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  1. Good luck with your quest, since nobody from GC.com will provide that data. There have been numerous people that ask all kinds of questions of this type. Nearly each one retreats with their tail between their legs.


    I'm guessing you might be able to get that answer if you were an advertiser looking to advertise on here and wanted to know who hit your demographics. :D

  2. For quite a while I've seen users always giving kudos to other geocachers. I havent been able to find a place where these all 'reside" for posterity. KeenPeople.com has added a "milestone" where you can actually e-mail out your kudos to somone and have them listed on the "Geocaching Milestone".


    Please feel free to visit the "Geocaching Milestone" and give kudos to your friends.


    I recently added Greenbacks acomplishment of 4000 geocaches.

  3. It's interesting that so many people complain that the site is difficult to use. I gernally maintain a list of what caches I visit and their coordinates. While it is additional work it does offer an alterntive to the traditional method. It also offers the ability to have moving caches and to track yourself.


    I'd welcome ideas on how to improve it. With Groundspeak having such restrictive TOS on data it's nearly impossible to really add any integrated process. Microsoft style marketing at it's best!

  4. Staying on the topic of "Organized Geocaching"


    I wanted to let everyone know that teams are now forming for a competitive geocaching league. There are awards in different categories for teams and individuals.


    You can check it out at www.cacheleague.com.

  5. I found something similar to the following and decided to make a "Geocaching" specific one ;)


    Q: How many forum posters does it take to hide a geocache?




    1 to hide the geocache and to post that the geocache has been hidden.


    14 to share similar experiences of geocaching and how the geocache could have been hidden differently


    7 to caution about the dangers of hiding a geocache in such a location


    27 to point out spelling/grammar errors in posts about geocaching


    41 to correct spelling/grammar flames


    6 to argue over whether it's geocache or geocaching


    another 6 to condemn those 6 as anal-retentive


    53 to ask if the geocache has indeed been hidden


    27 to post URL's where one can see examples of different geocaches


    12 to post to the group that they will no longer post because they cannot handle the geocache controversy


    4 to suggest that posters request they read Markwells FAQ


    44 to ask what is a "FAQ"


    2 to post reasons why the geocaching is the result of a Groundspeak conspiracy.


    4 to say "didn't we go through this already a short time ago?"


    43 to say "do a Google search on hiding geocaches"


    and finally


    1 lurker to respond to the original post 6 months from now and start it all over again

  6. I am putting together a Geocaching Trivia database where people can have some fun testing their geocacher knowledge. :lol: I've been searching around and have found "some" information out there regarding geocaching and it's history.


    My question is does anyone have a list of some website with good history/background? So far I've used geocaching.com and gpsinformation.net which are good areas. Obviously If you have a piece of trivia you would like to email me directly I'll take that too :P



  7. Success!


    I was able to find somone (Nigel) who could figure out the coordinate system on this and I have a conversion factor. I'm working now to put it into a simple conversion program to take a GPX and make the waypoints. The number OSTIA waypoint coordinate divided by 745654.03888 will give you the decimal degrees for the waypoint.


    I should have a GPX to Ostia wpb converter ready in a few hours.

  8. I have the same setup with an x3i. The .wpb file (stores waypoints) looks to be easy to convert to but the datum I am totally unfamiliar with.


    Anyone know what datum this might be?





    Looks like standard northing and easting coordinates but I cant seem to find something that fits. This should be the in N42 W88 range.

  9. Recently Garmin Refurbished eTrex Legend. Originally went on about 60 or so caches has only gone on perhaps 5 caches since it's return. Excellent Shape as it's been refurbished recently by Garmin.


    This is my backup unit so it doesnt have a ton of milage on it. I'm looking to sell this one in lieu of getting a new one to interface with my New PDA.


    Speaking of which, I have a Cassiopeia E-100 Full Color PDA that I'm also willing to part with. You can easily load caches into this and take it with you for on the trail cache maps and Decoding.


    I'm taking offers on the eTrex Legend and the E-100 PDA. I'm willing to let them both go as a match set for $210 or best offer. If you want to make offers on each one of them seperately feel free.


    Thanks folks!

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