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  1. I had the same problem for awhile. 'bout drove me nuts. Someone finally suggested that I check my firewall settings, and after tweaking them a bit, it worked fine. -------------- Changing some folks mind, is like trying to herd cats.
  2. quote:Originally posted by Cholo: quote:Originally posted by Cloak_N_Dagger:Just saw on CNN (Clinton News Network)that they found the Mother of All GPS's in Iraq. Update: CNN has been replaced by BBS (Bush BS) and that GPS thingy was a Quaker Oats box. Cholo ... Sorry 'bout that, you may be right. I read it off the internet, so my info could have been screwed up. After all ... we know who invented the Internet. -------------- Changing some folks mind, is like trying to herd cats.
  3. Just saw on CNN (Clinton News Network)that they found the Mother of All GPS's in Iraq. The unit is made by Nallegam and capable of extreme accuracy when equipped with the TR double E antenna with the ID-10t Waas satellite enabled. Accuracy was tested at 5 cm. (country miles) This unit was personally tested by the Iraqi Information Minister to verify accuracy. Former President Bill Klinton said that he was aware of the ID-10t Satellite several years ago. When asked if it was really capable of extreme accuracy, he stated, "Define accuracy". -------------- Changing some folks mind, is like trying to herd cats.
  4. I asked a few to join us today. All had positive things to say about it after I explained what Geocaching was. The first one I approached was at the Courthouse. The Commonwealth Attorney (Prosecutor)loved the idea! The other folks I intoduced to the sport were a group of Park Rangers at a local State Park. They were very excited about the idea, and have asked me to help them with some programs at the park ... to introduce campers, visitors and boyscouts to Geocaching! -------------- Changing some folks mind, is like trying to herd cats.
  5. Welcome aboard WulffMan! Just hop across the VA line and you'll find several good caches around the Bristol and Abingdon area. If you ever head up towards Marion, shoot me an email ahead of time.There are about 7 or 8 caches in Hungry Mother State Park. So make a day of it, and enjoy the Park! We've got some nice caches scattered around and some beautiful scenery up this way. There are also some especially nice trout streams, if you like to fish.(stocked and native) -------------- Changing some folks mind, is like trying to herd cats.
  6. Fun? I personally don't see this as something that would help promote geocaching. Doing something to inconvenience someone else isn't what geocaching is about. Think of the single mom that's working two jobs to support a family. Maybe she just has enough time to grab some groceries before she picks up her kids, or heads to her next job. Then the "Fun" begins. She steps around the corner to get something .. and "poof"... her groceries are misssing. Now she doesn't have time to go all the way back through the store and fill the cart again. Suppose the shopper is handicapped or elderly. Sometimes it's a big job just to make it through the store ... one time. I fail to see the "fun", sorry. It just appears to be an inconsiderate thing to do. I hope it's not something that this site would encourage. Just my .02 -------------- Changing some folks mind, is like trying to herd cats.
  7. Me a yuppie? hmmmm ... let me check. Vehicle? - Same old Ford truck I've been driving for the last 17 years. Desk? - What's that? Office? - See above Work Clothes? - Jeans, steel toed boots, and hard hat. Casual clothes? Jeans, Bib Overalls, Flannel shirts, and t-shirts Dress clothes? Same as above, but with the fewest holes. Hobbies? (other than Geocaching) - Huntin', Fishin', whittlin', hikin', and Nascar. Cafe Latte or Black Coffee? Black ... and strong enough to float a horseshoe! Least favorite movie of all time? The Big Chill hmmmmmm ... I'm still not sure. I always figured I was Hillbilly ... maybe I'm just a yuppie in denial. -------------- Changing some folks mind, is like trying to herd cats. [This message was edited by Cloak_N_Dagger on April 16, 2003 at 12:22 AM.]
  8. I use a Magellan SporTrak Pro and have found it to be fairly accurate. Yesterday I was prowling around at a little place we have on Iron Mountain ... my topo map showed me at an elevation of 4200' and my GPSr was reading 4208'. I dropped off the ridge I was on, to a lower one with a benchmark known to me. The elevation marked on the benchmark stated "3460'" and my GPSr was reading 3466'. I think those are both pretty close for a little handheld unit. On a side note: My GPSr was maxing out 6 satellites plus WAAS. So that may have helped. -------------- Changing some folks mind, is like trying to herd cats.
