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  1. I put a blurb about this in our GIG group forum. Surely, we can find someone to do this!!!
  2. Nice choice in GPSr, Redd! It's what I use too. I just don't think there is a better model than that. (MY OPINION!) You're camping near me. We'll have time for a tutorial sometime during the weekend. (Not that I know everything about that GPSr, but I feel pretty comfortable with it.) A random note: (I should say PLEA:) Is there anyone who is bringing a grill to the pre-event? The Friday night event?
  3. Wolverine Warriors, If memory serves, didn't you guys camp at Lincoln Park for the last Moonshine? How were the campgrounds? Did they take reservations? Was it nice? Anabel & Brazilindy, Go-Purdue & Zugzwang, JPlus14, Mr. Schmeni and I camped at Hickory Holler. Nothing wrong with Hickory Holler, I was just hoping to find something a little more uh...modern. Hickory Holler's facilities were a pretty good distance from the campsites. (You had to drive there.) The privvy near the campground was uh...trying to be polite....unused for very long periods of time. I'd LOVE to camp at Fowler. I LOVE Fowler. But, I looked it up on their website and they don't take reservations. (Which Bret has already said.) With it being Labor Day weekend, I am uncomfortable planning on camping at a place that is first come, first served. It could prove to be a long drive home!! Thanks!!
  4. Snagged a few more ISQs today, bringing my total to a whopping 54! Halfway to the century mark!!! (It's nothing compared to y'all, though!)
  5. Even though I don't have 100 ISQs, I feel the need to chime in. I have 51 ISQs. No MSQs, OSQs or any other SQs besides Indiana. Sheesh, I better get busy!
  6. I think that every able-bodied person should show up so we can beat those Harley rider's record. Surely we can do it this time!!!!!! Quick! Somebody call Guinness! We have a record to set. (And somebody call the other Guinness for Six dog! LOL)
  7. I've received several of the same type of 'accusations' as the OP on coins missing. What happens is that a coin gets muggled and all visitors to that cache received a copied and pasted note with the same accusation. Although I always feel insulted by it, I try to console myself with the thought that the coin's owner (or watcher or whoever) is just pasting that note to everybody and not singling me out. It's truly more an instance of someone writing an email who could stand a lesson in etiquette. They come across really harsh and probably (hopefully) didn't intend to. Don't take the accusation personally. Coin thieves usually never log a find. (I know this from experience. A coin that I place is missing before the next visitor arrives. Nothing on the log in the cache or the cache page.) And don't let a few geo-nazis ruin the sport for you. All areas have them and you'll have to grow thicker skin and ignore them. (I'm still trying to conquer that myself! LOL)
  8. I am a proud Nuvi and have owned it for almost a year now. The Nuvi and Tom Tom (to the best of my limited knowledge) and the only car navs that will take coordinates. But the advantage to using a Nuvi is that you can download POI Loader (for free) from Garmin's site and load up the Nuvi with the geocaches. That way you don't have to input the coords each time. There is supposed to be a way to do it with the Tom Tom, but the two Tom Tom owners that I know have not been able to figure it out. The Nuvi's sensitivity is great. Like the above poster said, it can get a reception inside a house. (I can't get a signal everywhere in my house, but if I'm near a door or window I can.) I've NEVER lost a signal while driving. Not in the woods, not under trees. And if I've not patted Nuvi on the back enough already: I'm amazed at how most cemetery roads show up in Nuvi's map. I played with a friend's Magellan Maestro for a bit and found it a cheap (err more expensive) imitation of a Nuvi. The Nuvi was better and gave phone numbers. (The Maestro did not.)
  9. WTG Redd! Hit a home run on your first time at bat!!! I say that because I use a Nuvi and a 60CSX too!!!! I heartily recommend a 60CSX (or CX). I do not know anyone who is disappointed in it. I love mine to pieces and it will have to be pried from my cold dead fingers. In all fairness, I have to say that I've seen the hcx in action and it was pretty accurate. I just prefer the 60CSX. (Neater features!) I assume that you know how to get caches loaded on the Nuvi, right? If not, I can help you with that. I have a webpage with instructions on it. GREAT idea to set up that tent at home first! That's what we did so we wouldn't look like idiots at the campsite reading the directions and setting up a tent like Clark Griswold. (It didn't help. We still look the Griswold family goes camping.)
