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  1. Since it's Tuesday, this is too late for your date, but I'd recommend a trip to Crown Hill Cemetery. Some of the best caching in Indy is there and it's all in one place with very few muggles. Crown Hill is such a beautiful cemetery. You can easily spend an entire day in one cemetery.
  2. Indy has events all the time. You're better off to use the Geocaching website to find them. In case you don't know, events are listed under community along the top bar.
  3. Ta DA! There is a Facebook group for central Indiana cachers. It's very full and VERY active. Here's a link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/203164519708103/379111438780076/ It's an open group, but you'll have to ask to join if you want to post. The Indy area is a great locale to be a cacher. We have a lot of events. There's usually one per week within an hour's drive of Indianapolis (with many of these occurring in Indy). There are usually groups doing something or other and it will be very easy for you to quickly find caching partners. The first step is to start attending events and making friends. If you need any help, feel free to contact me :-)
  4. Ohhhhhh.....I didn't think about that. Good point. I hope it arrives before I need to leave tomorrow morning. (6 hours later and still waiting.)
  5. I ran one about 4 hours ago and it hasn't shown up either. I figured it is stuck in the backlog. (Just wanted to let the OP know that it's not an isolated case for him/her.) And to answer AZcachemeister's question, 905 results but the PQ isn't available for download either :-(
  6. Hope you can help, I am working with local VA rec therapists getting set up to use Geocaching as an outdoor activity. Problem is they bought a maps60cx and I am not familiar with it. I cannot figure out how to download pq's, just been downloading one cache at a time via the icon in the right. Any help? I used to use the 60CSX. The only way that I know to load it is by using GSAK. I have heard that there are ways to load it using Mapsource but honestly I've never tried it that way. If you have GSAK, I'll be happy to help you figure it out. Otherwise, someone else is going to have to chime in with alternative ways to load a pocket query into the 60CSX. Good luck!
  7. Hi Roller Man, There's a lot of activity in and around Brown County but not necessarily by people who live in Brown County. There's an event tomorrow night (4/1) in Bloomington. That'd be a terrific time to meet some cachers and maybe find some buddies to hike with. The event is on the event calendar, but here's a quick link: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=e213ac62-b496-4658-b2e3-d3b211ac27c0 I know it's short notice but I hope you can make it. Keep an eye on the event calendar. You might have to travel an hour or two for an event, but the odds are good that you'd meet people who would/could cache in your area.
  8. I am absolutely positive that they are the average run-of-the-mill alkaline battery. I'd attach a picture, but trust me - they look just like the ones you'd stop off and buy at any store.
  9. Thanks for the help, wolf9545, but I've tried about 12 different Energizer batteries out of two different packages and they all won't work. It's quite strange. It's not a big deal to use Rayovacs - they're cheaper - but it's just so odd that it's these particular batteries. I haven't yet tried Duracell batteries. You are right though about the Energizer lithium batteries that came with it. They *did* lost a long time
  10. I don't know if this has to do with the eXplorist GC or it's something with Energizer batteries. I had some Energizer batteries that I put into my Magellan eXplorist GC but the GC wouldn't turn all the way on. (It'd act like it was booting up but then the screen would fade out.) I took those (new) batteries and tried putting them into a remote control and they wouldn't work. I assumed that I made a mistake and they were old, drained batteries. This happened with several sets and I thought maybe I had a bad batch of batteries (they were all well under the expiration date - by more than year). I bought a whole new package of Energizers and put two of those in my GPSr, knowing that they were new and fresh. The eXplorist GC did the exact same thing. I can put in Rayovaks and the GC behaves normally. I do have the GC set up to take alkaline batteries. It kind of feels like something happens to the Energizer batteries once placed in the GC that render them useless after they've been inserted in the GC. It's not that big of a deal to use Rayovacs. I just wondered if anyone else has noticed this odd behavior?
  11. The Head Alien (Alien Head) is scheduled for Monday. (The last day that we have there.)
  12. This was discussed in a similar thread: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=269908&st=0&p=4641392&fromsearch=1entry4641392 Sorry to post a link, but it was easier than repeating myself.
  13. John in Valley Forge made some excellent points and I have experienced all of them! I have an eXplorist GC and a Droid. Sometimes the site is experiencing difficulties - my GPSr doesn't care. I load it full of caches and set out. The site can even go offline and I'm still merrily caching away. Remember on 10/10/10 when the site was swamped? All the phone cachers couldn't get their phones to work because the site was overwhelmed. I was merrily caching along with my eXplorist GC. I just bought a kayak and I can't wait to tackle those 5-star terrains. My phone will be safely sealed in a waterproof case (or even left in the car), but my trusty GPSr will be tagging along. (With some custom made floaties so it doesn't sink if I flip over!) Caching w/ my phone cuts my already-short battery life even shorter. The batteries in my GPSr last about 18-20 hours. (That one is the biggest selling point, IMHO.) I once dropped my GPSr down a steep hill. It rolled end over end for about 100'. My phone wouldn't have survived the first rock. That $159 bucks will be the best $159 bucks you've ever spent
  14. I like how the owner of that cache takes 3 paragraphs to apologize for placing a parking lot micro. With the mass influx of Smartphone Geocachers the past year or so, I have deleted about 10 duplicate logs. I always send an email explaining what I'm doing. I always email the finder first and suggest that perhaps their phone made a mistake and submitted multiple finds. No one has ever responded. I delete the duplicates, leaving one of them, and no one has ever responded.