  9. Trespassing laws vary from state to state. (or country to country) depending on the trespassing laws in that jurisdiction. For instance: Here in Virginia, even if the landowner doesn't have his property posted, you would still need verbal permission from the landowner to go on the property. Legally speaking, each geocacher would need to obtain verbal permission from the landowner. (Which could become a nuisance to the landowner) If the property was posted, each geocacher would have to have written permission from the landowner to go on his property.(an even bigger headache for the landowner) Of course that's just the law in Virgina. The point being, many states or provinces may have different rules and laws, so check carefully. -------------- Changing some folks mind, is like trying to herd cats.
  10. Originally, I was in the Army Security Agency. They decided later on to call us Military Intelligence. (now there ... is an Oxymoron ! Traveled to many parts of the world. Saw some nice places ... saw some not so nice places. Favorite Assignments: National Security Agency Field Station Augsburg 856th ASA -------------- ASA/MI Veteran ... Geocaching for Uncle Sam ... we just didn't realize it at the time!
  11. I hope so. I've got a Multi-Stage Maxi Micro out at this time. I also placed a TB in it. It's calledA Stones Throw. It's only been out for a short while, but the one person that found it seemed to really like it. -------------- ASA/MI Veteran ... Geocaching for Uncle Sam ... we just didn't realize it at the time!
  12. Thanks for your time and answers guys. I wasn't trying to start a heated debate about the War. Just wondering about the policies and the reasons behind them, concerning support of the men & women in harms way. I hope that Jeremy and others do not think that I was trying to imply that they were not in support of the troops, or unpatriotic, etc. I appreciate the input and I can see from Jeremy's point of view, why he might decide to lock them, so they would not turn into a "Pro-Con" debate about the war. There are other places to do that. We have many different views and opinions on the War. However; we have many fellow Geocachers, their sons & daughters, that are in the Armed Forces and have been called to duty. It would be nice to let them know that we are still thinking about them why they are away, and hoping for the safe return of each one of them. No debates on politics or war ... just something to let these fellow geocachers know we are concerned and do care. Just my 2 cents. -------------- ASA/MI Veteran ... Geocaching for Uncle Sam ... we just didn't realize it at the time!
  13. Mopar, take it easy ol' boy, I agree with you that this is Jeremy's "house" & his rules. But if you and a friend were visiting at my house and I told you, "you can't smoke" but told the other guy, "yeah, go ahead and fire it up" ... wouldn't you you ask why? ---- quote:By Mopar -- Yup, and you reach that General forum thru a link that says "DISCUSS GEOCACHING". So, that means anything that doesn't quite fit anywhere else, but still relates to "DISCUSS GEOCACHING" goes in the General forum. Point well taken. But I fail to see why the other off topic posts are still allowed when they have nothing to do with geocaching. Deerchaser & Poni hit the nail on the head with his post. I'm not trying to debate the War, pro or con, or Freedom of Speech. The point was fairness to all members. I guess for what it's worth, this thread might get locked too! lol Well, gotta go to work ... I'll cache U L8r tonite. -------------- ASA/MI Veteran ... Geocaching for Uncle Sam ... we just didn't realize it at the time! [This message was edited by Cloak_N_Dagger on April 02, 2003 at 11:15 AM.]
  14. I've noticed lately that there have been a couple of topics related to supporting the Troops that have been locked and/or deleted. I did not start any of the threads but was curious as to why they were locked. The response that was given, was that the post was "completely off-topic". While I agree that it might be off topic, I feel that they were singled out somewhat. After all ... there is a topic that discusses the proper use of apostrophes. That topic has nothing to do with geocaching but has never been questioned. (and it's two pages long) I realize that there are other places that one could show their support of the brave men and women that are currently serving in the armed forces. However; if we are to abide by the rules that the topics have to be GPS related ... I'm sure that there are other places to post a tongue in cheek thread about apostrophes also. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Mr Snazz's thread about the apostrophes, and found it very amusing. I have no problem with it being posted here. After all, the General Forum description does say, "If you have a topic that doesn't quite fit anywhere else, post it here." Is there a different standard? -------------- ASA/MI Veteran ... Geocaching for Uncle Sam ... we just didn't realize it at the time!
