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  1. This idea actually came up because of a misunderstanding of some newbie cachers.


    They actually took the whole container, and planned to relocate the container itself. This was discovered when some other people tried to find the cache. This resulted in a search to find out what happened.


    It was eventually found, and this idea was born.


    When someone finds a Wandering Cache, they can take it, if they like, and put it in a new location, then the new location is posted.


    This could create temporary caches that just 'show up' in different areas, and races to find them before they are gone, or races to find them and move them.


    The site isn't set up for this type of cache yet, but maybe it would work.


    Maybe the cache container itself is like a geobug. You get a sticker or number that you put on the container, and it is recorded like a geobug, and can be tracked as it moves.

  2. I too have thought about multipath storycaching.


    Kaiwarrior, as for 'stealing' ideas from a storyline, I wouldn't worry about that to much. Unless you are copying them word for word, you should be ok, and in fact I bet you could actually get permission to adapt a 'Lone Wolf' story, as all of the books are available online for free.


    The problem I see is with the number of caches you would have to put out there to create an interesting story. One solution would be to add this to existing caches. You could find existing caches and then deposit the 'adventure segment' into them. You might want to get the cache owner's permission, as they can then update the cache information to include data that the adventure is there, but you probably would not have to actually do this. You would want to have a note on 'adventure segment' to tell people not to take it.


    I thought this would be a great way to do a murder mystery story.

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