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  1. Hola muy buenas. ultimamente no estoy muy activo, pero aún estoy y de vez en cuando me vuelvo geocacher otra vez. venia de una época muy activa, y llegué a tener 200 escondidos. claro, muchos de aquellos han ido caiendo, no puedo dedicar mucho al mantenimiento, y mas teniendo en cuenta que mis caches son la mayoria de montaña, de los que es necesario andar para llegar a ellos... peró alguno voy cuidando, tambien me ayudan... y tambien estoy archivando de vez en cuando. cual es mi sorpresa pero cuando, porque aun mantengo la cuota premium, veo que hay un revisor que se dedica a archivar una media de 50 caches semanales en mi radio de 100km, hay motivos? no lo se... no controlo... peró un dia me lo miro y... esta archivando caches sin necessidad de NM ni NA previo, esto es normal? no era una norma que tenia que passar por este proceso? me archiva un cache de montaña porque tiene 3 dnf... claro, antes me ha dado un mes para arreglarlo... y lo archiva el dia exacto que se cumple un mes... vaia me parece un poco exceso de zelo, y me pregunto a que viene esto, sobran caches? en verdad, tampoco me voy a enfadar por esto, ya he dicho que estoy poco activo, pero veo que el resultado va a ser un archivado general de todo... y es que sino te ponen las cosas faciles... lo he comentado con otros geocachers de la zona, y no soy el unico que habla de exceso de zelo, y algunas han revisado sus caches, y estaban!!! vaia...
  2. No and that's the problem we are talking about. At the moment some challenges are published - some are good, some are not so good. If - and only if - we are right and more challenges will be published especially by those who just want the new icon, what do you think? Will the new ones be good or bad challenges? Will they be creative? Or will they be "Oh, I need any idea, let's look at my statistics, what do I fulfill?" Just another example: In the North of my home town there is a challenge to find 3700 caches at (on?) a friday. The owner has found 37xx caches and the owner's best friend has 37xx as well. Is this a useful challenge for everyone? (I don't even have 1000 caches found at that day of the week. :-)) And now just imagine others looking at there statistics and choosing anything: find 3000 traditionals, find 200 traditionals in one day, find 50 mystery caches in one week, find more than 2000 caches in a year, find 1000 D5 caches, find..... There are plenty of possibilities but non of those challenges are creative. And they will be less creative if we are right. Here are challenges from the very beginning and in those days they were very creative: fill up the 81 matrix; fill up the 366 matrix. Nowadays those challenges are everywhere.....
  3. I thought this would be a very frequent question but am struggling to find helpful answers My wife and I use our phones for Geocaching (Samsung S8 and S7 respectively) with the Geocaching App. But other Geocachers almost always seem to use dedicated GPS devices, claiming they could mever use their phone as the battery wouldn't last long enough. We rarely have a problem with battery life, and carry a portable charger just in case. We also like being able to geocache on a whim ("Oh look there's a geocache 200m from where we are!") because we've always got our phones on us, right? So my question is, if I was to spend up to £200 on a budget GPS, and be organised enough to download caches onto it in advance, would I benefit from: 1. increased GPS accuracy 2. better signal under trees compared to a phone? And if the answer to both questions is YES, would you rate the Garmin eTrex 32x device? Thanks in advance
  4. I have well over that number now! More than 200 emails. And I switched off email notifications and they STILL keep coming. This is not just insanity - I can barely see my regular email now amongst all the spam!!!!!
  5. cerberus1

    Virtual Coins

    Sounds fun. I looked on the site and saw it's one code for the entire deck. It's good that they let you keep it. It'd be weird with 100-200 cards (depending on your "best deal") with the same code everywhere otherwise...
  6. cerberus1

    Virtual Coins

    "seems like a good way to get a free travel bug and keep the hardware". What does this even mean ? Thanks. Because I noticed you moved another's trackable (TB9A85P) into your collection , and wondering if you mean it... The few trackables seen in caches these days, even a crinkled piece of paper with the code is something... That's not cheating. There's nothing dishonest or "unfair" about using a proxy. The poker chips and wooden coins I mentioned earlier were proxies of real coins. Sorry, I thought you understood that... What's a "physical copy" ? We've done this a while. I know of one person who's still releasing coins. Maybe it's different where you are. Most our coins are 10 bucks n up. The other 2/3rds has around a dozen "missing". That leaves 300+ that are gonna stay home... I have almost 200 myself now. All are staying home. I'm putting unactivated "signature" coins in caches I like as swag, rather than just lose them to some trackable maggot.
