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  1. I have a travel bug I started with my son several years ago. Now that he is older and has his own account we would like to add him as an owner on our travel bug. Can we do that? Thanks, Steamer' Wake
  2. That is one of the ideas. I think it is possible. I am going to try and look somemore tommorrow. I quess your summit still worked after the fall?
  3. Well I didn't believe it was possible. We found the cache and left. Got half way through Carnation and noticed NO GPS. We went back and looked for a few hours, picked up three bags of trash but couldn't find it. If you find a Garmin Vista please let us know. Steamer's Wake 4/28/03
  4. If I log a not found and then later find it, do I still leave the not found log in place? Steamer's Wake
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