  15. I think that it's an excellent idea. Lot's of good suggestions too! You might find a couple of local geocachers that might help you out by attending and offering some input, as well as providing you with a couple more GPSr's. For your pre-cache class ... One thing you might want to do, is draw a couple of huge GPSr's on some posterboard, (Maybe a Garmin and a Magellan) to demonstrate what all the buttons are for. You could use these in your classroom (amphitheatre) basic instructions. Then take 'em out to find some easy caches. I know it goes without saying that you'll stress the cache in - cache out theme as well. I'm guessing you are a Ranger at Fairystone State Park . (Which BTW ... for you folks that haven't ever been there, you NEED to make the trip!) This is a beautiful park with some VERY unique stones. If you ever get over to Hungry Mother State Park bring your GPSr with you, there are several caches located nearby! I'd like to see the Rangers at Hungry Mother do the same thing. Especially since there are several caches already in place nearby. Do you know who I should contact at HMSP to make this suggestion, and offer to help in any way that I could? -------------- ASA/MI Veteran ... Geocaching for Uncle Sam ... we just didn't realize it at the time!
  16. If it's in bloom right now, it may get nipped. We just got 8-12+ inches of snow dumped on us here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. -------------- ASA/MI Veteran ... Geocaching for Uncle Sam ... we just didn't realize it at the time!
  17. I personally don't see any problem with your cache placement. I thought it sounded pretty cool. Plus from the pic you supplied, the person would have a nice view from that location. His/her loss ... they should have enjoyed the view instead of playing cache police. It sounds like someone just wanted to put a burr under your saddle. Don't let it get you down. The only person that should be held accountable for anything, is the theif who stole your cache! ASA/MI Veteran ... Geocaching for Uncle Sam ... we just didn't realize it at the time!
  18. WoooHooo!!!!!!!!! Mine is working fine now! I didn't have Webwasher, but I just tweaked my Firewall a bit and now it's working! A Big Time Thank You everyone! Especially Rick!!
  19. Bringing this back to the top so Jeremy or someone else might have a suggestion.
  20. Markwell's is also one of my favorites. I've always been a big Calvin & Hobbes fan! I just recently finished designing a new avatar for American Eagle & Lady Liberty, but he hasn't placed it yet. He' going to be gone for a couple of weeks with the National Guard, maybe we'll see it when he get's back.
  21. Well now we're getting somewhere. You see that is my point. I don't have, or see any icons to click on anymore! AND it still tells me that I'm not logged on. Although we both know that I am because otherwise I couldn't be posting this message. I think I'll go catch a couple of hours of zzzZZZzzzZZZzzz's and see what happens then. Thanks anyway. By the way, was that cache you were talking about earlier OK?
  22. OK ... The ICON I'm referring to was the Edit Icon that I USED TO SEE on each post. It looked like a little tablet with a pencil. You clicked on it, and it let you edit your post. That icon is no longer visible, and I have no way to edit a post. It's not my Avatar that I'm having a problem with.
  23. AE &LL, Did all 'em I've checked the "Also login to the forums" box Checked the "Remember me (requires cookies)" box and logged out, back in, back out, back in ..etc ... a zillion times! Well maybe a couple short of that. As I said before ... "Online Now" Box at the bottom of the screen shows me as logged in ..... but it tells me at the top of the screen that I'm not logged in. It says " » You are not logged in. Login or register" When I click on Login, it simply refreshes the page. When I click on REGISTER ... it says ... "Error You have already registered. You do not need to register again." And there is no icon to edit my posts. Which now stands at...ummmmh ........ Five.
  24. This " New and Improved " forum is getting stranger by the minute. Now It's only showing 3 posts for me, in the forums. Well I guess this will make 4 ... have no idea what happened to the others. Also, I don't see many of the topics in the General Forum that I had been reading prior to the New Forum. Were they deleted? For some strange reason the second topic on the list in the General Forum is dated: July 12, 2002 01:02 PM Anyway back to the original problem. It still won't login!!!! Waaaah!!!
  25. Thanks Dave, but that didn't work either. I tried hitting the login about 12 times. It still just refreshes the page. arrrrrggghh !!!
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