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  1. Still available! No reasonable offer refused! -- SpongeRob rwmech@keenpeople.com www.keenpeople.com
  2. I have a used Cassiopeia E-100 for sale. It's great for geocaching and I've used it on several hunts. It's in rather good shape, only one small nick on the screen but you really cant notice it while it's on. It has pocket outlook in it so you can also sync up email etc. Has a web browser so you can use it for caching. Also plays MP3's with windows media player (i'll leave it installed for you). Everything you could want on a cache hunt! I use iBrowser on it now for geocaching. Use GPX Spinner to create the HTML files and then throw it onto a compact flash card for geocaching. 500 caches take up less than 4MB of space. With a compact flash reader (instead of the cradle sync) you can setup the PDA for caching in about 5 minutes with over 500 caches in it. The unit comes with the PDA (with battery), stylus, cradle and power supply. I'll even throw in a 16MB compact flash card as well. You can find out more information on the E-100 at http://www.casio.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=products.detail&Product=E100 It's been a great unit and it even plays MP3's. If you have wanted a PDA for caching and didnt want to spend $300 or more on a new color unit this may be right up your alley. I'm taking offers on this so just drop me a line. I've had it for 2 years and just looking to upgrade. If youre interested drop me a line. Regards, SpongeRob. -- SpongeRob rwmech@keenpeople.com www.keenpeople.com
  3. quote: An analgy: If I thought that my local theatre was not a business, but simply a “community”, then I would be disturbed if they wouldn’t let me bring my own soda, candy and popcorn, and I would probably complain. But I know it is a business, and provided that they continue to provide me with a service that I want, and am prepared to pay for, I won’t complain simply because their policies are self-serving. A decision to eliminate a plethora of links to another Geocaching related site (Keenpeople.com) is not at all unexpected, and I do not complain in this regard. I did not need Jeremy’s explanation, and in fact would have felt a little bit better about the whole thing if such explanation were not offered. That would be great if that's what he said. Instead of honest you got vague comments about unknown users who emailed and complained. You might also look at the double standard in "advertising" on the site. Check out the software and hardware forums. Shameless plugs and comments about new software releases. That advertising is obviously permitted despite the clear forum rules. Check out sig lines that advertise regional sites. These all seem to be "permitted" It would be one thing if he came out and said "Nobody can bring candy into the theatre" instead we get whishy washy comments about only a few people not allowed to bring candy in. -- SpongeRob rwmech@keenpeople.com www.keenpeople.com
  4. I'm really confused on how the "IMG" tags slow down a server. First the IMG tag is converted to HTML which tells *YOUR* browser to go get the image. -- SpongeRob rwmech@keenpeople.com www.keenpeople.com
  5. Having a sense of humor is a GOOD thing folks. I found mtn-mans rendition hilarious. -- SpongeRob rwmech@keenpeople.com www.keenpeople.com
  6. I've finally topped out the system on stats. -- SpongeRob rwmech@keenpeople.com www.keenpeople.com
  7. quote: I like the keenpeople stats, but since it is manual entry, you can enter any numbers you like. Since it is opt-in, you are only comparing yourself to others who have opted-in. When Dan's site was still around, I could keep an eye on other cachers in my area and see how active they were. Remember this. You "Manually Enter" them on geocaching.com. Very few people will actually go out to check a logbook to verify your log entry. Opt-In is the only thing that's really fair to those that who do not wish to have any part in stats. The 300+ users now on the site are making the stats much more viable. -- SpongeRob rwmech@keenpeople.com www.keenpeople.com
  8. quote: I'm not sure how this can work -- the only way stats (most found in Florida, for example) would make any sense is if they really reflected the entire Florida geocaching community. So right now, I'm #6 in the state -- wow! with only 58 caches found. Oh yes, only seven people from Florida are registered on the site. How is the word going to get out to ALL geocachers, which is necessary to make the stats meaningful -- certainly CG.com is not going to send out an email to all of its members suggesting they register on this site. Frankly, the only way this can be done in that manner is if GC.com develops their own stats, and has them linked directly to those registered on THIS site. Actually GC.COM has talked about this some in these threads and it's obvious that it would be "opt-in" which means it's really no more accurate than if you were to sign up elsewhere. If only 5 people in florida signup youre still in the same boat. quote: The best way is to let your friends know about it. Does it have to make sense to everyone? I'm really only interested in comparing with people I know. Since it's opt-in that makes it better for those that have no interest. Beatnik is totally right here. In areas where people care about stats (Michigan, Texas) you see HUGE participation. One more thing is that having it not tied directly to gc.com it means that you have the ability to keep stats on caches found on other system, or bonus caches, etc. You cant count bonus caches in your geocaching.com profile unless it's logged here. I personally have one that's not listed here but is a bonus. -- SpongeRob rwmech@keenpeople.com www.keenpeople.com
