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  1. I was hiking with the kids today at Sourland and found a cache sitting in the open. There was nothing in the cache to identify it. Its a small blue tupperware type container with a red moon face sticker taped to the lid. The box was full of kids stuff and a log book. The first log was by DNJG Adventure, the rest of the logs were lacking much in the way of names that were really trackable. There were only a few logs, I suspect its either a new cache or one that was recently restocked. The last log was from a 3 year old, obviously in Mom's handwriting. I suspect someone found it and carried it down with them then left it sitting on the big rock at the trail head. It looked like it might have been hidden under that rock, so I stuck it under the rock and attempted to conceal it. It is currently under the big rock at the trailhead as you come out of the parking lot and head towards the pipeline, around the pond. Its right at the corner of the pond where you can head straight up the trail or bear left to go around the pond. Ive been reading through logs and looking at the Sourland caches to see if I could figure it out but can't based on the lack of details on the cache. I was trying to keep up with the kids or I would have snapped a couple pics. Send me a message if you need more info and think it might be yours. ucmike.
  2. my gps 320 just stopped receiving satellite signals for no reason. I did all the logical steps: new batteries, reinitializing, etc. It still didn't help, so I sent an email to them highlighting the issue and what steps I had taken and asking for additional advice. Their response took two weeks and was basically a list of the steps I had already taken and had detailed in my email. Their response contained no additional info or ideas and a suggestion that I send it in for repair, with no details of how to do that or what it would cost. I decided to replace the unit, and was going to buy another magellan based on my satisfaction with the 320. I am somewhat displeased that units in the same price range as the 320 seem to have less functions. I am not a big techie, and don't have much need for increased memory, or fancy download capabilties. I want a compass, decent enough memory and some degree of durability.
  3. imagine my surprise when i checked my email this morning and found that my first travel bug, "packy the travel rat" has resurfaced after 2 years. i dropped this bug in a popular key west cache in sept. '03 and it immediatley dissappeared w/o a trace-no logs and no mention of it anywhere. i logged it into the great missing tb unknown and never thought about it. the guy who grabbed it logged it in this morning and sent me an email apologizing and explaining the circumstances. so if someone in florida finds the tag for "packy the travel rat" please affix something to it and send it on.
  4. "it's a death trap, its a suicide rap, we gotta get out while we're young"
  5. sorry about that. when ya gotta go..... you can pee on my cache if it makes ya feel better.... j/k of course.
  6. thanks for the replies, everyone. i think i figured it out courtesy of a few emails. thanks again, happy caching.
  7. okay, now i know which cache i finally found. 2nd question: was this cache renamed? i think i'd remember searching for the fallen alien mothership and i don't remember this being a multi or puzzle cache when we first looked for it last february. thanks for the info.
  8. there are several caches up there, "deer pond park" and "easy roadside cache" which we found on an icy valentine's day death march last year. there was a third cache which we couldn't find that day. for some reason i did not record the dnf, so i have no record of which cache we dnf. i don't know why it wasn't recorded, i usually record them, but i have a vague recollection of computer issues. anyway, today we hiked into the park for some fishing and found the third cache on a spontaneous search when we realized where we were. it was in a small cave, just off the trail from the upper parking lot to the lake. when we first searched the interior of the cave it was ice covered and we assumed the cache was iced in. today, the cache was in relatively plain view, just inside the cave. it was a camoflauged ammo box, it never occured to me to check the name in the log book. we signed and rehid it better than we found it, but in the same area. the cache is in good condition, and has some stuff in it. inside the box is a small manilla envelope addressed to avroair. any help with an i.d. on this cache would be appreciated. thanks.
  9. until i got laid off i used mine for finding locations of existing and proposed wireless systems -microwave and cellular. i used it to navigate to wilderness tower sites that had lats/longs on their paperwork (most don't have street addresses)
  10. jonboy is right on. all due respect to the poster who has firsthand knowledge of these cleanups, i have serious reservations about taking data from the state of new jersey or their corporate pals. we all know dadgum well that many sites have been tested and cleaned up by corporations that declared the problem solved and had their results rubberstamped by the state. look at issues in jersey city and hoboken regarding the waterfront improvements. i worked on those projects, i know what happens when the state trusts corporations and contractors to handle problems they created. " The EPA and Ford (well, Fords consultants really) had said the area was clean. Both of those groups will be back pretty darn quick I bet." i bet not. ford did this in the 60's and 70's because it was cheap and easy. they will do the same now. what interest does ford have in appeasing nj at this point when they have less presence now than they did then. will ford willingly rush into a situation where they may be complicit in contaminating a major water reservoir? and we are assuming that the epa will rush to get involved now that we have a president and policy makers have repeatedly shown that they couldn't care less about the enviroment and enviromental protection. it wouldn't surprise me if the ultimate decision is that the site is safe enough to put a fence around and label it "problem solved" chances are the bulk of the costs will go to nj taxpayers, the cleanup contractor will get paid and ford will do what they can to whitewash and get out asap.
