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  1. The log moved me , glad we brought joy to some young girls,
  2. This is just a snibit of a post in another thread. Is there any truth to it? I hope not
  3. Its a pain signing up to another forum . Will have a look, thanks
  4. And when I run add logs macro to get them, it takes me to the users profile page, but I cant see anyones owner id there to copy into the pop up box in gsak. Help please
  5. Hey hey, you win, you got to me first. Since I missed your event in Bne I'll drive up and cache with you on the weekends. You still got the email address? hey hey - you are the team!! email sent
  6. I'm having trouble understanding why anyone would LEAVE New Zealand! You are so lucky to live there! Its a case of the grass is greener on the otherside of the fence. Oh, to live in America I wish I did
  7. Oh,,,,my ....God....... Will need to look closely at this area.
  8. do you have a link to the tarot series - a cache gc #?
  9. 29th Aug, for 8 days or so - then up to San Franisco and Yosmite
  10. We are coming to LA (staying near Anehiem) for about 8 days, then heading up to San Francisco for 5 days or so. We would like to know where there are some good places to pick up a few caches - like here: Seems like a nice ride on a bike - and you can hire one there - so thats ago. We will have a car. Highyl condensed areas. Been told Palm springs is a nice place to go, and up to the No Clue series in Palmdale I think. Any help would be grand. Will hold an event also - a meet and greet in Anehiem. TWS
  11. My mate brought me one, and himself one, and we are in New Zealand
  12. Buy a Oregon - 1. You go out and find the cache. Once you're ready to log the cache on the unit you do the following. a. Select Log Attempt b. You select the type of log c. Then add a note or find the next cache d. and if needed write a brief note This creates a file called \Garmin\geocache_visits.txt on the device. 2. When you get home, you upload this file to geocaching.com via this page. http://www.geocaching.com/my/uploadfieldnotes.aspx You get a list of all logs And when you click on Post Log
  13. 66 in a 12 hour period - twice - once in Adelaide - other time in Brisbane .(Australia) 48 (12 hours)in Nelson, New Zealnd. My Profile shows these stats. I plan to beat the 66 one day.
  14. What I do is create a new cache like I would for a trad etc, then I can see the pics etc, then copy/paste into EC submittal form when Im happy with it. Also means I have a back up copy.
  15. I would like to see them displayed on the map - just like my trusty 60csx Any help greatful.
  16. Good point, google revealed nothing. Maybe Geoaware will have the info.
  17. Done it, but the main prob is that most caching done here is in the weekend, though I did spring one cacher
  18. love it!! Yep, we have a few "Caching Umpires" running around in NZ. I just ignore them
  19. I submitted cords to my reviewer to " Hold" an area for me. It was a cache outside TEAM NZ's HQ( Americas cup - you guys heard of that ) and I wanted the cache listed either on the day NZ won, or the Day we lost ( So I could get the correct details in my cache page ) He gave me 2 or 3 weeks I think. Also did it on a fire tack night cache I did, where it took me 2 or 3 weeks of setting up the fire tacks, testing etc, last thing I wanted was someone to plop a trad down in that area after all the work I had put into it. Common sense in my eyes
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