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  1. That's not an odd question at all!! A "Flash Mob" event is where a whole bunch of people descend on a particular structure or area for a very short period - just long enough to organize and take a photograph of the group. They're usually about 15 minutes long.
  2. Like Lakedawgs said, there are a lot of events scheduled in the Indianapolis area. Each month, we hold GIG (Girls in Geocaching) dinners. These are not restricted to girls attending, we welcome all. The October dinner is the next GIG dinner (hosted by yours truly). It's on 10/25 at the Carrabas off of Southport Rd. at 465. on 10/10, there are three different events going on in the Indy area. Two flash mob events and a lunch (hosted by Lakedawgs). All of these, and more, can be found on the event calendar which is accessed from the home screen at Geocaching.com. (Down near the bottom - click on the link that says "View the Event Calendar".) It's not unusual for cachers to band together to seek out some caches after an event. It will also give you opportunity to meet up with some experienced cachers to see how they do it. Edited to fix a stupid typo.
  3. Don't let the lack of a GPSr stop you from attending. Like jtbrady said, it's a great opportunity to see various receivers in use. Many "muggles" have attended picnics to get a feel for the sport. It's a terrific opportunity to find out a lot of useful information when you're first starting out.
  4. LMAO@Deermark! Only 27?! Seriously? You mean to tell me that there are 23 states that actually ALLOW that much fun?! I'm moving there!
  5. I've not really unpacked from Moonshine yet so I could leave tomorrow because the stuff is ready to go!!! My decorations are ready! I know what we're doing!!!! Bring it on!!!
  6. I heard something interesting this weekend.... I don't want to speak out of turn but..... I heard something about a campsite decorating contest!
  7. Unless the 750 is different than the 200, it should hold more than 500. I've loaded about 1100 on my Nuvi 200. (With a 500MB SD card in it.) I don't fool with the Macro as I've had issues with it. (However this is MY problem and doesn't reflect anything wrong with the Macro.) I export as .gpx files and load the up the Nuvi. (Using GSAK) To be honest, I've never loaded the Nuvi (nor my handheld) by sending it direct from a website. I always run queries and load via the GSAK export and POI Loader. I think I agree with the above posters and the original poster is facing the 50 closest caches block. Try typing in the GC code and see if it can be brought up that way.
  8. We're less than 2 weeks away from the 2009 Indiana Spring Picnic and I thought I'd post an update. There are now 3 events scheduled for that weekend - all held in France Park. Friday night, May 8th is GIG: On the Go - Spring Luau: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...75-f644cc366543 Saturday, May 9th is the main event, the 2009 Spring Picnic: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...ca-0f24316a67c4 Sunday morning, May 10th is a breakfast, The Last Hurrah: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...2b-1e36e7d63e91 This way, there are three different events, covering three different days, and three different times. Hopefully one of them, or all of them, can fit into your schedule. I hope to see you there!
  9. This is probably too late to save you some money, but you can hook up the eXplorist 210 to Vista. I have a 210 and a 60CSX. The 210 doesn't get used much because I have the 60CSX. But, I can load the 210 from my 64-bit Vista laptop. I'm using GSAK (not Magellan's Geocache Manager) if that makes any difference.
  10. Hi CaptHarm&Sweetlamb! I'm in Central Indiana, but there are a couple of excellent Geocaching groups in your area. InKy and IndiGo both have a number of functions in Southern Indiana. Here's a link to InKy: http://www.inkygeo.com/ And here is IndiGo: http://www.indigo-geo.com/ Good Luck!!!
  11. I booked that whole inner circle (excepting for Lakedawg's real estate). You have mine & t-bird's site already listed. BigMamaK is in site 88 and Coolhipwithit is in site #86. For the time being, site #89 will be a question mark until I decide what to do with it.
  12. Oh! That reminds me. I was down there last week scouting out the campground. I have some photos of some of the campsites if someone needs to see. (By no means do I have all of them.) But, they're only from loop A. (IDNR kicked me out of Loop B.)