  15. You track what other cachers have done? That sounds just a bit creepy. Can you explain how that helps your caching? I'm guessing that he/she does it so that if/when they plan an outing they can contact the previous finders to see if there is anything they should know about ahead of time. When I've planned a particular caching trip (generally surrounding a particular milestone that requires arrangements be made in advance), I will contact a previous finder to make sure that there isn't something that I should know before I leave home (or even make arrangements.) Unfortunately, many cachers just don't write the informative logs like they used to. In the past, you could gain a lot of helpful information just by reading the logs. It's not so easy to do that anymore.
  16. Thanks, n7viv and DB, for a first hand response. I have a number of friends who have already gone and I have tickets & reservations to head out there in about a month. I'm so glad that you posted your explanation though. Despite that I have a number of friends who have talked to me about it, if I try to post it's just heresy. The fact that you have personally visited lends a credibility to it that I couldn't do. I think the reason so few people post who have actually gone is because they've "been there and done that" and don't feel a need to now explain (or even justify) their reasons for going. Again, thanks so much for posting your stories I sincerely wish that the "problem children" (term used very loosely) - whether they be cachers or noncachers - had been ticketed and fined. Maybe if the stories had carried over that you better behave this particular way, then people - cachers or noncachers - would conduct themselves in a proper fashion.
  17. Hi Turtle! Good to see you here. Jeepstaff is already familiar w/ the ET Trail - LOL. We will be there after you leave. We'll arrive on 4/8 and are departing on 4/12. We'll hit the Rt 66 (which we had planned all along). I have been given some additional info on other trails, just haven't put the little push pins into Google Earth yet. Our flights are in & out of Vegas (obviously) and our hotel reservations are about 15 minutes off of the strip. (We've chosen to stay in a spa/resort rather than one of the casinos on the strip.) I think we're changing the scope of our trip to hit Rt 66, a couple other CA PTs and then we have some other wacky/goofy plans. Despite what some think, it's not been about the numbers more about challenging ourselves to cache for 24 hours. (We could still do that but I think we're going for the funny and unusual now.) Thanks for your suggestions See 'ya at Trail Mix soon!
  18. I've hosted a decent number of events and most have all gone excellent. The rest were fine, just not excellent. You've already been given a lot of terrific advice and I'll not waste time repeating it. One of the things that I've found that can help with your attendance is to make up an event page on your favorite social networking website. That gives you an opportunity to invite cachers who you know that maybe don't keep good tabs on the event calendar. I can't tell you how many times I've heard from a cacher "I'm sure glad that I saw you were attending that event. I didn't even know it was scheduled." It just helps spread the word a little better. Being the social junkie that I am, I wish the event calendar had a more prominent position on the main page
  19. You're quite correct, BBWolf+3Pigs. What I guess I didn't explain is that I can't get a reimbursement through travel insurance simply because the ET highway was archived. You are totally correct, we'll find other things to do and we'll have fun. (We manage to have fun just meeting for dinners or lunches!) I apologize if my message was muddled. I was just trying to point out how this could cause a financial difficulty to one and why it seemed strange that I would have travel arrangements made that couldn't be canceled without losing any money. To Bunglebees: It sounds like your community is similar to my community. We pitch in and help out. If I'm at your cache and see that you need a log, I'll put in a new one. Why should you waste gas (that's quite expensive again) when I'm standing here right now. In return, they'd probably do the same. I, too, have dropped a cache in the river. (And handled it the exact same way that you did. The CO was very nice about it!) I too read each and every log as do every single other CO that I know. Isn't that why you place them? To enjoy their stories and thrill of the find?
  20. I'm going to guess that you've not planned out a vacation recently. Several years ago, my family embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime cruise. Said trip had to be paid in advance. Depending on how close it was to travel time, more and more money became non-refundable. That's not unusual, it's an industry standard. If not for that reason, one wouldn't need travel insurance. Travel insurance is a lovely option and I partake of it myself when spending my (hard earned) money towards a trip. Travel insurance only works though if one is unable to travel (due to personal circumstances) it doesn't matter if the destination has suddenly evaporated. I would have hoped that you'd have sympathy for my plight as I would have had for you if the situations had been reversed.
