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  1. 11 of my 86 finds have been archived for about 13%. we were ltf on 2-3, and first not to find one, which was later archived by an absentee owner after about 15 dnf's. the ltf's were archived by the owners for various reasons, not becasue they went missing after we found them.
  2. that pic would've been much more...oh what's the right word.....interesting if the cache was a micro....although it was cold out.......
  3. i don't understand the nature of this type of "spreading the word". has anyone ever found a religous coin taped to a tree and been saved? would damp, moldy pamphlets hidden in a box under a tree stump in the woods be enough to convert someone? if i was trying to push an agenda i would find a more productive-and effective-way to do so.
  4. sounds like you have decent swap stuff. as others have mentioned just don't leave junk. greyhound trinkets would probably be better than paperwork, i say that because paper stuff left in caches tends to get damp, even if the cache is dry. i don't see a problem with it from a "political" standpoint though. i usually leave army men, plastic dinosaurs, slinkys, little flashlights, thing like that.
  5. i try to clean out the real junk from caches i find. i'm talking about wet temporary tatoos, non-interesting bottle caps, rusty pens from a doctors office, etc. if its something someone might vaguely want i'll leave it. i would hope someone would help out if my cache was full of this crap, so i do the same.
  6. 85 caches, we met the owner of a multi we were searching for a few days after he hid it. then when we came back the following day we met a two person team searching the same caches. that's it. we've been in the parking lot and seen cars with "GEO" bumperstickers, but never actually met any of them. i did meet a cacher at work, but only talked to him because we were both using gps's at the time.
  7. mostly virts around the memorials and such. regular caches might attract security and the 1000's of visitors everyday would probably stumble across anything less than the most devious hidden caches. we did a weekend down there and actually grabbed a wayward tb that had been left in a tree by a cacher in town on business who never got to a cache so he left it tied with a rubberband about 500' from the lincoln memorial and asked for help on the forums. have fun
  8. dc has about 10,000 virts and a few regular caches. do a zipcode search. you'll find more than you know what to do with.
  9. as my old little league coach said...."walk it off". j/k. let the park know you were wandering around and hurt yourself. they'll probably be so worried about getting sued they'll run out there and do something about it. if your not crippled no harm, no foul.
  10. i'd be pretty pissed if a cop with a radar gun on his dash board pulled me over for a gps blocking my windshield. nj is about to pass a "hands free cell phone" law, i'm sure they'll find a way to punish gps'rs soon enough.
  11. caching on the road is the only thing that stops me from stamping my feet and crying when i get sent out. a lot of my work travel is 8 hours of driving for 25 minutes of surveying. i print out several cache sheets for the area i'm going to and hit them after...okay sometimes before... my appointments.
  12. lots of good caches in north/central nj-best advice is to get out and look for them. natureboy is another one who won't openly take credit for great caches. he's stumped us on several occassions which only makes it better when we finally figured them out. someone mentioned morris county. you're not far from watchung reservation. check out "steeps over greenbrook" and others nearby for the general location of the reserve. good luck
  13. me and lauren went out yesterday and found two caches at high point park at the meeting of ny, nj, and pa. i guesstimate it was about 3 degrees when we found the first "one down 49 to go" which is at the highest point in nj, atop a wind blown mountain. frozen mustaches and snotcicles anyone? i love going out on days like this. i really don't like the cold, but i enjoy doing what others don't or won't do. makes me feel like i have something over the couch potatoes. it pays off. the entire area at the top of the mountain was covered in a uniform coat of ice which was glistening in the sun like diamonds. simply beautiful. worth every second of it and we had the place to ourselves.
  14. after reading the first post i feel positively unprepared for anything. i read a cache page before i look for it, check the logs to make sure that it at least was there recently and maybe look for a main road in the area. thats about it. when caching away from home i usually have local road maps with me. we're pretty much "seat of the pants" types
  15. probably no harm in going out and doing voluntary cache maintenance in the mean time, especially if the cache owner is unresponsive and the cache clearly needs some help.
  16. i may try to talk lauren into trying for king pellinore's "trollsbane" tomorrow on our way grocery shopping. even if its 15 miles from our grocery store..... (we found a virt and a regular cache at highpoint today, a s.plainfield cache should be peanuts.)
  17. ucmike


    sounds cool. good luck. don't leave travel bugs in "magic of the music" in key west...
  18. congrats on the effort and energy involved....now my $.02. i enjoy that geocaching is still somewhat underground and unknown. i was a fan of a particular underground sport that was pretty much ignored by the general public. as it went mainstream and attracted a more widespread audience it got watered down by oversaturation, then legislation. if too many people find their way to geocaching i expect the same will happen. that's not a knock on your efforts, i admire your enthusiasm. but the less people know about it the better as far as i'm concerned. good luck
  19. lauren gladly endured our "coldest day of the year trip to high point" today. it was about 2 degrees with a steady wind up there. of course we grabbed two caches while we were there. she's a trooper
  20. we hiked into the swamps and found a cache with a tampon in it. i thought that was rude, then thought it might be handy for someone in a REAL emergency.
  21. looks like the linked website is down. something about data allocation or somesuch......anyway, we might be up for it, but july august is already pretty booked so i wouldn't want to be counted in if you're looking for a hard number.......
  22. i found a 1969 mets championship rheingold beer coaster and a 1986 Dwight Gooden "Dr. K" sticker. probably not worth too much but cool baseball memorabilia. i've also collected plastic army men, including a 6" guy with a flamethrower that are now hiding behind plants in my fishtanks.
  23. i started one bug, "packy the travel rat". he was placed in a popular key west cache and promptly dissappeared. rats don't seem to do well, and tb's in the cache "magic of the music" don't do well either.
  24. while placing our "what land trust" cache in a preserve near here, we heard a turkey gobbling over the top of the hill, not uncommon here in north/central nj. we sat for a while letting the gps average to get good coords as the gobbling got closer. finally we saw him, a real young, lanky looking male turkey. i guess he was looking for females, but not having luck, because the area has a lot of big, healthy males and i'm sure he was too new at the game to give much competition. he was concentrating so hard on his own search that he walked within about 40' of us, gobbling as he went. we were moving and talking and laughing at him, but he didn't even notice us. he continued on down the hill, gobbling as he went. he reminded us of a freshman at the senior prom, wandering around, trying to get a girls attention, but way too lanky and goofy to compete with the big boys.
  25. some have probably found it already, just waiting to log it......
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