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  1. Oz Mega Committee made an announcement about OZ MEGA ALBURY WODONGA (Mega-Event Cache) on 2/17/2012


    Log Date: 2/17/2012

    A Committee update with 47 days to go:

    There are now 5 geocaching events to place "Will Attends " on, within the 5 days. Of course we have the main OZ MEGA ALBURY WODONGA GC2Q4JF. Also the OZ ALBURY FLASHMOB event on Easter Sunday GC34BFC. The Easter Monday CITO event GC34BEC. Also the Good Friday Night MEGA PASSOVER SEDER GCA4213 and the MEGA PATHTAG PARTY GCA 4226 over 4 days which will be extremely popular.Please place your 'Will Attend " to assist Committee.


    A reminder if you a keen geocoin and pathtag enthusist, that designs for your own coins would probably need to be submitted , approved and paid for within the next 7 days to have them here before the OZ MEGA.


    The fully paid registrations up till Wednesday 15th jumped from 456 to 495. All teams from last week and next week will be listed next Thursday night. Registrations and online bankings are available 24/7. To be guaranteed an official OZ MEGA geocoin in your registration pack on arrival , your form must be completed by next Friday 24th February.


    70 of the 79 powered sites have now been confirmed with green ticks. If you are in the remaining 9, best to submit your form and payment as we do have reserves waiting.

    There will be prizes for the "best camping site " and "best powered site". We urge teams to get into the spirit and have things like flags, stickers, lights, decorations, banners , hand made signs , coloured lights and anything that goes to add to the atmosphere

    We would like to welcome our newest stallholder in mygeogear. The owners of geocachers.co.nz are starting a new website in 2 weeks and their main idea at the event will be metal travel tag with your photo on it taken within his stall.Tags will be available after 1 hour.

    Looking forward to all the registrations this week,

    Another update Monday night.




  2. Log Date: 2/2/2012

    Oz Mega Committee Update:

    We have updated a lot of information on the website tonight.

    This weeks fully paid registration list has jumped from 368 to 420 and all are listed on the website. The registrations and payments need to be both in by Friday 24th February to be guaranteed an official OZ MEGA geocoin.


    We welcome our next $2,000 Gold Sponsor to the event with D & P Haulage of Albury now on the Sponsors page.


    Geocaching Australia has been added to the General TAB on the website and we encourage any geocachers who are not members to join in this popular site. Links and information are all there.


    The first exciting release of the Official Merchandise is now in the General TAB on the website with pictures and links for shirts and caps fully logo'd. Plenty of styles, colours , sizes and all the links available.


    Our next $2,000 Gold Sponsor to sign up is the historic Kinross Woolshed Hotel. This will also be the site of the flashmob event planned for Easter Sunday morning. The Ettamogah Pub is now up for sale and currently has a fence around it and not allowed to be entered. You will still be able to get close enough for a 50m distant photo. The official flashmob event will be at 11.30am on the Sunday morning at the Kinross Woolshed Hotel with 100 prizes onsite.The geocaching.com page will be available to place a "Will Attend " this weekend.

    A large area is available for car parking and the local newspaper will be there for a group photo . We have also be given the rare approval from Groundspeak that if this event surpasses 500 in itself, it will be listed as a MEGA event after the fact.

    Thank you for all the registrations this week and the Committee is looking forward to many more this week.





  3. Oz Mega Committee made an announcement about OZ MEGA ALBURY WODONGA (Mega-Event Cache) on 1/25/2012


    Log Date: 1/25/2012

    Some more information and updates from the Committee:


    We welcome our newest Sponsor in Coca Cola to the Oz Mega .They will be well represented at the event with products and have been placed on the website.

    The Pathtag night has increased with Jellyfish's USA batch and the tally is now at 535. We will get another update from our state coordinators at the end of February.

    We would like to thank OFFICEWORKS who have now been elevated to double Gold Sponsor status for their stunning donation this week.


    The movie night will feature two latest release movies that will be showing in cinemas during February and early March. We will not know the movie titles until 7 days prior to the event.


    The websitehttp://www.ozmega.com.au/ has been updated today with 68 new registered and paid geocachers now in alphabetical and state order taking the total to 366. We still need the final 18 powered site teams to register .If you do not require your site, we have reserves waiting.

