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  1. I don't even mind urban caches, there is one here by the home depot that i like and another a few blocks away by the mall. bu really i am talking about ONE person hiding 200 plus caches in a small geographic area.


    8 in just last week. seems like some people just lay them out there anywhere with out a care but to log another hide.

  2. I have just started making this kit out of an old Dewalt cordless drill box and some foam i got cheap from an upholstery shop. You have to use a Dremel or something to cut out all the extra plastic in the box, and a nice serrated knife or a band saw to cut the foam. But it is mostly moisture proof and pretty shock proof.


    When I hit the trail I just stuff anything I want in my “always ready daypack”



  3. I'd have the hat use wireless to conect back to geocaching.com, so that i could just turn on my hat, it would acces the database, and then use the built in GPSr to get me to the nearest cache. then when i have found the cache, i could just push that little button that is already installed on the very top of all ball caps, and the ball cap would again connect to geocaching.com and log the cache as found and type "TFTC"


    then i could just "rinse and repeat" untill i have found my fill of caches for that day!


    yep, i am lazy

  4. It is nice to be in a cache rich area, but like Hula Bum said - they are not all meaningfull. Some have notes like "came across here, thought it should have a chache" and then a few hundred feet later the same hider finds something worth putting a cache at and does another one.

  5. Over hiding


    Every once in a while, when I get a chance, I use google earth to look at the caches in some area of the world with no real purpose but to see what is out there. I have noticed that in some areas, there is a cacher or two who seem to be “over hiding”.


    The ones I am talking about have put say over a 200 caches in just one county or area – and every week they place several new caches. Now, I am new to this, and it is nice to have come into the game when there is already a large number of caches to choose from. But I am getting ready to hide my first, and it seems like some of these “over hiders” are taking more then their far share of good hiding spots.


    Anyone have any thoughts?

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