  7. Text and [n/varchar fields are stored differently. Text is there specifically to handle bulk text over 4000 characters. They both have benefits and drawbacks, as I mention in my comment. MS put the threshold at 4000 because that was to them a reasonable threshold to balance fast/small with slow/large. You wouldn't create a 200 character field as a text type, and you can't create an 8000 character field as a varchar/nvarchar. As a datasystems developer that's my best understanding. A UI/UX reason for limiting to 2500 instead of 400 feels extremely arbitrary. I would assume there was statistical research and data covering everything from internal network bandwidth to user-end bandwidth to server CPU and storage requirements provided before presenting 2500 as the limit, especially with a data system the size of GC.
  8. Just for the record, I completed the promotion today. It took me 29 finds to get the 200 points, with most being 7-point mysteries from puzzles I'd solved during the lockdown or earlier in the year. There were four 10-pointers from 10+ FP caches. The closest cache to home was at Cowan, 11km as the crow flies but 40km by road, the rest were up around Newcastle (100km by road), Eraring near Morisset (70km by road) and in the Watagan Mountains (70km by road).
  9. On a side note. My experience with fav points is that around 100-200 caches, where you are now, I felt starved for favorite points. I was finding all these cool caches that I liked and wanted to tag them as my favorites. As time went on, 2 things happen. 1) You're finding more caches and gathering more favorite points to use. 2) Your personal standards go up for what you consider a favorite, or you may fine-tune the types of caches you like finding most. Now, around 700 finds, I've got about 6 or 7 in reserve and I almost have to remind myself to give them out. I think the problem goes away over time. And if you take away a fav point from an archived cache, you can always go back and re-add it later once you get more.
  10. Hey there, new to the forum but not to geocaching or using GPS's...please forgive for what seems to be a general forum faux-pas in discussing,asking or otherwise talking about the horrible attributes oh the Magellan Triton 200,but I have simple needs and just want it to work when it should.I'm almost resigned to the fact that the availability of anything that will work on the unit is slim to none but possibly a member on here can put this to rest for good or offer a solution where I might obtain a working Topo map for the Triton. Thanks so much in advance!
  11. Da ist was dran und ich hätte von mir behauptet, dass ich bei meinen Caches da sehr drauf achte. Aber vor einigen Jahren hatte ich bei einem meiner eigenen Caches die Aufgabe gestellt, an einem Objekt abzulesen, wie viele Jahre eine Person an einer Uni studiert hat. Dort stand dann sinngemäß: "..studierte hier von 1700 bis 1750". Die Zahl, die zur weiteren Berechnung benötigt wurde, war also 50. Das war für MICH völlig klar, für etwa 200 Finder auch, bis dann ein Cacher loggte, dass er von 51 Jahren ausgegangen sei und deswegen natürlich die nächste Station nicht so ohne Weiteres gefunden hatte. Hmm, so ganz von der Hand weisen konnte ich die Argumentation nicht, glaube aber, dass ich alle anderen Cacher in die Irre geführt hätte, wenn ich von "51" ausgegangen wäre. Oder habe ich die doch in die Irre geführt und sie haben es nur nicht in ihr Log geschrieben? Wer weiß?! PS: Da das Objekt mit den Jahreszahlen sowieso demontiert wurde, hat sich das Problem in diesem Fall erledigt: Ich musste mir eh eine neue Aufgabe ausdenken.
