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  1. You mean you don't know? He's going to Disney World.
  2. congrats. Watch out for Puter.
  3. Congrates on 100. If you need me to find anymore of your caches, let me know. LoL []
  4. Wouldn't that count as a near death experiance since West Virginia is "Almost Heaven?"
  5. WVDan

    Toot My Own Horn

    TMP didn't have to have any special equipment. Also, if they can get a hellicopter to carry a tank, I'm sure it will hold the both of us. We may tick off some climbers with the down draft from the rotors though. We'd have to grab, sign, and evacuate quickly. Know anyone with a hellicopter?
  6. My prayers are with you and your family. Get well soon.
  7. My mom, son and I spent the weekend caching. Found 15 for the weekend. Then topped it off with dinner at Ryan's Resturaunt. We had a great time.
  8. WVDan


    While caching on the Memorial Day weekend, I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Martinsburg. This was the perfect place to stay. You're almost in the center of 15 to 20 geocaches. The coordinates for the hotel are N39°27.671' W077°59.313' They have a great restaurant in the hotel. If you eat here, request Terry to be your waiter. You won't be disappointed. Mom said that he was what she called a real "Gentleman." Also, for those with a geo-Pup or favorite pet that likes to go with you, the Hotel is a pet friendly hotel. Their policy is just don't leave them unattended in your room. Seen several large dogs, one may have been a horse .
  9. WVDan

    Toot My Own Horn

    Be it alone or with two other friends, I still don't like the idea of death in that manor. However, I do refuse to do South Peak Summit alone. Even if I have to pay out the $130 plus to get a guide to go with me and make sure I'm on the right path. Plus, if I go, I'm taking TMP's route. My knees went week on the viewing platform at Seneca rocks, there's no Way I'm going to hang from a rope on the side of that rock.
  10. WVDan

    Toot My Own Horn

    Both are my goal Man in the Wild. First goal is to get most West Virginia Finds. Next goal is to find all West Virginia caches. I may save South Peak summit till last, since that may be the one that kills me. Supose they'd let me charter a hellicopter to put me down up there?
  11. I finally passed the 200 mark on Memorial Day weekend. Can't wait to get to number 300 now.
  12. You sure you didn't do something to anger the Geocaching God and he zapped your computer? If you did, let me know what it was so I don't do it.
  13. WVDan

    Eli Busts 400!

    Congratulations Eli. 400 is an impressive number.
  14. Sounds great. It would be a lot of work, but I'd like to see a page that updates say once a day or even twice a week, that keeps rank of most West Virginia Finds. MikeDx and I are keeping track of ours and a few others, but we'd go even more nuts than we already are if we tried to keep track of them all. A gallery for Geocaching events would be neat too. Were you can add pics from the picnics and cache in trash out events. A news page would be interesting. For example if a geocacher is in the news, or gets married, has a baby, or even a memorial page for those who die or drown trying to cross the river.
  15. Congratulations. Wish you two a long happy life together.
  16. Personally, I wouldn't waste my money on a Gameboy. I had two as a teenager, and both only lasted about 4 months and the screens went bad. I took it for service, but it cost more to put a new screen in than it did to just buy a new game boy. My boy is 3 now and will be 4 in August, but when he turns 7 or 8, I'm going to get him the latest gecko or what ever is available along those lines. Even at 3, he loves caching.
  17. Confusing, but Wolf452 is correct. I deal with this all the time when I have to draw property plots. Just be happy you don't have to convert the distance from rails, poles, chains or rods. It's not hard to do, but time consuming.
  18. That's all I'm counting and I don't see just 9 difference. He has 186 WV cache finds and I have 159 WV cache finds.
  19. I liked it better with the latest placed caches rather than the latest cache logs. Made it nice to be able to take a quick glace at the home page and see if there were any new caches placed in my state.
  20. Actually I'm 27 away, but who's counting? 14 of my finds are out of state.
  21. Ratjumper, if you need a lift I can give you a ride that day. Just email me through geocaching. I'm in Elkins, about a mile and a half from Wilson's Fort cache.
  22. I was at the main page and decided to click on West Virginia caches. I noticed the West Virginia License plate at top that said "Cacher" I was just wondering if anyone has that plate, and if so, who? This is what I'm talking about. Upper right
  23. I'll help when I can. Depends on where, and what day. My scout troop did this when I was in scouts. It's not that hard to do, and dosn't really take that long.
  24. Sounds like this could be considered Extream Geocaching. Thanks to all those who serve, and God bless.
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