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  1. I would say go ahead and get it. There are so many things you can use GSAK for that its not funny. New ideas are always showing up in the GSAK forums and they all have there use. Even though I have the Oregon 400t and don't need GSAK to upload the PQ's I still use it anyways I can tell it how many to send to the unit.
  2. I have made it quite easy to learn how to figure out how the FindStatGen macro works. It took me about 2 weeks to figure out everything on my own since there was no dedicated "How To" for it so after some people asking me how to do it, I did a very good How To guide on it. It constantly needs to be updated since things are always changing with it. But go HERE and click on the Create a GSAK Profile. It will take a few minutes the first time but like I said in the Guide, Don't skip ahead and don't Panic...
  3. Does any one have some good ideas, or have a good form that they use when requesting sponsors or donations for an event? I'm working on our 4th WMG Picnic Event and have good success in the past but now that times are tough getting donations is getting harder and a lot of companies are requesting a Not For Profit tax code. Its going to cost about $500+ just for the W.M.G. to get that status. Any one else running into the same issues I am running into?
  4. I lodged a "Found It" log on a cache once but was unable to wright in the log book because of the cache being frozen in place and ice almost completely encasing the cache. I didn't want to destroy the cache on the owner, so I e-mailed the CO and explained that I had found it and left my sig card there as proof next to the cache. A few months later I stopped in to properly sign my name and the cache was missing. The cache was then archived so there was no way for me to sign the log book after that.
  5. Yes. but what I really mean is every time I try to upload my field notes I get them ALL and I think this is why.... now uh, why? Why on earth would GC.com default to the year "0001" and why does it not change each time. It has nothing to do with my Oregon. this appears to be strictly a bug in the website. No? Then I upload the file and the website shows something like this - But it almost always goes back to the first screen shot next time I upload..... I say 'almost' always' because if I upload twice on the same day, sometimes it will just re-show the same ones I was supposed to see the first place.(say the 5 caches I did that day) . This is the same problem that I mentioned in a previous post and no one took me seriously. Glad I'm now not the only one that is having this issue. Will it ever be fixed? It used to work awhile back and then when they did an update (not sure now what one) everything went haywire with the upload feature.
  6. He was charged with CRIMINAL POSSESSION OF STOLEN PROPERTY FIFTH DEGREE (A Misdemeanor) PENAL LAW 165.40 (Committed on or after Nov. 1, 1986) This can stick if its done right. You can see what it involves HERE If he is an active member of the US Military then this charge could be more severe as anyone in the military will tell you.
  7. I take my hat off to all you Floridians. I cant believe that people in Florida can't drive in a 1/4 inch of snow. We get that much in 15 minutes sometimes. I did a cache not to long ago during a snow storm that a cacher from Florida couldn't do during no snow storm. Read this log I can't drive It's all in what you know. What your personal experience prepares you for. I learned to drive in a tow truck in Buffalo. I can drive in the worst of blizzards. One of those summer rainstorms in Florida? No thank you! We work and play in a whole winters full of snow and don't think too much of it. Down south they have summer heat and humidity that would prevent me from leaving the house. All a matter of what you are used to. You can keep your snow and stop sending it towards me. I see what you guys/gals get out there and I want no part if it.
  8. I take my hat off to all you Floridians. I cant believe that people in Florida can't drive in a 1/4 inch of snow. We get that much in 15 minutes sometimes. I did a cache not to long ago during a snow storm that a cacher from Florida couldn't do during no snow storm. Read this log I can't drive
  9. Ive been doing one for a few weeks now (e-mails with lots of great info and history about Geocaching), and just did the phone interview a little while ago.
  10. Ive had a bank set off there silent alarm not to long ago. I was looking for a benchmark and had no idea that the entire building was a bank. I thought it was a multi-use building. The funny part was that I walked right up to a police car that just pulled in while I was looking for the Benchmark and he said noting to me. I turn around and start walking away while looking at the ground the whole time. As I get near the building I notice another P.O. walking right towards me. He asked me what I was doing and I told him I was looking for a benchmark that was near the building. Well needless to say, someone in the bank got button happy and called in the troops. Luckily for me the P.O. talking to me kinda knew about Geocaching and let me off with a warning that maybe next time I should let the local P.D. know and the bank what I'm doing in the area. P.S. My work van was parked no where near the entrance to the bank and I made no attempt to go into the bank.