  10. This will only be funny to those who know me well. (REALLY well.) I have a lovely tent. It's blue. I have a blue tent. My blue tent is REALLY REALLY large. When we were camping for Trail Mix 12, Deermark affectionately called it "The Condo". My tent is so fancy that it plugs in. I'm cool like that! There are special pocket organizers for all my cosmetics. Since I have a plug in my tent, I can use my hair dryer in my tent and don't have to hog mirror space at the comfort stations. That aside, I was able to snag my tent on 50% clearance last fall. I may be snazzy, but I'm also cheap! Glad to have 'ya as a neighbor, Big Monkey! Your thinks-we-are-crazy-wife can go fishing with my thinks-we-are-crazy-husband! We'll go caching!!!! LOL
  11. Redd, I cannot speak for 'everybody'. I can only tell you what I am going to do.... First off...however your tent looks, it will NOT look odd! There are tents of all sizes, shapes, colors, and conditions. (Some of them are so tiny, that they fit into a car without even being folded up! LOL) Think of a mis-matched circus. That's how we look! I am camping both Friday and Saturday night. But, it's a pretty good haul up there for me. And...it's fun to hang out with friends. I've not yet attended a Spring Picnic, I've only done the Fall Picnic and many of us (but not all) did camp the night before. (There was an event the night before the Fall Picnic.) Some people do not enjoy camping. Other's can't afford a motel. Some don't mind driving home late. Some can't see at night. See? Each family has their own reasons for camping (or not). I CAN guarantee this much: Whatever you decide to do - someone else will be doing the same!!! LOL Lakedawgs is right - there will be a lot of children there! I look forward to making your acquaintance!
  12. Welcome redd i! You'll have a blast at the Spring Picnic and will learn a lot of tips! Welcome to the hobby/sport!
  13. WTG WCNut & Tater! Nicely done! Congrats!!!!!!!!
  14. WTG Ali Kat! On both milestones. Verbal and physical!
  15. I purchased a 60CSX through a merchant through Amazon. It was not purchased FROM Amazon, just through Amazon. It arrived and 4 of the 8 buttons didn't work. Amazon would offer no help since they were not the merchant. I ended up protesting the charges on my American Express and had to pay to ship back the unit. Ultimately, I ended up purchasing it from Gander Mountain. Yes, I paid more, but there was a brick and mortar store (that I could trust) who would stand behind the merchandise. Just my experience!
  16. Deermark can be such a fuddy duddy at times. Spoilsport! Ruinin' all my fun!
  17. You'd think that I would have had more to say about my first find! ha ha! http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...=y&decrypt= January 27, 2007 by Jenischmeni (1147 found) My third attempt, but first success. I'm not sure which was harder, finding the cache or finding my way back out using my GPS. (But, I'm very new!) Took nothing, left a mind puzzle.
  18. Congratulations to JPlus14 who made his 8000th find in Africa today! GC19Z2X was the 8000th milestone. Here is his log for it: "Wow!! It does not get any better than this. This is my 8,000th find. My daughter hid it for me to find while visiting her in Africa. She picked one of my favorite locations near a waterfall. Of all the finds that have, this is without question one of the most memorable. Thanks Susan." He's posted some pictures in the log also. Here's a link: (I hope it works!) http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...bd-a3345e065160
  19. Cranky? I can deal with cranky! I have two teenagers! Sheesh, Darryl, you might start to think I'm stalking you or something! Actually, I was just trying to make sure that I had a campsite near geocachers. I wanted to make sure they didn't put me in the section with the proctologists!
  20. Great Darryl! I guess the campfires will be warm and the beer cold, right?!
  21. I posted my "will attend" and have made reservations for camping. We are at site #24. Mr. Schmeni will be attending this one. Y'all be good now and show him how well behaved geocachers are! ha ha ha!
  22. Since the weather outside was so crummy, I decided to geocache inside my own home. How'd I do that, you ask?! Easy! I called down to Muscatuck and reserved site #28 for the Fall Picnic. It's about time I got off of my duff and got that done. Mr. Schmeni has been bugging me about it. He's coming along because he loves to camp! (Probably more than me, I'm sure!)
  23. AndrewRJ, If I can be so bold as to recommend that you don't waste too much time on Bloomington City Caches. Many/most of them are poorly maintained; or missing altogether. If you pay attention to your pocket queries for the area (multiple DNFs), you'll be okay. I didn't want you to waste precious caching time DNFing caches. There's pretty good caching in Martinsville, imo. You won't have to travel too far to get some good caching in. I agree that MMSF is quite cool and worth a visit. (But again, pay attention to the DNF factor!) As to a place to gather, check out Ryan's. I hear that they'll let you use a room simply for asking. Surely there is one in the Martinsville/Bloomington area.
  24. Greetings Dreamer & Welcome! I'm not sure where you live, but looking at the caches you've found, I'm guessing that you live in Ohio. I'm in Indiana, so I'm not a lot of help to you. But, I'm sure someone from Ohio would be more than willing to help you out. It might be good to post your general area though to find someone local. Trackables are pretty easy. Just click on "Trackables" on the left hand side of the main GC page. Log the trackable number (found on the dog tag or printed on a coin). That will take you to the Trackable item's page and you can "retrieve it" so it will appear in your inventory. This is essential so that it will move from the cache's page into your inventory. That way people won't think that the item has been stolen. It is an exciting hobby, but getting some lessons from a seasoned geocacher will be very helpful. Good Luck! (If you make it over to Indiana, I'd be happy to meet up with you and show you the ropes!)
  25. Huge Congrats, Mark! WTG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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