  9. quote: This thread is an example of what happens after too many moderators do too much moderating Amen. -- SpongeRob rwmech@keenpeople.com www.keenpeople.com
  10. quote: I agree with erik. It is a good idea as long as it is used positively. How can it be objective if it's only used positively? Doesnt that defeat the purpose of a rating? Some good, some bad = Result. Take away the bad and you have a worthless rating. -- SpongeRob rwmech@keenpeople.com www.keenpeople.com
  11. Would you really want a commercial logo etched into your body forever? It would be like having "Coke" or a "Nike" logo on you. Seems to me that too many people like to have free advertising of products they like. Guess thats ok but on your body seems like an extreme. To me it would seem that if you put something on you permenantly it would have a more personal nature to it, rather than a commercial nature. -- SpongeRob rwmech@keenpeople.com www.keenpeople.com
  12. Does anyone know if there's a way to make the border go away in BBCode? i.e. border=0 on Images with links? -- SpongeRob rwmech@keenpeople.com www.keenpeople.com
  13. Congrats! Only about 800 to go till I'm there too! It's quite a milestone! -- SpongeRob rwmech@keenpeople.com www.keenpeople.com
  14. I generally spend very little. Garage sales are EXCELLENT locations to pick up trade items and cache containers. Many times I've found BRAND NEW items at garage sales from people who give out "premiums" for a living i.e. sales. -- SpongeRob rwmech@keenpeople.com [This message was edited by SpongeRob on October 01, 2003 at 11:34 AM.]
  15. Eat Bugs! Free and chok full of protein! In the winter time they are extra crunchy! -- SpongeRob rwmech@keenpeople.com www.keenpeople.com
  16. Ok, find the can, attach a travel bug tag to it and make it a new travel bug. Let the guys at coke figure that one out. -- SpongeRob rwmech@keenpeople.com www.keenpeople.com
  17. quote: They will say "We thank you for your offer, but at this time we are not accepting offers from people to code anything for us. We're really not all that quick to implement new features and volunteer work would be amazingly useful, fast, and cheap, but in light of the fact that we'd actually have to share...we'd rather just play nice and hope that you'll vent and rant in the forums instead about missing features that we will one day get around to implementing on our own schedule." Oh that's rich! I love that! <ROFL> -- SpongeRob rwmech@keenpeople.com www.keenpeople.com quote:
  18. That's not a bad idea. That's really what I'm looking for are some alternative ways to free up my hands vs carying the etrex in one all the time. I thought about mounting it to my hiking stick but I don't take that on some of the short caches. -- SpongeRob rwmech@keenpeople.com www.keenpeople.com
  19. Noticed that they did away with the base 16 (Hex) and appears to have gone to base 36 (Alphanumeric?) Has there been any word on what happens when we reach GCZZZZ ? The current rate of new geocachers and caches what happens in another year (or so) when we run out? -- SpongeRob rwmech@keenpeople.com www.keenpeople.com
  20. I had the click stick problem, screen scramble problem, and rubberband problem. Garmin fixed them all no questions asked. I do have to call them again as the lanyard spot (plastic part) broke off of the unit shortly after being returned. I have a feeling when they replaced the unit the case they replaced it with was not new and the plastic was old and brittle. I'm hoping that issue goes well. Overall I think there are more good stories about service than bad. -- SpongeRob rwmech@keenpeople.com www.keenpeople.com
  21. I think the 2 thumbs up goes to the approvers that compromise on issues and look objectively. Like anything else there are good and bad approvers. I've had good experience with approvers like mtn-man. We don't know who the illinois approver is but they also seem to be doing a good job at the moment (or at least my caches havent had any problems ) -- SpongeRob rwmech@keenpeople.com www.keenpeople.com
  22. quote: Cool, please make a "creepiest cacher" stat, and make me #1! That's probably a little too subjective of an area to rate. -- SpongeRob rwmech@keenpeople.com www.keenpeople.com
  23. The eTrex is rather small. Anyone ever use/make a wristband for it. Perhaps attaching it to backpack either. Thinking velcro but wanted to know how somone physically attached it to the etrex itself. -- SpongeRob rwmech@keenpeople.com www.keenpeople.com
  24. I had this problem with one of my etrex. Garmin repaired it no charge. -- SpongeRob rwmech@keenpeople.com www.keenpeople.com
  25. I want to thank everyone who has emailed me regarding this. I really appreciate the input. I'll finish the article this week. Once again, thanks to everyone on their input. -- SpongeRob rwmech@keenpeople.com www.keenpeople.com
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