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  1. It would appear a trafic accident is in your future. Good luck driving around all day with that on your mind. So let me guess. Im going to hit a deer on the way home tonight? Making room in the freezer right now!!
  2. Critically Ill Smurf for my real name last name only Bambi Smurf Nascar Smurf for my user name
  3. Once you have created your region, select upload to gps (under regions tool) then upload to sd card programmer.
  4. Everything I own take AAs. It would cost an arm and a leg if I didn't use NiHM. I do carry alks with me just in case..
  5. I wouldn't do it, I don't care for caches where there are people close by, watching you.
  6. Heres what I did on my kids bdays. I hide all their gifts in different locations (woods) and marked them all on the gps. Then I handed them the gps and said here you go. They loved it!!
  7. Gotta love it!! Now bons is on to something. Fingerprint readers!! Or how about DNA samples. Ease up my friend.
  8. Hey bons, no need to feel sorry for me brother. I use the net logs for that, more permanent. Why are you so offended be me? Did I strike a nerve? LOVE YOU MAN
  9. I know how you feel. I hate people who suspect me of cheating when I've done nothing and make me pass a test just so I can tell them what I good time I had. I suspect I'll be posting notes in the future and just tracking my finds in watcher. No one suggested that you were a cheater, why take it personal? You pay insurance rated for your local area, the more bad drivers there are the more you pay. Does this make you a bad driver? If a number/word is used for a cache it doesnt make you a cheater nor does it suggest you are. Thats just plain crazy man. I was just a topic. No need to take it personal, relax, have fun. The only thing i wanted was opinions. Sorry if it offened some of you, wasn't my intention. A number/word is NO different than a logbook, think about it. A logbook is proof you were there is it not? What so different if you number your logbook?
  10. I wasn't talking about replacing the logbook. Just adding a number to it, hell the owner can pick the number/word. It pisses me off when people log fake finds, thats how it effects me. If you don't care about it thats your business. I won't try to change your mind. If it becomes a big problem here I will add my own number, not a big deal. As stated above, seeing a log for a missing cache would tell me that it's still there. I would go for it. I just hate cheaters!!
  11. I got a new printer (epson) for x-mass. I have 3 HP 45 black cartridges I would like to get rid of. These are brand new factory packaged never been opened. I'll take $50 for all or $20 each, plus shipping, $5 for all three or $3 for each. OBO Thanks
  12. Opps, I did a search and came up with nothing. Now what am I going to do with this barcade reader?
  13. Sense we have to have a logbook, why not assign a number to the cache when it's approved (like a TB). A finder must have this number in order to log the cache as found. That would eliminate ALL the fake finds. Unless people share the number.
  14. Did Magellan add a MP3 player or FM to the Meriplat?
  15. Just got mine in the mail. compuplus.com for $79.00.Best price that I have found.
  16. compuplus.com has DR for $79. This is the best price I have found.
  17. A card reader would be a must have if your going to do maps!! I'm selling a sandisk 6in1 USB2, asking 20. Sorry for the plug
  18. Just downloaded it for mine too. I bought the SD wireless card, so far so good
  19. Selling my Sandisk 6in1 reader. USB 2.0 or 1.1. Asking $20.00. I also have a Dazzle SM reader USB 1.1 for $10.00. Thanks Jerry
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