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  1. Ok this is not funny anymore, getting sick of writing logs push submit and getting one of two answers.

    1 - internal error 500

    2 - internal connection problem


    will log all caches as . so not to try and remember what was writen.















    Ok vented fill better.

  2. I would like to see a feature which enables me to ignore all caches from a certain user!



    I run in troubles wich another cacher. Now i decided not to seek anny of his caches furthermore.

    Unfortunately he has >200 caches out there.

    It would be great to exclude them all with a single buttonpress. :anibad:




    Had the same problem so put all his caches onto my ignore list then made it public with special title.

  3. The time has come please visit site and register.



    Riverina Geocaching proudly announces that Registration for Oz Mega Wagga Wagga

    is now open at 9am today with 99 days to go to.


    Registration and full details of the event are at Oz Mega Wagga Wagga.


    You can also book your camping accommodation at the site during the registration process.


    And you can also order Merchandise and Meals after the Registration process.


    If you have any queries please refer them to the admin team email on the site.


    Merry Xmas to all,


    Riverina Geocaching Committee

  4. Right after I restarted Explorer and went to the GC website I got a bogus virus warning that tried to install a virus program.


    Was it a warning about a spyware or tracking cookie?


    There are 1/2 dozen or so 3rd party cookies that gc is more than happy to plant on your system.


    Spyware, then a trojan warning and then it installed a program that said it was antivirus. It also mimicked a Windows Defender window that you are supposed to click yes on.


    I'm no fool. I just did a hard shutdown, restarted in safe mode, rolled back the system and all is OK again.

    I just wish the people whose computers I work on were as vigilant. I'm taking in a computer tomorrow with the same symptoms but they didn't have system restore turned on. UGH! (at least I get paid for it)



    Boy sometimes wished I knew more then how to turn these things on and off again.

  5. Just recieved this message using IE and Windows.


    Was srolling map making book mark list when it happened.


    Have gone back to profile page then back to maps which seem to bee working fine now.


    Server Error


    500 - Internal server error.


    There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.

  6. The latest few "Will Attends' have taken the numbers past the 400 individual mark now with 155 teams and 408 people.

    We have 146 teams from Australia,8 from New Zealand and 1 from the USA.

    Our next target is get that balloon next to the event name transferred to "Mega Status" with 500 individual people from "Will Attends ' for the first ever official Mega Event in the Southern Hemisphere.

    The Event page is being streamlined constantly with the Merchandise Photo's now on proudly modeled by one of "The Lucas " team from tonight.


    More links will be featured over coming days together with updated information.


    If you coming and are not sure which accommodation form to take yet,please still post a "Will Attend" to assist us in a multitude of areas of infrastructure.

    Thank you very much from the Committee for the amazing response of over 400 in the first 28 days.

  7. Is there or are there any guildlines for the logging of archived caches?



    I have recently found a cache that was archived several months ago and reading through the guidelines see nothing about if you can or can't log them.



    If I have missed something can someone point it out for me.

  8. A group of local cachers placed 106 caches as part of a series. One of the placers claimed FTF on 46 of the caches. He claims that he only knew the coords to the caches he placed, but at the very least he knew they were in the pipe for publishing.


    My question:

    Should he have recused himself from FTF's on the series since he was part of the organizing committee?


    My question:

    Did he find them first? If so he is the FTF.



    No different to been out and about caching and a friend rings you with a new cache listed nearby. You have been give a heads up that there is a new cache. Or how about working out the co-ords cause somene placed a TB in the cache before it was published. If your able to work it out then that is a frill to chase a new unpublished cache.

  9. Don't come to Oz cause not only getting a FTF is important but if you you can't get a FTF you can always claim First day find.

    Some of us only go for FTF so it upsets the Virgin hunters from getting it. Boy do they sulk when they miss out.

    I have several but would have to read back through my 1590 finds to see how many where FTF.

  10. Any one else getting this message when trying to log onto GC site?


    Service Unavailable




    HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.

  11. Hi ya Neoaddict,

    It may help if you post your questions on the Geocaching Australia Forums You will find most Ozzies hang out there and you are more likely to get an answer. There is an International section you can post in.


    As it is run by a different group you will need to registor an account on that site as well.


    Good luck and if you get no responce PM me and I will see what I can do.



  12. At this stage you must also buy the upgrade kit to include other countries.

    •The family-friendly Geomate.jr comes preloaded with approximately 250,000 geocache locations covering all 50 U.S. states



    Load complete lists of geocache locations for other countries



    Also try looking at the Australian geocaching site forums. It is where you will find most Ozzies hang out and may find the answer. You will need to sign there as it is a seperate site to this one.

  13. Ok Scoot Welcome to this sport/hobby,

    Check out the info in the Geocaching Knowledge base.As for which GPS unit you get will depend on what you are comfortable with the use of and the operation with. I own three Magellans and have always enjoyed the simple use of these units. Find them here.

    I also cache with another cacher you uses a Garmin Oregon 300 which would be my next option. This unit will let you go paperless. You may like to look at this special getting started package.


    Remember that some people like Fords and others like Holdens.



    Good luck.

  14. thanks JABS i followed your lead and had caches up on google maps and earth ! problem is when i swapped back to google earth they have dissapeared again ! strange. tried refresh no good . HELP !



    Sorry can't help more than that as I only use Google Maps. May try posting here Getting Started and will get a farster answer. Will loook at Google Earth over weekend and see if I can work it out.

  15. Hi desertfox41,

    Have you tried reading *How to view caches using Google Earth it has a run down of info on how to use Google Earth. Have you Tried viewing caches just just Google maps? Go to your Profile page on the Right hand side is a box with lots of options Starting with 'Hello desertfox41' , you will find the fourth option is 'Search Options' under this is a square that reads 'Map it', just click on there and it will take you to Google Maps and show you all near by caches for you posted Home co-ords.


    More help can be found both in Getting Started and Knowledgebase , hope some of this helps.

  16. There is never a FTF to claim. You either are or you aren't regardless of when it was listed and who the owner told.


    Other possibilities too...



    Congratulations, you've found it! Intentionally or not!


    What is this hidden container sitting here for? What the heck is this thing doing here with all these things in it?


    It is part of a worldwide game dedicated to GPS (Global Positioning System) users, called Geocaching. The game basically involves a GPS user hiding "treasure" (this container and its contents), and publishing the exact coordinates so other GPS users can come on a "treasure hunt" to find it. The only rules are: if you take something from the geocache, you must leave something in the geocache, and you must write about your visit in the logbook. Hopefully, the person that hid this container found a good spot that is on public property and is not easily found by uninterested parties. Sometimes, a good spot turns out to be a bad spot, though.


    Great! You are welcome to join us! We ask only that you:


    Is any FTF really worth spilling root beer?! You may or may not have been there first. In any instance you can still claim that it was FTF. (Fun to find.)




    Dont Joke about this, for a event held larst year there were 20 new caches hidden in our local area and these were in place a few weeks before the event. Well one of these caches had been found a week before the event and signed by a surveyor so he has FTF but has never logged onto the site.

  17. Just tested it But instead of typing in your new home co-ords grab the google man and move him to where you need him to go then click on 'save changes' in lower left hand corner of screen.

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