use this tree cover as their own personal port-a-potty. I started to look for the pile and found it right away. Yep, it was only 3 feet from the buried cache and right under my left tennis shoe flattened out and squished all over. I'm sorry CTD but I didn't have a shovel or anything to remove it. I did well just to get the stuff off my shoe. After climbing back into my car I had to laugh as I realized that someone had given new meaning to "logging a cache". If you try this one soon, watch out. KTF !!! GBWY !!!
  24. Hello geocachers! Greetings! This is the first time I create a topic here. I am a brazilian geocacher (and, by the way, I welcome you all, inviting everyone to know my country by looking for the caches spread all over Brazil! :) But besides being a geocacher, I am also an academic researcher. And today, that is the reason why I am creating this topic. (I hope I am not breaking any forum rules ... but if I happen to be, please let me know, so that I can correct my fault). Well, right now I'm starting to study about the experience of players playing while traveling (or traveling while playing). More specifically, players who, while playing, can explore or go on tour over various environments (cities, countries, rural locations, nature areas, and so on). So, I am thinking of developing an analysis over this subject, starting from the observation of two specific games. One of them is Geocaching, for the reasons mentioned above. The other game is yet to be defined, but it must be (necessarily) an Open World type (due to the possibility of exploring and touring on virtual worlds, using maps and/or GPS, and so on). Therefore, I would like to count on your participation, opinion or support. Do you (or someone you know) play Geocaching AND ALSO other classic digital games* ? * (In this case, I refer to the classic digital games as those referring to worldwide renowned series, such as Grand Theft Auto, Assassin's Creed, The Witcher, The Elder Scrolls - Skyrim, World of Warcraft, and the like). ----------------------- To sum up: the idea of this topic is to talk a little bit with you here, about the subject of "Games & Travel", taking into consideration your experiences/adventures as Geocaching players and [insert name of Open World game you play here] players. To those interested in the subject, wherever in the world you are, I thank you very much for your participation! (and sorry for the long text :) Hope to talk to you all! Until next time!
  25. i'm on my 2nd garmin V with no end in site to my frustrations. After an initial download from CitySelect at a respectable 110 rate loading the full 19 megs in 45 minutes...the next download provides the error message...that "no gps is attached. Shut the gps on an off...shut the computer on and off, replace the cable...try another PC... but no luck. In the vehicle.. the unit works fine...my first Garmin V worked fine...however my first unit was sent back 3x before they replaced..the replacement has had the core module replaced once...but now it too has been "bewitched". Can anyone out there think of any ideas.. Garmin and i are at wits end...... Thanks, Bill
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