    A reminder that registrations close on Friday 24th February to be guaranteed an official OZ MEGA geocoin.Both registration and payments need to be in to be placed on the website list.


    The Oz Mega Committee is very proud to announce our newest large Sponsor in NT TOURISM. They have 2 logo's on the Sponsorship page and two hyperlinks. They will also feature as our 12th stall holder with plenty of brochures, pamphlets and advertising on drive holidays and geocaching in NT. This is all advertising for the new release of the 'World's longest 4wd cache trail in the "Savannah Way " from Cairns to Darwin at this link.http://en.travelnt.com/geocaching.aspx?region=en-AU 3,000 km's long and all caches in place. Why is NT TOURISM sponsoring..


    quote "The Drive market is our biggest market, so anyhting that helps add to the drive experience is to be encouraged. The GC market is only tiny but it is dedicated. We test run some GCs on the Stuart Highway last year and the response was terrific. Tourists on drive holidays found the GCs within days of planting, and logged how they plan their holidays and weekends away around GC."

    Next trail this year set for geocachers will be the "Explorers Way " from Adelaide to Darwin with more trails to follow.


    Looking forward to all the registrations this week for next weeks update.




  4. Hi Corey,


    Jon from the JABs, sorry but I have just moved to Hobart in Tasmania. I will see if Code1 is interested in catching up.


    Can I surgest you also post on the GCA forums as this is where most Ozzies hang out.



    You will find both a section for international visitors or each state. You do need to open an account.


    Anyway good luck and hope to catch up with you again some day.


    Jon aka JABs.

  5. Oz Mega Committee made an announcement about OZ MEGA ALBURY WODONGA (Mega-Event Cache) on 1/17/2012


    Log Date: 1/17/2012

    The latest update from the Committee with 78 days to the opening of the boom gate.

    The CITO event for Easter Monday has been published with the code number GC34BEC.

    We would like to thank our state / territory (name removed) coordinators around Australia for the collections of (name removed) for raffles. They have all checked in and the total has jumped from 150 prior to xmas to 490. Jellyfish's USA collection is to go onto this as well.

    The weekly group of completed and paid registrations have been placed on the website. 60 people have taken the tally just on 300.Another 50 in registrations are there awaiting payments to filter in. Powered site confirmations have been ticked and reserves adjusted with 58 of the 79 sites fully confirmed.A reminder that registrations will close on Friday 24th February to be guaranteed an official geocoin.

    There will be a kids meal added to the nightly meal choice on all 4 nights for all the family budgets.


    The Oz Mega Committee is very proud to announce our next $2,000 Gold Sponsor in (name removed) . They will be involved in a large capacity with all teams able to look through many pop-tops, camper trailers, expanda's and caravans. (name removed) has being added to the Sponsors page with hyperlink and included in the rotating banners below each website page.


    The next update will be next Wednesday night, 25th with all new registrations added to the website, latest update news and mega site information.




  6. The Committee has updated every part of the website with new information and updates for all attendees, with 91 days till the start.

    All the latest paid registrations have been placed onto the registration page. Any registrations from Tuesday 3rd will appear in the next update.There will be a closing date of Friday 24th February and all registrations will be guaranteed a geocoin prior to this date.

    The powered sites have been updated with more reserves onto the list.


    We welcome our next $2,000 Gold Sponsor in Wodonga Council who will be involved in many ways over the event period.

    They have been placed on the sponsors page with hyperlink as per all sponsors.


    Most of the games for geocachers are set and complete. One of these games is " The Fugitive " , a great interactive game for all attendees to enjoy over the period of the event.

    More updates next week.



  7. Oz Mega Committee made an announcement about OZ MEGA ALBURY WODONGA (Mega-Event Cache) on 12/21/2011


    Log Date: 12/21/2011

    Some Committee updates and information:

    For those teams choosing accommodation within Albury during the MEGA , its best to start having a look soon at your choices. There is a hockey carnival and artist convention on at the same time.


    The Friday night Australiana night featuring Lazy Harry will have merchandise items for sale during and after the show including 8 of his cds. The Saturday night BABBA concert will also see merchandise items available after the show with shirts, caps ,and many items displayed. If you would like a photo with the group, this will take place after the performance.


    The official MEGA event merchandise will be available online with photo's in a few weeks. There will be 4 items all with a shipping offer to receive the goods prior the the event.