  11. "Is it just me, or is geocaching getting very strange lately?" that's what happens when too many people pick up an "underground" hobby. people come along and want to take an established activity and tweak it with their own unique touch or apply rules that keep it within their comfort zone. i guess its fine to a degree, maybe a sort of evolution in action, but it gets out of hand when too many people get involved. especially in something like geocaching where the "rules" are sort of open to interpretation and the "playing field" is as diverse as the face of the earth. i've seen it happen in another underground sport i was involved in. as it got more mainstream it became watered down by the influx of people who thought it needed adjusting. now its at the point where i have only a casual interest in it because its hardly the sport that originally attracted me.
  12. i'm so jaded, maybe i've lived in nj too long. my first thought is "who is going to actually get the money?". my second thought was "what's it actually going to cost?" finally i thought, "who gets screwed over?" (someone always does when nj politics happens) ahhh who knows, maybe some nice trails will get built...probably with a mall or housing development at the end of them.
  13. i take the army men and put them in my fishtank. they're not all bad
  14. i've cached in north carolina and florida and was somewhat surprised to find most of the caches sitting on the ground, barely covered. many within feet of an active trail or path. most were covered with some pine needles or a single branch, but i can only remember one or two that were actually hidden or concealed. ( i know this happens all over, but it seems common in fla, or nc.) i found one in nc that was sitting on the ground at the base of a pine tree with some leaves sprinkled on it. about 20' away was a large tree that had fallen over. it had dozens of cracks and hollows and places to hide a sizable cache, but this one was sitting there in the open. i searched the fallen tree for a while then stood up and spotted the ammo box from about 30' away. we are lucky to have some good cache hiders/caches in this area. i wouldn't have retained interest if they were all sitting on the ground.
  15. the last couple times i used my magellan it won't count down to less than 15'. i keep an eye on the xte and i've noticed that when the error and distance numbers are about the same i'm pretty close, no matter what the numbers say. if they are about the same i'm usually near the cache, or whatever i'm looking for. it never did that before. i'm wondering if its just got some mileage on it now and maybe isn't as accurate as it once was or if there's something different about the signal. (i like conspiracies and i would love to believe this is the gov'ts doing)
  16. i used to read a nhb fighting board. you could actually arrange a fight in the real world and get a crowd to come watch then get color commentary on how the fight went.
  17. forget the caching accomplishments, haggeus is a legendary NJ commuter. i have seen his name on caches that were literally in the middle of nowhere and even farther from a bus stop or train station. good luck to you. happy caching.
  18. could be real fun. i'd be up for it.
  19. i don't get the same excitement from "average" caches as i used to. i enjoy parking 200' from a cache and being back in the car in 8 minutes, but more and more i find myself looking for "hiker" caches. the accomplishment of a decent hike up a mountain or through a swamp just adds to the feeling. i guess i get "more bang for my buck" when i can make a day out of 1-2 caches instead of jumping in and out of the car and bagging 6 or 7 in local parks. that's not to knock the easier caches, i still look for them and appreciate the hiders efforts, but recently i find myself driving by dozens of 1/2 ccaches to get to a hikable area, especially on weekends. i'm going to use this thread as a "things to do" list. thanks for the recomendations. we're heading to Pa. for someweekend camping and are going to hit the "Pulpit Rock" cache on the Appalachian trail. although its not NJ, "Pulpit Rock" and "Pinnacle" near Lenhartsville, Pa. are great hiker caches with great views and nice trails.
  20. OH THE CHILDREN!!!SAVE THEM FROM THE POO!!!! please, who enjoys poop references more than kids. quite honestly, i'm way more offended by the born again christian leaflets i found in a cache this weekend. kids know whats funny about poop, i'd rather deal with that than explain the rightwing religous propaganda. any we all know that some people love controversy and arguing about it in multi-page threads only feeds their needs.
  21. i park in the garage where the singing cowboy parks his car. pretty funny to see him come down and change into real clothes then drive away.
  22. saw an article this morning on line somewhere about a guy who ended up in the hospital after eating 30 garlic and butter sauteed cicadas. he found the recipe in an article. turns out people with allergies to shellfish and some other foods may have reactions. this guy broke out in hives. stick to whats in the fridge. (i crack myself up, i have 24 nightcrawlers in my fridge left over from weekend fishing)
  23. i was going to start leaving those in caches. left snakehead, took superball.
  24. this type of stuff happens all the time. teens and fringe people make homemade bombs all the time, kids in my high school did it, kids in the neighborhood did it. it wasn't that big a deal until the times changed. i'll go on living with my eyes open like i always do.
  25. "I guess my question is, am I the only one for whom the use of the term sets his (or her) teeth on edge, as just being too cutesy? " i, personally, can't stand it. it is way to cute for me and stinks of adults trying to be precocius and hip. wow, that sounds bitter.
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