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  1. Bienvenido felipelpm!

    No me suena que haya en geocaching.com, ninguna opción para publicar las entradas de un logbook agotado (a no ser que decidas transcribirlos, utilizando un log del tipo "Write note", pero menudo trabajo!!).


    Normalmente cuando hemos visto en algún cache un logbook lleno, el propietario lo deja y pone uno nuevo. No sé si era a esto a lo que te referias.


  2. I have been clicking the button "add to queue" since 3 days, morning and evening. I've made lots of clics but I never get the query in my mail...


    As a Premium Member... what I am paying for?????


    Are the geocaching staff doing something to fix it? I have contacted them directly but they never answer me neither.

  3. Hello,

    I have the same problem. I have a Qtek Q100 with Windows mobile 2005.

    I've started in an open area Tomtom Navigator, CompeGPS Pocket Land and BeelineGPS. All of them fix satellites and get my position. Immediately I have started Wherigo Player and after 20 minutes running it doesn't get satellites.


    Any idea about what happens?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

  4. Hello all,


    I have downloaded Wherigo and installed Net Compact Framework 2.0 on my PPC with windows mobile 2005 and GPS receiver.


    I start the program and it shows the following message:


    “An error occurred trying to start de GPS devide. A port name must me specified in order to open a serial connection. Port names are typically three letters followed by a number, such as “COM7””


    After I accept, the program starts normally and I can load cartridges, but I don’t receive signal from my GPS.


    I have looked for a menu to configure and put de COM port in my GPS (COM4) but I cannot find an option to say to Wherigo player in which COM port my GPS is.


    Can anybody please help with this?


    Thanks a lot!



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