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  1. Ciao a tutti. Sono stato a Bari due volte, una a luglio e una due notti fa. A luglio ricordo che c'erano parecchie geocache nel centro della città. Tuttavia, due giorni fa, sembra che tutte le geocache, tranne due, siano sparite, e nessuna di esse era vicina al centro. Qualcuno sa cosa è successo? Sono curioso...
  2. Thank you everyone for all your tips and thank you for the birthday wishes ^^ (no Belgian beer for me though xD).
  3. Actually, Northern Ireland is counted as one of the four provinces of Ireland (Ulster). Anyhow, I'm going to Brussels in less than 24hrs, hosting an event and may take day trips to Bruges and Den Haag/Rotterdam
  4. I much prefer the old system, the only plus to this new one is that it has a modern look. I can't search by country anymore, which is disappointing.
  5. Does anyone have a list of oldest active geocaches in every European country (separating England, Wales and Scotland if possible). I cannot check countries in the new search tool...
  6. The owner emailed me back to say it is not used on geocaching.com despite it having its own trackable page. It shouldn't have a page if it isn't used on geocaching.com. There are little to no geoketry uses in Ireland.
  7. Might be a long thread title I know, but today I found a trackable from Germany, which gave us a link to geokrety.org. I first try to log this cache on Geocaching.com. The name of the cache is on there, along with the owner, however the last log on it was November 2014 and the tracking code on it will not work. I go to geokrety.com and I insert the SAME tracking code which works just fine. So I want to know, is this okay, and what should I do? Also, I want to log several trackables at the same time to save me the hassle of going through each and every one individually, however the main site I use is down, so does anyone know anywhere else I can do that? Thank you.
  8. I have read on the forums that there was a case of a husband-wife team logging in the US and Denmark on the same day, as they both shared the same account, but one was in Denmark and the other was in US. Here is a thread which may be of assistance to you : http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=269052
  9. If you come to Ireland in May, please let me know
  10. Back from Portugal 4 days ago. We did fantastic there, we got 38 geocaches. We got several records such as: Most amount of Geocaches in a day. 2 events in a day (which wasn't planned until the day!). Got our 150th find in Portugal.
  11. I love reading theough these forums and yet I am not 18 y/o. I have hidden over 13 geocaches and hosted soon to be 3 events. Unless if people are lying in their logs it seems that all my finds are quite good, as with my event. I find it sort of offensive that some people think it's not alright for people under the age of 18 to hide a geocache based on their age.
  12. Ireland is a nice country (I live here!) and there are over 7000 geocaches. Excluding Dublin and maybe Belfast it is not like there is a cache every 161 meters. Even in those cities it isn't true. In more rural areas the caches are generally good. There is a cache in the middle of nowhere with over 1,000 finds. If you have any questions please feel free to PM me (about Ireland)!
  13. I too am a "teenage" geocacher (well 12), so technically I'm not but I got over 100 finds in a year. I would meet up with people at events I went to and then after it we generally would go with others around for a few caches in the area. Do people in Dallas ever go look for geocaches after an event? I have never gone caching as a group outside an event yet, but I am planning to with a few others.
  14. Does anyone use specialized websites to look random cheap flight deals, I found one from UAE to Phillipines for 54 cents once!
  15. Just wondering for those that travel with their work; what is your job? I'd probably love it in the future
  16. Sorry for the much delayed response. Well I'm not sure if it is there, but it is still valid. Ja
  17. Well, Ireland does have a few power-trails, but I have never heard of geo-art here. Germany and the US have a lot of caches if you're looking for numbers. There are several highways which have over 1000 caches in the US.
  18. A change of plan! Country #4 for us will be Portugal. We will be heading to Lisbon from the 15th to the 19th of February.
  19. Do you know when this will be fixed?
  20. If you get to go to Ireland please send me a message if you need any help
  21. On the logbook was there any names on it before yours? If not, it is likely that the cache simply has not yet been published.
  22. I gave you your first Irish flag
  23. Will be going somewhere for February, based on caches, when the flight leaves and location. We have a lot of locations but looking like it will be Budapest or Prague. Lisbon's flight left too early for us, but that was the 'frontrunner' as such for a while.
  24. Hi all, just wondering where do you get your stamps for letterbox hybrids? Most preferably online. Thanks Also, what type of stamps are they?
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