    Our new eleventh stall holder is St John Ambulance. The two ladies will be at their stall within the mini village from 9am till 7pm daily, with brochures, giveaways and many products. They will be available at the entertainment area if needed from 7pm till 10pm nightly and from 10pm till 9am at their powered site number 43. They will be there the full duration of the event.

    *The Committee welcomes our next sponsor to the MEGA event in Spotlight.

    *All the next group of paid registrations will be entered on the website in the first week of January.The Committee thanks all the registrations to date as it takes the pressure off us a bit when the majority submit their registrations in the final 3 months.

    *The next pathtag update for raffles and an auction will be in early January. Plenty having been filtering through at various locations.

    *For those teams trying to make the OZ MEGA a milestone, there will be milestone book to enter on site .All teams will be announced at presentations. Milestones must be in the 1,000 number denominations.

    * The new year will see many more items on the website in areas of games, competitions , and novelty events and much more.

    * There will be a hotline number available to ring for any travelers coming in by rail or air to Albury, who need a lift to the site. A mobile number will feature on the website mid March and teams can be picked up and dropped off both before and afterwards.This is a free service.


    At this stage the Oz Mega Committee wishes all the intended OZ MEGA attendees to Albury and geocachers everywhere a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year .

    Keep the Will Attends and Registrations rolling along.

    Back with the updates in about 10 days.




  8. An update of information from the Committee:

    The latest group of over 50 people have gone onto the registration list and we thank them for the entries,together with more powered site confirmations

    A limited release of OZ MEGA merchandise will be available online in a few weeks. All items will have logo's and can be sent to your postal address prior to the event.A link will be available in the near future.


    The first ever geocache hider in Victoria in "George " will be present at the event and will present a trophy on stage on Easter Saturday night.


    The 'general " tab has a section about the bonfires each night .This area will be OZ MEGA signposted and known as "Bay 13" and will be very popular after the entertainment each night.


    The pathtag auction is growing rapidly and has progressed to around 150 after two weeks. An update from all the co-ordinators in mid December will be the next update.


    Our 10th stallholder is Geocaching NSW.They will be there for the 4 days of the event.




    Visit this log entry at the below address:






    Profile for Oz Mega Committee:


  9. Log Date: 11/10/2011

    A weekly update from the Oz Mega Committee:

    The latest round of paid registrations have been placed on the "Registration " tab. All in alphabetical order in each state with numbers attending and a grand total. The powered sites have another 7 with paid confirmations.


    The Home tab now features a youtube Albury Wodonga tourism clip, produced by Mr Coffee to give all visitors who haven't seen Albury, a bit of insight to the city and its sights and the Equestrian Centre.


    We are pleased to have the menu now listed on the meals page. There is no fried food on the menu and nothing over $10 . Plenty of drinks, Jilly Beans Mobile Cafe coffees,ice creams and much more will all be available from Thursday lunch to Monday breakfast.


    A new tab has been added on the website titled " General" . This will give information about all other areas not mentioned on other headings.Some info about competitons will filter on soon.





  10. Some more updates as we approach just on 5 months till the event:

    There will be a bonfire on each of the 4 nights at a designated area.The fire will be located at the same spot and lit the same time each night.

    Our menu will be posted next week on the website.We have kept it simple for the cooks .There is no fried food on the menu.There is no sit down dinner plate meal over $10 on any day.Good Friday fish choices are included.There will be drinks and ice creams available.

    The registrations are streaming in with the next group set to go on the website early next week.Please remember, the order is : Will Attend , Registration form and then bank payment.

    On Easter Saturday and Sunday ,our 3 ponies for rides has grown to include 3 horses as well. So, now you can watch the kids be led around on the ponies, have an adult horse ride next to the ponies or partake in a family ride of both in a group. Rides are unlimited.

    Mr Coffee has put together a Albury Wodonga promotional you tube clip from a geocachers meeting day in Albury in August.

    Turn up the sound and enjoy the promotion...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8kRjGkg8FE


    We are pleased to announce a S1,000 Silver Sponsor In Albury City Council has now been elevated to a $4,000 Gold Sponsor and we thank them for the huge involvement in other areas as well,which will become evident throughout the event.

    Updates will now be on a weekly basis.




