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  1. Morning bones1, These forums are not visited by many Ozzies as they use a local one which can be found at Geocaching Australia. There is a section for International guests but you may wish to post you topic in the State section under Victoria for more replies. You will need to log in as a new user as they are run by a different group to the GC site. JABs.
  2. Our Mod may help by moving this one over to the correct forum- Geocaching Hitchhikers Please.
  3. Have looked but now I think it may be listed on the GCA site.
  4. Hi Hypnopaedia, You may not get aot of replies here but may be better off trying the Australian Caching Forums . Most Ozzies hang out in there and you will recieve a farster reply. You will need to log in with an account as they are seperate group to the GC site. JABs.
  5. Where as the second link for me takes me to the Adopte a listing page also but for a different cache, not the same one as the first link takes me to. As said this is the second time I have seen this. It is not a worry for me but just thought they may be interested in it. Oh and have finaly got it listed on that other site.
  6. This has been posted here because the Satisfaction site will not let me. It tells me I am logged in but when I post this issue/problem it tells me I need to log in, which by the way when I try it tells me I already am. Adoption of cache link coming up wrong. This is the second time I have noticed this issue. When adopting out caches you recieve an adoption request email, open email and it tells you the cache that is up for adoption with its url link (which matches) a message from owner and then 'If you would like to ...... visit following url. But guess what the second url is different to the first one. See example below. This is one of the email I recieved that is all wrong. That second url takes me to the adopt a listing page but tells me the cache name is The only way is up GC1P2NT. Tablelands Cachers would like you to adopt their listing: BEEware (Multi-cache) http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...22-7bb744ce6571 Message from the owner: Event is over so time to hand these out. If you would like to accept this adoption request, visit the following URL: http://www.geocaching.com/adopt/?guid=927c...22-7bb744ce6571 If you wish to decline the adoption request there is no need to respond. Profile for Tablelands Cachers http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=29...46-ecbf1e6e3a83
  7. There is a way to get them activated, I will look for the link on where you can find the info. Or someone else may post it here for you. Just give us a couple of days.
  8. All well and good about changing with the times but would be nice if they posted at least the link in the Geocaching Announcements where it posted before. Would at least get the email notification that they had been put up.
  9. Once a month just after GC site did its monthly down time for maintenance we would get an update for Release Notes but this time round no email of new posting and as of yet no new release notes. The larst set where Release Notes 7/28/10 . What has changed or did nothing happen this time?
  10. Hi Atwell, There are currently no Mega events planned as of yet, it may help if try posting on this Forum GCA where one will find most Ozzies hang out. There is a section for international visitors to post or just use the State to post you questions. You will need to registor an account on that site as it is run by a different group and is not the same as GC.com JABs.
  11. Hi Tom, It my be quicker to get a reply by posting in The Geocaching Australia Forums The is part for international visitors or even try by posting in the Queensland section. Most Aussies hang out in these other forums. You will need to create an account on the site as it is not part of GC. Good luck and happy hunting.
  12. Now to see when they are coming out. Anyone from the insider test program?
  13. Um always knew there was more in the pipeline. Magellan Touch Screen http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...c=248684&hl Good to see they came through. Now just wait for me tax return and see what I can spend it on.
  14. New feature does not allow me to log in using my GC log in, so unable at this state to use the new feedback form.
  15. If you go to Your Pocket Queries you are able to to download a list of all caches you have done as a PQ. But this will not show it up on a map. There are some Stat gernotors that will give a map over view of you cache placements. Hope fully some one will point you in that direction. As this can be added to your Public Profile page.
  16. I know a few who loaded the page in google translator. Just copy url and paste in here http://translate.google.com/# they used this walk around for a couple of years as your system sees it as google.
  17. Lets look at Some mega events? I know a couple that charge a fee to enter. Oh and this may be the event in Question- Geocaching NSW 2010 AGM by Geocaching NSW (GC29JTT) and if one was to look at the Agenda - 'The AGM will begin at 10.30 am sharp, with reports from the President, Treasurer and Membership Officer. Please note, only Geocaching NSW members may attend the AGM. Non-members are welcome to join the event at the conclusion of the AGM (around 11.30 am).' This reads to me that the AGM is seperate to the event which is open to all.
  18. Hi homedg, You may get a farst reply if you post your topic here- Geocaching Topics There it will be seen by more people and will get farst reply. Hope this helps.
  19. Yes. Please remove it! Ok, but if we're going all tin-hat here about off-content IP tracking stuff, better remove all those interactive Google Maps too. Google can get your IP address. Remind me how Facebook is evil for tracking your IP and web usage but Google is not - even though Google has FAR more ability to build a personally identifiable identity profile than Zuckerberg will ever have. Ok no idea what you are talking about IP tracking or such, I just noted the I do not like it on there and do not see how it will help or can assist me with caching. I see a benefit with a Mapping program in this case been Google. But Remind me or educate me on how Facebook will help or improve my caching/ caching experiance? Again Please remove this Facebook link as it has nothing to do with the game sport obsession we play.
  20. Ok I do not wish to see some link to facebook on GC site, I pay a Premium Membership and do not wish to see this add. What next a link to some under ground site. Please remove it It has nothing to do with the game sport obsession that we play.
  21. That map will be back, I had to switch to static map to get some time to work on javascript issues that had come up. A bigger and better map will be coming soon! -Raine Thanks all else looks good funny seeing an add for Lost and Found above Logs.
  22. Not shore if it has been removed but on any cache page the second lower/larger map on the cache page does not let you zoom in or out anymore.
  23. Any one know where I can get help with VantagePoint? How does one delete all previous caches loaded? Wish to do this so I can reload and start using it. It was loaded quite awhile ago so now alot are found or archived. Please point us in the right direction even if it is t oanother forum.
  24. Just wait till July or shortly there after. Hit Hit
  25. We found our first 20 or more caches with out a gps. Use google maps to help zoom in, if near a road street view also helps you pin point the location. Every so often we head out with out it and love the extra frill of the hunt with out it. I know of one cacher in Oz who has several hundred finds and still does not use a GPS. Made shore you look at Hint Size Difficutly and Terrian as all these will help you understand what you are looking for.
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