  21. lamoracke types faster than I do I love that our advice was so similar though.
  22. Hi catchapig, Unfortunately, it can happen occasionally and usually (not always) by a newer cacher who wants to hide a cache in a spot near yours. If I had to wager a guess, I'd guess he's tried to hide it and has been turned down because your cache is too close. You've done nothing wrong. You have two paths to walk and you could choose which one suits your style. You can email him back a friendly note (take the high road) and explain to him that you've had this cache, you're maintaining this cache and you plan on keeping this cache. Maybe you could help guide him to a spot far enough away from your cache. But in the general area. He could just need a little guidance from an experienced cacher. Or..you can take path #2 and try to shrug it off.
  23. Hopefully they will, although their trip was planned specifically to do 1000 caches in a day, so doing the ET highway was the goal and they were pretty pumped up about it. (not to mention rather heavily invested with plane tickets, accommodations, rental car, etc) I don't share the desire to do 1000 caches in a day, but I do get the whole concept of having a good time geocaching with friends. I'm sure they'll make the most of it and have a great time anyway. Three couples/6 of us are all in the same boat as your friend. The airline tickets are bought, the hotel is already paid for. Yes, we will still go (we have to or we'll forfeit the monies already spent). Yes, we will still have fun (I've never known us not to). We will find other activities to engage our attention. I just want to mention something calmly and rationally. I am not a number junkie like many of the posters will think simply because I have already made reservations to head out there. None of my travel companions are either. We all have modest finds found over many years of caching. We have seen many of friends go and complete this journey. We desired to do the same. We didn't look at like a quick 1000 cache pick up. We looked at it like something akin to the Amazing Race except for us as geocachers. There is a very distinct reason that this game is varied so much. To each his own. You want a long walk in the woods? Great! In my home state we have the Knobstone Trail. (I've personally hiked it and found caches along it.) You want some quick LPCs? Great! We have quick P&Gs (I've personally found some of those too.) You want a nice walking trail in the park and the chance to pick up 26 caches around a lake? Great! (I've walked the full circumference of the lake and found those 26 caches.) My point is this: A wide variety of styles/types/terrains/regions/areas/containers exist so that each of us can choose to find the caches we like. Maybe you like a type of cache that I don't like. I'm not going to post on a public forum and call you names or question your intelligence. I'm going to respect that the hobby allows for the game to played in a wide variety of ways. Maybe you like Scrabble and maybe I like Yahtzee. I won't think ill of you because you prefer Scrabble. I happen to enjoy a very wide variety of caches and my desire to seek out this trail was simply the opportunity to have some fun with two other couples whose companionship I happen to enjoy. We'll still enjoy our time together but we'll be disappointed that it's different from what we planned.
  24. Route 66 series (800 caches) - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=gc2j17aYer-MO series (60+ caches) - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC2KW0A So are these the two most logical choices for someone who has plane tickets to Vegas, and planned on doing the E.T. trail? Not for me, I would have no interest. But for someone I know who isn't a big forum poster. I'm in the same boat as your friend. (I have the nonrefundable plane tickets and nonrefundable hotel reservations.) If you use the Geocache Google Earth Viewer and look southwest of Vegas, you can find some alternatives. Will they be as easy? I don't know. Truthfully, I've not looked into all them other than started scouting them out on a map. Good luck to your friend.
  25. Don't feel silly, it *is* hard finding those other geocachers in your area. That is, until you know them. Once you've met up with them and they've become friends, you'll have to hide from them. (I'm teasing!) Here is a link to the Groundspeak forums for your specific area: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showforum=20 Feel free to start a new thread there and ask for NYC cachers. There's also a pinned thread that lists the individual groups. I clicked on New York State Geocachers and the link only took me to a page that says "It Works" so don't bother with that one The LIGO one you have to join to see anything. Here's a link to New York Capital Region Geocachers: http://www.geocachingny.org/ Here's a link to Metro NY Geocaching Society: http://metrogc.org/ You can browse that pinned thread and try the various links and see which group might be able to work best. But I'm going to offer an entirely different idea. Find an event near you. The event calendar is about 2/3rds of the way down on the home screen at www.geocaching.com. There might not be one very close to you happening soon. You may have to travel an hour. But, you'll be surprised at how far people travel for geocaching events. (In my area, people travel 1-2 hours to attend events.) At the events, you'll meet other cachers and will probably be surprised to find that they don't live all that far from you. Even if they do live a bit of distance away, maybe you could meet somewhere in the middle and cache together. Generally, there are group caching excursions too and you'd have a better chance to find those out as you start attending events. Some of my closest friends are those who I have met by attending events. Geocaching is how we've met but we've developed friendships that now exist outside of geocaching. Good luck!
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