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  1. Hi All,

    I live in Boomer which is in Fayette County.

    I work in Charleston tho.

    Thanks for the group link, I am going to check it out.


    I am just getting into the sport and look forward to reading your log entries.


    GL and Good Hunting


    When I was very young, I used to live in Boomer. I went to Fallsview for kindergarten and first grade.

    I then went to Charleston, then to Tech, and am now in Elkins.

  2. I have the Tech license (kd8bmx), passed the General written, working on code and hope to get that before June 2006.


    I also have a MARS license (AAT3PM/T) and am wrapping up basic training on that so I will be able to drop the /T soon.

  3. Can't help much from up here in Fairbanks, but the cache I think he wants is actually: Salmon Creek Powerhouse Trail Cache (GCJB8M).


    I sent you a private e-mail a couple of days ago suggesting you drop 3 Happy Campers a note through their geocaching account. Any word back from them?

    I have heard back from them today and they are looking for some way to help him out. Thanks everyone for the effort.

  4. I'm posting this for my cousin who is without internet service right now. I've gotten him interested in geocaching and he's been to several with me. He is going on a trip to Alaska and needs a guide. Mainly because he also dose not have a GPS unit and I'm going to Florida with mine so he does not have one to borrow either.


    He wants to do the Solomon trail cache in Juneau.


    He will be arriving in port at 7:00 AM on June 14 and has to be back on the ship by 2:00 PM.


    If possible, he would also like to have a tour of the town.


    He is leaving for the trip Friday June 10th.


    Thanks for any help.

  5. There is only one cache in Andersonville and that is a virt in the prison itself.


    Answered Prayers


    It's an amazing place.


    BTW, if you like peanuts, right around the corner in Plains Ga. is the Plain Peanut Company and they have the absolute best roasted peanuts and peanut brittle in the world. Check them out if you have time.


    Here are some I-95 Georgia caches in my area...


    Yogi's Retreat


    Off Your Rocker in Pooler


    Burt is Evil


    E.T. Phone Home


    Ode to OverRover 1 GA


    Who...Who...Who 'der? #8:Savannah

    Hey that's great. I was told by another family member that that is the location of where my GGG-Grandfathers tent was, and if I recall the dates correctly, he died just a week before that happened.



  6. I'm going to be taking my boy to Disney world in June and would like to find at least one cache in each state along the way. We will be traveling I 79 to I 95. On the return trip, we my return on I 75 and make a stop at Andersonville then come up through Tennesee and Kentucky get on I 64 and back to WV. I will not have much time to do long cache hunts so I'll have to stick with quick ones. Rest stop caches or something close to the interstates would be prefered. I would also like to find one close to Andersonville Georgia. I apprecieate any suggestions.

  7. I'm planning on taking my boy to Disney World in June and would like to get at least one cache in each state along the way. I will not have a lot of time to spare so I'll have to look for some quick caches. We will be traveling on I 79 throught Virginia. If there are any in the rest stop areas or very short distance from the interstate, that would be great. I appreciate any sugestioins.

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