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  1. Yes Magellan has released a new GPS unit dedicated to geocaching. http://www.magellangps.com/exploristgc/index.asp#1
  2. Found a new cache this morning GC24W3F which is only 19.5km from home co-ords and have no idea when it was published. All I know it was hidden by someone in Germany (no record of been in Oz) and Publish by a OS reviewer as well. No notification recieved.
  3. You know I can only say Thanks to you Lyra&Vurt, cause I went and opened a page to see if it was there. I have not realie noticed it before. Maybe I should look at thinks more clearly.
  4. See here for more replies to this topic. 500 - Internal server error. when looking up caches
  5. Tried looking at another players profile and got this one. Server Error 404 - File or directory not found. The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.
  6. I've been waiting for the foremost expert to join the conversation. All of the rest are just hamstercacher wannabes. Visit HamsterCaching to see the true Hamster Cachers. I just hope this year we can finish 99 Hamster Wheels on the Wall Good Luck My Hamsterians.
  7. Got this one this moring 6.44am here in Oz. I had lookedup another plays name and was going to look at there profile when I got this. Server Error 500 - Internal server error. There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.
  8. Posted today at 10.16am on the Ozzie forums. I can see the main page and my profile page but links to individual cache pages result in 500 - Internal Server Error
  9. I find that I use bookmark lists for different areas and when you make the list or can edit what is on the list it gives you the chance to write your own notes. Don't know how easy it is to transfur that info to your iphone. I just print out the bookmark list and it has all the extra details I need and gives me somewhere to jot down any comments I wish to note later.
  10. A few more updates and messages from The Riverina Geocaching Committee exactly one month till the start of the first ever Mega Event in the Southern Hemisphere. The Committee is very proud to announce two new Sponsors . Number 25 is Spotlight and Number 26 is The Cheesecake Shop which feature on the Sponsors page with website links as do most sponsors. The 15 th of March will see the final cut-off day for the 4 Merchandise items for the logo'd cap, tshirt, vest and polo shirt. Once you have Registered ,you can return at any time and pre order meals and merchandise. One item we encourage all attendees to bring is a foldup camp chair of some type.This will of a huge benefit for the Saturday and Sunday entertainment packages in front of the stage especially if the ground is a bit damp to place a blanket on.We urge you to think of our Major Sponsor in Riverina Campingworld for any camping needs you may require as they are a sponsor and have all your camping needs .Their website is.http://www.campingworld.com.au/site/index.php Dont forget to keep placing an "Will Attends " and we urge you to fill in your Registration Form as early as possible to assist Committee with all components .The Registration Team entries quickly jumped from 200 to 240 in recent days. You can place yourself on the watchlist on the top right of the page to see whose coming and follow all updates too.The inventory is open and starting to rapidly fill with coins and TB's. For the long distance travellers who are wondering about weather conditions . Last year on the same April dates the minimum temps were around 14 to 16 degrees whilst maximums ranged between 24 to 31 degrees. All the information links are being streamlined constantly .Any questions you may have,please send them through via the "contact us " link. Thankfully, Greg President.
  11. Thanks every one who has replied. Now we will just have to sit back and wait.
  12. This below is a reply I recieved from a letter writen. I really can’t tell you much at the moment but Magellan has something in the pipeline that you will be interested in, it is due to be released around the 22nd March so keep an eye on our website. ********************* (contact details removed) ************ (name removed) Customer Support & Sales Supervisor
  13. Sounds like Y2K bug. Will the system be big enough to handle that number of caches
  14. Sitting down with son while he looked through an ammo box was biten on the backside by several meat ants, log book and items went every where as I grabbed boy and ran back across the road. Then fully disrobbed while geowife helped check out my cloths. The worse part was I had to go back and replace the cache and contents. His larst couple of caches where events.
  15. Ok so Magellan is planning a new release. I understand it to be a new handheld unit. Due out end of March. Does anyone have any idea what is coming?
  16. The latest news and updates from the Committee. The Registration team entries have jumped quickly in the last few weeks and have just passed the 200 total. Victoria leads the way with 58 teams followed by NSW 46 , SA 36 , ACT 21 , QLD 21 , WA 8 , TAS 6 , USA 4 and Switzerland 1. We still need teams to post " Will Attends " and more importantly now to enter via the online "Registration Process ". Late registration entry will be $40 after March 1st. The event has a new Sponsor added to the list and we are pleased to announce our 22nd sponsor is Engel portable fridge -freezers involved with the Oz Mega. All the links have been updated with new information and the "Code of Conduct " is now added as a link. The main merchandise items are going well and will have a cut-off order date of the 15th March ,so as to be ready with your Registration and Welcome packs. The helicopter rides and wine and cheese tasting are proving popular as well .The wine and cheese tasting is at the nearby Wagga Winery only 5 minutes away and includes for $1.50 wine tasting and nibblies of cheese,crackers,dips and strawberries. Once again, any registrations and merchandise and food orders in early will all assist the Committee in putting together the logistics and infrastructure for these and many other components for the fast approaching first ever 4 day event only 43 days away. Thankfully, Greg President, Riverina Geocaching.
  17. Ok when I try to print out a copy of a bookmark list all I get is a page full of black lines. It now looks like a secret document with most the words blacked out. Have tried turning printer and computor on and off, any other print job from the GC site works ok. IE and Windows XP
  18. Hi skyejam, You may wish to post this question in Getting Started here you will find someone who will be able to answer your question alot farster. Or better yet our mod may even move this topic there for you. Another place to try would be the Forums on the MacCaching site which can be found here. JABs
  19. Ok a long shot a couple of years ago Geobain posted a link to a step by step instructions on how to create a route on Google Maps, not just Point A to B but by dragging the route to where you wish it to go. Then how to save it, upload it to GC and create a cache along route PQ. Any chance anyone knows where this could be found?
  20. Rain what's that? Our dam is now at less then 10%, we have just entered into level 6 water restrictions. Would be lucky to get 20mm a month our monthly average should be 75mm. I even have a cache hidden out on the dam that if it ever fills up again I will need to make D/T higher. But unless it rains 2 inchs a day for the next 4 months I think that one is safe.
  21. Wish there was a way to lock this topic at the top now it is a mega event so that it is the first post for all to see.
  22. The Riverina Geocaching Committee was very pleased to be informed this morning at 4.30 a.m. ,that the Oz Mega Wagga Wagga was upgraded to Mega Status. The Committee thanks Groundspeak for this rare announcement after 15 months of dedicated work behind the scenes.To see the icon with the word "Mega " in it, is a very exciting moment for the Committee and Geocachers alike. Thankfully, Greg President. You can view this post here.
  23. Hi ya Snakecatcher, You may wish to try asking (posting this topic again) unless our mod will move it into Getting Started . The guys that watch through there are more up to speed on how to solve problems. JABs.
  24. What happened to distance from home showing on cache pages? Have noticed that the new style cache pages do not show direction and distance from home co-ords anymore. Was this ment to of changed or is it a bug? IE-XP Windows
  25. Ok just cleaning up some bookmark lists, as it shows only 25 caches at a time I surlect say 150 from right hand side use check tick to surlect all to delete, then when I come back to list it is showing there are still some caches not deleted. As showen here there is still 82 caches on a screen of 50 which should be on two pages. Page one shows 0 caches and checking second page show the other 32 caches. I have reproduce this on three seperate bookmarks. Hope this makes sence. Latest IE and Win XP
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