  11. Further updates of the mega event:

    We will take some more reserves on the powered sites list as they have been moving up into positions. A green tick confirms payment of your numbered position within the "camping section" on the website.

    Registrations are flowing in and the next round of teams have been placed on the "registration section". All teams are listed in team names, state and numbers attending.

    Groundspeak has created the official "souvenir " for the event. This will be awarded to all teams after the event ,when your "attended" log is posted.If you are not sure what this is, take a look at your profile page, as you might not be aware you even have them already.

    The first two face painted geocaching logo's are posted on the stallholders section. Next update will feature Geocaching NSW and Geocaching Australia pictures.

    The recent Geocaching in Australia magazine featured a mega update story with pictures including the front cover. Great advertising to the 1,000 subscribers.The front cover is on the stallholders page.

    A promotional item from the mega event is being shown at many events. The first was the Wolli Creek valley walk event last Saturday in Sydney, next was Mrs Walenators birthday event in Melbourne yesterday ,and next is JABS meet and greet event near Hobart, Wednesday with more events to follow.

    Our next stallholder to attend the OZ MEGA is jillybeans mobile cafe.They will have one coffee van over the 5 days serving in the meals area for breakfast, lunch and dinners.They will have a second coffee van permanently situated in the entertainment area and move staff over to there ,once dinners have finished, for the 4 nights.


    We welcome our next $2,000 Gold Sponsor in Officeworks of Albury to the event. Promotional items will be placed into all registration packs as well.




  12. The OZ MEGA ALBURY WODONGA registration process is now open.


    The website direct is...http://www.ozmega.com.au/


    You will need to fill in 4 basic areas.

    1/ Your Geocaching.com name and email address, plus state and country.

    2/ Camping sites or Powered sites. The system will calculate amounts for you.

    3/ Fill in your anticipated meal requirements. Meal prices will be posted later in the year. This is just an indication only.

    4/ First names all listed with exact spelling as this will be what goes on your official logo name tag.


    When you press submit, it generates an e-mail for you to send to the committee, please don't modify the contents of the e-mail.

    Payments can be completed by internet banking or personally at the bank.

    On confirmation of your payment , your team will be listed on the "registration page". Updates will be done approximately once a week.




  13. Tomorrow morning , Thursday, 2 nd June at 9AM, the OZ MEGA ALBURY WODONGA event will appear at the top of the NSW listings on geocaching.com.


    The page has a link to the website with all the tabs of information posted across the top.

    Most of the information you need 10 months out is there.


    The meals list and prices will be added at a later date but will be similar to Wagga if you attended.


    The Oz Mega Committee will please ask for "will attends " from teams. We ask you list how many you think are attending / town and state you reside / if camping , powered site or staying in Albury.

    Then the total of people at the end.

    Dont worry too much if you state 6 and 3 only make it or/ dont worry if you state 2 and 4 end up attending.

    This stage just gives us ideas of numbers plus percentage staying on site. :D

    We understand many teams will not know holiday availability and work rosters 10 months out, so it will take many weeks, months and probaly to xmas till alot know. :D:D


    We please ask all teams not to place questions on the page as other teams will tend to answer them and people will be on "watchlists " and all this will filter thru to emails.

    The Committee has provided 2 places to email the Committee for questions but we figure the questions wont be as many as a large percentage have been to a MEGA and sort of know what goes on.


    We understand many will want to know much details about meals , stallholder availablity, games details, pathtags and many other components .We have about 80% percent of details on the website and information will appear as we update it.

    As promised, we will start a new thread for Committee updates in a few weeks. :D



    At this stage we wish to thank everybody who has been of assistance just to get to this stage.We are 5 months ahead of predictions. Much thanks must go to Groundspeak, Albury City Council , the Sponsors, with all the rest listed on the website who have been directly involved. :D


    The Oz Mega Committee now looks forward to your "Will Attends " from 9 am tomorrow morning and its all fingers crossed now for everything to fall into place at 9am.





  14. After many months of preparations, Australia's next mega event is set for release.


    This Thursday at 9 AM, the OZ MEGA ALBURY WODONGA will be published in the NSW section.


    The Committee will ask for "Will Attends " and registrations will open from August.

    We are 5 months ahead of our predicted schedule ,which gives us ample time to streamline as we go.


