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  1. i had an idea for a hiding spot the other day and drove by the area to check it out. its part of a quarry with lots of old concrete structures and hills. turns out it is posted. while driving by, i saw 2 deer carcasses on the edge of the road, in plain view. one was even something of a traffic hazard. that one had its head cleanly removed, the other had only the top of it skull-and i assume its antlers-removed. it was also gutted. so some hunters apparently bagged a couple of bucks and didn't have the need or energy to finish dressing them and decided it would be easier to ditch them on the side of a moderatley travelled local road. what a waste...... i know there's many responsible hunters out there, but unfortunately, its guys like the carcass dumpers who leave the most memorable impressions.
  2. interesting thread.... i'm not an electrical engineer, or a radio freq engineer either, but i do work with microwave radio systems all day and i know that electromagnetic fields will interfere with the operation of some of the systems. on our preliminary site surveys we need to document any areas where the indoor equipment, antennas, or cabling could be in the area of high voltage lines or equipment, including elevator rooms. i know of one case where our equipment was interferring with the elevator controls in a building and a case we have right now where the rf coax cable runs through an elevator equipment penthouse and we have recurring problems during the day-when the motors are running, and none at night-when the elevators are sitting still. ps, the radio in my 86 vw crackles with noise when i drive under local powerlines, never mind the big boys. at intersections with lots of lines, its unusable. electro mag fields will mess up reception on some radios and receivers. just my $.02
  3. my job has taken me to the roof of several traffic control towers and radar towers including the towers at newark airport. taking lats/longs was the reason i was there and had no problem with the radars or radios at any of the sites. the only place i ever got more satellites was on the ocean off of key west. i also confirmed the airport coords on a topo map later. my magellan 320 never even hiccupped, although it has in other places.
  4. if the cache/hunt was uneventful, i usually just write a quick note. if the cache is unusual or unique or the hunt was fun and interesting, i tend to write something a little more involved. whatever you feel is appropriate to the cache or the day. i like to see the paper logs from cachers who don't post online. thats one of the good things about cache maintenance.
  5. had to go back to work and didn't want to be covered in mud.
  6. finding parking is part of the fun, imo. i don't understand caching with roadmaps or directions either. i've stumbled across cool stuff following the arrow on a gps. also found some shortcuts....
  7. most of the raritan river/canal caches should be accessible. my "what land trust" is a pretty easy find and a nice walk, but not if you get cold feet.
  8. my first tb, "packy the travel rat" was dropped in a cool cache in the florida keys while we were on vacation. he was picked up by someone before i even got home from vacation. no mention in the logs, nothing on the cache page. just gone. the cache "magic of the music" has a history of dissappearing tb's. i think the locals are collecting them. what really gets me is that after i dropped him several tb's came and went through the cache quickly with no problem. if you see him, please send him to nj.
  9. Coulda been a charter boat on a mountain lake. except that he was standing next to me on the boat in the florida keys. i suppose there could've been that kind of confusion otherwise.......
  10. probably just wasn't meant to be for you. sorry.
  11. i found myself caching alone a lot during last winter. lauren is a warm weather trooper, not so much in the cold. strangely enough she loves skiing and i can't stand it.
  12. i chuckled at the idea that a tb would take up too much space. the ones i've found and seen would fit in a pocket. maybe the hawaii bugs are supersized?????
  13. i was caching during the winter of this year, as the war in iraq was gearing up. my magellan showed me about 150' from the cache which was actually about 3/4 mile away and showed an elevation of 10,500 feet...not likely in central nj. it did that for about 20 minutes, then cleared up and never did it again. weird. another time i was fishing on a charter boat and playing with my gps. the guy next to me asked "what's our elevation?". without missing a beat i told him "sea level". he got a dumb look on his face and that was the end of our conversation. well that's my gps weird elevation story. good night....
  14. i get the feeling reading some of the posts on these boards that many geocachers were the kids in school that would remind the teacher about a forgotten quiz. i have no idea why a person would ask for more rules. i live in nj, we have enough rules already.
  15. quote: It turns out that WRR planted this cache in the middle of a tick infested area so,the cache is in nj?????
  16. yeah, an icon would be nice...save that troublesome reading we have to do
  17. in the holland you can get radio through the airshafts, thats where your radio suddenly gets stronger about 1/4 into the tunnel on either side. probably not enough for gps though
  18. i picked it up on saturday, although i think it was in a different tree than the one in the pics and it was tied in with a rubber band. off to work now, will work out a way to get it into my hands officially asap
  19. i'll be in dc next weekend and was going to try to hit some caches. if you want to post the pics or email me i might be able to grab it if its still there and not in a place thats going to get me time with the secret service or dc park police.
  20. i just found that cache last week, no bugs in it despite the lenghty list. this cache is in a bar, so i suspect the bugs are being taken as souvenirs. its a cool cache, but doesn't look too friendly to tb's...i wish i'd realized that before i dropped off my first bug, PACKY THE TRAVEL RAT. hope to see him again.
  21. OOHHHHH NOOOO THE GREAT NJ BEAR INVASION!!!!!!! deleted because this was a rant for another topic.
  22. i do telcom work, so i have id's from two major corporations that anyone with a phone will know. if i am doing a cache where i look suspicous i will wear an id around my neck, if asked i tell the asker i'm doing survey work-locating potential wireless sites-which is part of my actual job. done this twice, once the guy got irritated and started telling me he didn't want any wireless sites in his neighborhood, doesn't want beams through his house, etc. i explained that the area was no good for a site and he seemed satisfied. looking official seems to help. bring a clipboard or wear an orange safety vest. no one will ask.
  23. i had read the logs for this cache several times and wished it was active. got my shot today, and got it. SWEET. thanks for the cache, well thought out, challenging caches like that are the reason we do this. i love places like that, and never hesitated to go after it. ps. liked "minute" too.
  24. what are these dec permits? do you need a permit for certain parks or conservation areas?
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