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  1. Just something I noted on the website - the icon used for attribute "Needs Maintenance" on cache details pages is not actually a first aid sign (red cross on white ground, or white cross on green ground) sign but the Swiss flag (white cross on red ground) :huh: - being from Switzerland this quite confuses me :huh:

    I seem to remember a discussion about this issue once. I think the reason given for not using the red cross on a white background for "Needs Maintenance" had to do with potential legal issues related to the use of an icon owned by the American Red Cross.


    How can the American Red Cross own an international symbol?

  2. My gut reaction is that I don't want the logs on my cache pages to become someone's idea of an art project. I also know from experiance that the average person has trouble knowing when to close tags and usually leaves them open but HTML tidy should take care of that.

    After seeing at what UBB code is aviable I think that the UBB code covers every change I'd ever want to see in a log.


    Agreed. Thanks for the quick and concise replies folks, good to see that the forums in this community work. Thanks a lot <_<

  3. As far as I am aware, HTML is not allowed in cache logs, and is thus even for premium members, am I correct? If so, would this not be a fesable addition to the website? Spam etc. could be a problem, but as far as geocaching.com goes, as far as I've seen, is host to a fairly responsible community, who would not take advantage. This feature can indeed be limited to such uses as changing color and font, at the discretion of Groundspeak. I feel as a user that it would enhance my experience of geocaching.com, allowing me to express myself more clearly in my posts, for instance, changing the color to red for milestone caches. All sensible feedback would be appreciated.







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