  12. Interesting. Good to know, thanks. But what about this situation: I query my location, 2km, pull 100 caches Lite data. Later, I'm at a coffee shop nearby and I don't have that search result any more. Blank map, and I pull another query a couple blocks away returning 100 caches, with a 50 cache overlap to that prior location. I still get my circular result list, but what's the effect on the API limit? Was it 200? or 150? Even though the API ultimately gave me a total of 200 resulting icons that day so far (100 for both searches). I haven't run a test like that to verify numbers, since I rarely ever check my API limits unless I'm going on a huge road trip and collecting results for offline use
  13. I do my best to place caches as far away from civilization as possible but it's a challenge as this part of Texas basically has no public land. In the 200 mile + radius around me I'm hemmed in by 50 - 200,000 acre ranches and railroad property. From previous experiences I can tell you that not one of the owners I've spoken with would allow anyone, including a brush fire crew, on their property, least of all cachers. As I'm not going to place a cache I don't have permission to place I have to get creative with the permissions I do have
  14. Also ich finde mich natürlich auch richtig toll, aber das ist eine Stufe der Selbstbeweihräucherung, auf die wäre ja nicht einmal ich gekommen!? Qualitätscacher sind dann Cacher, die ... Variante 1: ... einen Pinkeldosentrail aus 100 löchrigen Micro-Caches gelegt haben. Nach 1.000 Cache-Teams hat der Bonus 10% Favoritenquote. Qualitätscacher! Variante 2: ... zehn Finals aufwändiger und gut bewerteter Multi-Caches direkt angelaufen haben. Durch die Zeitersparnis, weil sie die Multi-Teile nicht lösen mussten, konnten sie problenlos so viele Caches auf einmal der gleichen beliebten Owner finden. Qualitätscacher! Variante 3: ... in ihren 200.000 Funden zufällig auch ein paar gut bewertete hatten. Natürlich befindet sich unter diesen gut bewerteten auch der Pinkel-Bonus aus Variante 1. Qualitätscacher! Variante 4: Das muss man nicht kommentieren. Wer Caches dieses Owners macht, wird automatisch zum Qualitätscacher. Komische Challenge.
  15. @Mineral2 I thank you very much for the suggestion above. I now have a GPSMAP 66i, and tested with the settings you provided. Prior to the test, I modified the Trip Computer page: (1) I retained “Elevation” in the upper most left column slot, (2) I replaced the next slot down with “GPS Elevatiom, (3) I replaced the upper most right column slot with “Barometer”, and (4) I replaced the next slot down with “Ambient Press.”. I then changed the Auto Calibration to “Off” and the Barometer Mode to “Fixed Elevation”. Additionally, I manually selected the Calibrate Altimeter Method of Current Elevation to Calibrate to 200 ft. Walking along the level Green Belt (about 100 yards off the shore) in Sunset Beach, CA, I recorded about a ½ mile track. As I walked the Elevation slot displayed a constant value of 200 ft. while the GPS Elevation slot displayed between 9 ft. and 15 ft., which was reasonable. After concluding the walk, I synced to the Explore app on my phone and viewed the elevation profile as a constant 200 ft. Conclusion, these Altitude settings resulted in the barometric elevations being recorded and not the GPS derived elevations. My next test was to set the Auto Calibration to “Continuous” and the Barometer Mode to “Variable Elevation”.Additionally, I manually selected the Calibrate Altimeter Method of GPS Altitude and selected “Calibrate”. I then drove up and down a hill, while not recording a track, of about 50 feet and noticed that the Elevation and GPS values were identical. Now, selecting “Start” to record the track, I noticed that the values for Elevation and GPS Elevation varied by a few feet, with the Elevation being a few feet higher than the GPS Elevation values/ Actually, they both decreased going down the hill and increased going up. On basically a level street, they both went up and down slightly, with the Elevation values always slightly higher than the GPS Elevation values. Conclusion: Referring back to the top, with the two top fields, on the left, being Elevation above GPS Elevation, it is the top most, Elevation values that always are recorded. When Altitude calibrated to GPS and Continous selected, the top most value is GPS. However, when not recording, both fields are identical while there are slight differences when recording.
  16. Yesterday I tried to send some pictures via the Message Center, but it seems like there is a way too low size-limit (for me!). I've been told the limit is several MB but I can't send a small PNG of 371 kb!? Some other ones of less than 200 kb went through. And it's not because I try to send too many at a time. In that case you also get a warning. Here just nothing happens Is it a common problem or am I doing something wrong?
  17. When seeking caches, I don't pay that much attention to the date last found, or date of last owner maintenance. It matters more what the last 3 or 4 logs were. I still use GPSr as my primary means of finding caches, and I use GSAK to feed caches to the GPSr. That has a useful stoplight interface: green for OM or found it, yellow for NM or NA, red for DNF or disabled. If the last 4 show up as green, or even if there is one yellow or red one in there, that's all I normally care about. If they're all yellow or red, I'm probably skipping that one. When hiding caches, I don't normally get a chance to keep them out more than a couple years before we move, so my owner maintenance is usually reactive - even our micro hides should be able to hold up for close to 200 finds before they need a new log (all hail the PET preform).
