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  1. Hi :). I was interested in starting up a moving cache that would move all throughout Europe. I have a few questions about these.


    1. Is it allowed?

    2. Do I have to switch owners whenever it is in someone elses possession?

    3. Will reviewers of a foreign country allow it or not?


    Also, would you have any tips for them??


    Thanks so much :)

  2. Hi, my name is Connor and I am from Ireland! I was on holidays in Berlin, Germany in the middle of August and I admired it a lot! At the time, I was so happy I hid a geocache there. I was so pleased with myself I forgot the rule that you can only hide geocaches within a certain km range from you, so that you can maintain it.


    I think it would be an awful waste if it was not published and in my opinion it was a nice easy cache. If people want to adopt/watch it please comment below or email me.


    Thanks, and by the way sorry for not typing in German, I am currently learning in school though!

  3. Also, just a little help to you if you decide to move to Ireland and go geocaching in a foreign country with an Irish phone.


    If you are with Vodafone they have an option that has Vodafone Red, which is you pay 1.99eur a day for 100MB of data in the UK, 2.99eur in Europe and 4.99 in selected countries such as Australia or Hong Kong.


    Just a tip :)

  4. Hi, my first post on this forum! Anyway so far I have geocached in 2 countries, Ireland & Germany. I was in France after I started Geocaching although I have to use my phone to do geocaching since I don't know where to get a GPS offline and since I didn't have my phone I couldn't do it in Paris :(. Anyway, looking at places to go in the UK in October from Dublin Airport, or maybe somewhere else like Brussels that would be cheap but not much results coming up so far :( If anyone has any recommendations for both the amount of geocaches there (or the fun level of them) and just the city please let me know <3

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