  11. First of all, does it really matter that its called FTF Geocacher? Would everyone automatically love it if its called Geocaching.com and it had not so interesting articles? The proof is going to be in the articles. Unless you have a dedicated staff of writers, editors, etc... you can only hope for the best. If the magazine takes off great, I'll get my order in. Can't we all just say good luck and we wish them the best?
  12. Can't get any easier then this GSAK Profile
  13. Here is Pittsfield Mass at 2 miles. 3 miles goes past the limit. [/img]
  14. Ahhhhh!!!! That thing scares me.
  15. Sure would be nice of them to open them up for one day and let people have a chance at logging a few. As much as I like Waymarking, its not going to take off unless its listed on GC.com Of all the things I could get to show on my find list, Locationless is the only one I will never have a chance to get.
  16. Not sure if it is the "highest" profit margin but it "should" be a better on the Income vs. Pay Out then some of the others. Check these out for a very low estimated look at the company, HERE OR HERE THIS ONE TO These are just some of many sites that you can do a look up on of the website alone. These values do not show what goes on behind the scenes.
  17. Well I have to disagree about Garmin needing to stay competitive with DeLorme, Bushnell, and Lowerance. The only thing I can say about the Lowerance GPS is that it needs a better look to it. All I can think of is when I look at there new GPSr's I have been talking to some people that have the DeLorme GPS, and I have played with one, and its not all that its cracked up to be by the look and feel of it. Some users are now looking at getting a Garmin and dumping the Delorme. Yes, having the Google imagery right there on the GPS is great but that's about it. I have never seen anyone with the Bushnell GPS. Maybe because its so bulky no one wants to carry the thing in the woods. Knock down the size and reshape the thing and you might see a geocacher on the trail with it. Oh, and do you really need to listen to Sirius XM Satellite radio while you are on the trail? I do like the weather map and it looks like it could be very useful if you are on the trail and the sky is changing, but not the radio.
  18. The best place to go for help is Triton Forum .com They know what there doing over there and can give you better help with any issues you might be having.
  19. Unavailable in Western Mass. as well. Just thought I would toss in my location as well, not that it matters much
  20. Can't wait to see some more disks.
  21. I just ran across this area while doing some research for something not related and figured I would share it with everyone else. This link will take you to the NOAA website where they have some really cool BM's listed. Has anyone seen these before or found any of them? genegene Edit to add the link: NOAA benchmark list
  22. The only way to delete ANY previous Found It, DNF, Notes, etc... is to erase them off the internal drive of the Oregon 400t. I'm not sure why you think that you can't. Once you do it the way I said, nothing will be left to view at all. GSAK will not get rid of / replace of anything but .gpx files. I think the OP was asking about a permanent delete of previous finds.
  23. I'm curious about how others feel about going to an event where the host/hosts are requesting a Registration Fee/Donation to help cover the cost of the hamburgers, hot dogs, Pig Roast, etc... I'm not thinking like a ton of money but maybe like $5.00 per person to help cover the cost of all the food and prizes for the event. Friday: Dinner Saturday: Light Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Sunday: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Last year we ended up running out of the essentials (Hot Dogs and Hamburgers) Saturday night and taped into the personal stashes of a few generous people who then ran out themselves and were staying till Monday afternoon. Last year Between all the meat and the Pig Roast it cost well over $250 above what we raised from the previous years event. Even though I list it as a Pot Luck Picnic, I have noticed that people are bringing less and less to the event, and there is a lot of "What do you still need" e-mails that I cant answer in the last week because that's when most of the "will attends" start posting. This is not the first or second event that I am doing and it is starting to get bigger every year that we host it now that the word is spreading about the stuff that we do. I am just wondering if its getting to the point that if it is truly going to become better then the previous years and we have enough food, should I list that it is still going to be a pot luck picnic but there is a Registration/Donation fee requested when the person arrives to "help" with the additional cost of building our event and to help cover any additional food runs. Please post your opinions, suggestions and ideas to help me make a decision on this matter. I do NOT keep any of the money, it all goes back into the event. Gene G. genegene
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