  18. The Oregon 200 and Colorado series would not have met the OP's basic requirements list. Not sure how those got into the mix here. I looked at the 600, and all I could see of any interest was the addition of Glonass and GZZ files. Beyond that, from a functional standpoint, I could never find anything that was different from the older 450. As for the $200 price, would like to know where that happens. At best, you MIGHT find one on eBay for that (although there may also be a hidden reserve price higher than what you see for the minimum starting bid), but the rest are over $250 -- oddly, some quite a bit more for reasons that I don't understand. The outer case of the 450 is tough stuff. Mine has been dropped and abused quite a bit, and the case doesn't ever suffer any more than scratches from the worst of it. Seems they did pretty well with them. The only knock is on the rubber around the power button. Have heard of people having issues there. Mine is still OK. Is the 600 different in that respect?
  19. Set up a 200 stage multi - I think the answer to your question will be similar to the number of finders of that multi..... :) I don't think there'd be any relation. People won't tackle a 200 stage multi because it will be difficult and time consuming to finish. I doubt the fact they they only get one find at the end will be a significant factor. And, on the other hand, people crazy enough to do a 200 cache power trail are sometimes the same people that are crazy enough to tackle a 200 stage multi.
  20. I have a Magellan Explorist 200 and would like to enter individual caches into it by entering each caches coordinates as found on Geocaching.com. How do I enter the coordinates as a POI? Or is there some other way to enter geocaches onto the Explorist 200? Thanks!
  21. Od roku latamy z taką 12m od Pana Rybki i nie narzekamy. Złowione mamy około 150-200 rybek a wędka nadal jak nowa, może nam się trafiła dobra sztuka. Niestety brak jakiejkolwiek alternatywy w podobnej kwocie, inne baty są dwa lub trzy razy droższe a nie wiadomo czy lepsze. Na powyższej fotce widać zieloną głowicę podpórki, warto ją podrasować. My rozgrzaliśmy ten zielony plastik aby można było go wyprofilować( poszerzyć ) oraz spłaszczyć końcówki, wkręciliśmy 7,5 cm blachowkręty, całość owinęliśmy taśmą izolacyjną a na koniec założyliśmy rurki termokurczliwe. Teraz to działa jak należy.
  22. I read from the top and saw: 1) Hide a geocache. Okay, I could probably do that, no problem. 2) Release a geocoin. Sure. 3) Attend a mega. Hmm, unlikely for me to attend a mega this year, but maybe a good challenge. 4) 1 million caches, what?! ... oh... OH... 200 pts, 5 pts/cache... I only need to find 40 caches in 7 months. Took me a second to realize that I was reading the TITLE of the souvenir, not the goal. I get that it's tough to do a promotion with what's going on in the world, but this is pretty bland. I enjoyed the Mystery at the Museum last year, at least it was something different.
  23. Nice to see they are doing something to keep the 'idea' of geocaching active whether a region is open for easy geocaching activity or still locked down. Until January means most everyone should have a chance to earn these. I'd love if the 'lane' would continue long past the 200 points though, even if there aren't additional souvenirs. ... although that's pretty much just re-depicting the leaderboard at that point anyway. heh
  24. Most of us started out that way. I did have a GPSr from pretty close to the beginning (before that I used a car nav system to get me within about 50 meters or so) but it took me about a month to figure out about guardrail caches. Anyway, I figured out way I am getting such an inflex of newbies. Apparently some influencer in Japan posted about geocaching on his Tik Tok site and it has had about 200,000 views. As a result my local area is getting more visitors than it normally would during a long weekend despite all the corona precautions. Absolutely none of the cachers are regulars or experienced. I don't mind the finders so much but I am getting piles of messages which declare 'I found the cache' (but they never logged it either online or at site) or 'this is difficult give me a hint' (the cache has a hint that reads 'back of the drain pipe'). Fortunately, I have the time to respond to most of these messages.
  25. You may want to consider seeking out geocaches in remotes areas that are found rarely. I have found over 200 since the beginning of March and I was the first to find them this year (and some since last summer) about 90% of the time.
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