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  1. Or do a PQ using the cache GC number - You should be able to view these in the google map links. Then do searchers around the cities that you are visiting. Hope this helps Cam
  2. Hi TeamPEZ This Cache will be back up and running by that time - nice and handy to Auckland International Airport - a nice big ammo can
  3. Don't take this the wrong way, me old mate, but I have a problem regarding this site. Everytime I enter the forums on kiwicaching I fall into a deep restful sleep. I told a few caching friends about this, and they said to send them a link to it, which I duly did. Yup, you guessed it Mr Custer, they too fell into deep restful sleeps. Any suggestions? Also, on a side note, are there so many moderators because most of the time they are sleeping? Regards Cam
  4. Its like a ghost town there though Mr Custer I swear I saw a tumble weed or 2 blow across my monitor while browsing that site the other day
  5. What if its a puzzle cache? The (false) cords could lead to a false call out? Serious Question
  6. Yikes! One of my nanos has maybe gone missing, I hope the Bomb squaddies didn’t whack it – I didn’t have it clearly marked as a “Geocache” either on the outside , so they may have thought someone wanted to blow up the bus shelter it was on…… TK – can you please send me some of your calling cards to me, I placed a cache at the weekend and Tramper Ted couldn’t find it – now I’m worried that maybe the bomb squad got it, if I slipped your card into my caches, then it could stop some unnecessary destroying of containers. Send the cards to: Wonder Corp Po Box 301 244 Albany Auckland
  7. So the Bomb Squad opened up the sus looking container, then gave you a ring? Hey, go easy - some women go for firemen, she must like bomb squaddies! She even leaves her calling card for them, so how obvious is that? No need to make fun it - I found my wife on nzdating.co.nz, so why not let technokitten find her man on the bomb squad? I guess a bomb squad man would have very skilled fingers......
  8. LOL The Pud is obsessed with me, why else would he have my profile pic as his avatar...... Sorry Pud, Im a married man
  9. So the Bomb Squad opened up the sus looking container, then gave you a ring?
  10. Can someone help me with it - I have cords needed. Cheers
  11. Thanks, just email me or whatever. Cheers How are we looking guys?
  12. I have recently completed stage one of the cache in NZ, and need some one to help me with the UK part. Please pm me.
  13. Sweet, now all I need is a Virtual or a webcam to test it on
  14. theirs great to see the spelling and gramma police in fool force
  15. Yeah, I saw on some NZ forums a guy offering to adopt a virtual a few months back, thought it maybe possible, oh well, it was worth a try.
  16. Hi I was wanting to adopt a virtual cache off anyone who no longer wants to look after one of theres. So, instead of archiving it, email me, and Ill be more than happy to look after it for you. Cam
  17. Actually you'll find my quote from the Trade Me website correct. mm True, but often they boot Australians from the site. And most traders don't sell to Oz Try Zillion, its international, but has no members
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