  13. The Schmeni rolling palace will be temporarily moored at site 90.
  14. Weird, isn't it? It took Alicia, t-bird and I the longest time to figure out what was going on. It's why t-bird kept saying that most were taken but Alicia and I kept saying "no - there aren't any reserved yet!" t-bird was choosing tent and of course Lakedawgs and I were choosing campers!
  15. I checked into reservations and it seems that reservations cannot be made this far in advance. I will keep you posted though......
  16. True on three accounts. #1 - It IS about the numbers #2 - I do drink my box 'o wine with a straw. (I, too, have the photos to prove it.) #3 - Also true that I lied when I began to type that I liked it. The next poster enjoys playing practical jokes on fellow cachers......
  17. would you consider this GPS paperless. I know some units can download 500 caches at a time. can this one do that? No, I wouldn't consider using only the 60CSX as going paperless. Most paperless cachers use a PDA alongside the GPSr. There is a workaround using POI Loader that you can get up to 99 characters of a hint. (More than enough for most hints.) You can mark caches as "found" in the 60CSX so that you know what ones you found and in what order you found them. (For logging when you get back home.) The 60CSX will hold up to 1000 caches as Geocaches. I have been told (but have not yet tested this) that using POI Loader and loading the caches as waypoints allows as many to be stores as there is available memory. (Again, I have not tried it.) There are pros and cons to using POI Loader and having loaded the caches as Geocaches. I do both. The more information I have, the better!
  18. Correct in that Palm won't sync to 64-bit Vista. Palm WILL sync to 32-bit and Palm has already added the updated Desktop program for 32-bit Vista. There are some workarounds for 64 bit users. Neos told of the one that works the easiest. I can sync my Palm to my 64-bit Vista but I wouldn't be able to tell anyone else how to do it and it doesn't even always work. (I have a son who is a techie and he's worked on this issue a LOT for me!) I really, really, really do believe that Palm will eventually release a desktop program for 64-bit Vista. They'll have to. It won't be that long until most machines are 64-bit and they'll either have the software or give up the business.
  19. Just chiming in as a Windows Vista user who is running GSAK happily and without incident. Just to further difficult matters, I'm running 64-bit Vista and GSAK still loaded (and performs) beautifully!
  20. Thanks for the heads up! That would be awful to drive all the way up there only to find out it's closed!
  21. Yay! The Fall Picnic. More fun than the Geobash and you don't have to drive as far!!!!
  22. Glad I bought that Hunter's orange for that Indian Creek Shelter cache that Jaypit dragged me to! Thanks for the heads-up Sataraid. I was wondering about the exact dates.
  23. Just tossing in another bread crumb to chew...... If you use a 60CSX and have GSAK, you can load the caches two ways. You can use the standard "send to GPS" within GSAK and send over the waypoints. If you use POI loader from Garmin (it's a free download!), you can load up to 99 characters of a hint. That's usually more than enough to get the whole hint. You can mark caches as found in the 60CSX so when you get home you can log them. Of course, my vote is to to use a Palm running Cachemate. That's what I do!
  24. I just hooked on the supplied wrist strap. Then I hooked a lanyard with a clip end to the wrist strap. I couldn't find a lanyard that ended with a string small enough to fit. But I could finds lots of pretty ones with clips. Just hooked one on the wrist strap and I'm good to go. The lanyard is long enough that I can still hold it in my hand and read it. But, it can hang in front when I need both hands free. And Glenn W is right. That space next to the antenna will NOT support any attachments. I already know of someone who did that and it tore almost immediately.
  25. IMHO, Cachemate isn't hard to learn at all. When I first downloaded it and fired it up, I had less than 200 caches. Nobody could really help me and I just fiddled around with it. I had it figured out that same evening and hit the ground running. Of course, Cachemate isn't any good if you don't have GSAK to export the database. I think GSAK takes a little more work. You can figure out the basic stuff pretty easily though and when you're comfortable with it move on to the harder macros and such.
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