    Both Groundspeak and the Albury City Council have been 100% committed and keen in all aspects of this large anticipated event.


    The Committee will make its final 3 days of adjustments on the website and make a final confirmation Wednesday night that everything is ready for Thursday morning.





  15. Hi BaJo,


    Where does one start, you are right Australia is a large place and travel times can be longer then expected. The time period you talk about is our Summer where day time temputures can range from 30-40 degrees Celcius and be very humid. As for camping places if you are planning to travel Oz there is a guide book called Camps Australia see link.


    As for meeting other campers let us know closer to due date and an event or two can be organised as a meet and greet.

    Will add more over the coming days.


    It wouls help if let us know a ruff time period you plan to spend here.




    Jon aka JABs.

  16. Thanks for those who have answered.


    If you have an idea on say PQ's then expect it to be merrged with a main PQ topic and your idea will be hidden from the rest of the public.


    Also did you realise that there is no way to search for old or parst topics?

    Was told to make any feedback sight surrgestions to that sights owner. As it does not have anything to do with Groundspeak.

  17. The Committee would like to give the latest update to the event.

    Everything is on track and all set for the geocaching.com page to be published .


    We have been implementing all the components needed to be in place over the last 3 months. The ABN and TAX File numbers are set. The Committee is a fully incorporated association.The insurance is all set.All details are set at the Albury Wodonga Equestrian centre which is a credit to both Albury and Australia for its professional olympic style set up.


    The Albury City Council and Albury tourism have to be fully applauded in their assistance in all areas.


    The website and cache page are ready and both will feature all the details . The tabs at the top of the website feature 1 /Homepage 2/ Committee plus teams assisting with websites/ logo's /advisors 3/ Sponsors 4/ Meals 5/ Camping 6/ Registration 7/ Games 8/ Itinerary 9 /FAQ


    We will be asking for " Will Attends " on the published date . This date will be a weekday on the first week of June. Our friendly aussie worker at Groundspeak will publish the event in advance late in the afternoon in Seattle, which will be 9 am in Australia. Will attends will be available immediately and Registration will be open from August.


    The Oz Mega Committee thanks all for your patience and we look forward to your team " Will Attends " in the near future.




    President.<br clear="all">

  18. I and several others have found that if you make a comment on the feedback site there is a good chance it will be hijacked and merged with another topic.


    If for say you find a problem with the maps or have an idea they will merge it with a common thread and your issue or great idea will disapear into the never.


    Hijacked treads.Stop Hijacking Ideas

    Please stop hijacking ideas and joining them to other topics that are not even the same.

    Even worse is that when you scroll through the topic your idea/ surgestion has just disappeared.

    Does anyone see or read the rest of the comments by others? How do you guys know about the other topics that have been merged?

    Makes it hard to be bothered to add or point anything out when it just dissappears.

    Yes I do understand that some idears etc are along the same lines but not all.

    Yes white and off white and bone are very much alike but there is still a fear bit of differance.


    Please stop takeing treads that are simular and adding together for new reads only read the first page and don't see the individual ideas.


    There once was a good spot for the FREE flow of ideas and issues on the forums that has been taken away from us. Oh and where here on the forums you can look back at past topics well it is near impossible for you to find what ever happened to it. Have been told to bring it up with a different company who own the feedback site.


    How long before this is closed down?

    My question is do you use the feedback site? and if so have you found any issues with it?





  19. Just a short update.


    Just an update from the Committee with exactly one year to go to the start of the first ever 5 day event. icon_biggrin.gif


    The Oz Mega Committee is constantly working behind the scenes on a daily basis getting all components into place and locked in .Much work has been carried our with onsite meetings and sponsors agreements and contracts.We have many assistants in many locations completing logo's, websites, and infrastructure plans for set up to the event.


    The geocaching.com page has been complete for many weeks and ready for release on the last week of May. We have permission from Groundspeak to list it early and will ask for ' Will Attends " in May.

    Albury City Council and Albury Tourism have been a great help in all areas concerned. The front page here on this topic has been updated.


    The Albury Wodonga Equestrian Centre will host the Australian Crosscountry Championships on the weekend prior to the mega.

    This occurred recently and after witnessing the grooming of the event on site this year , geocachers will have a professionally groomed and A1 manicured location to follow on with next year.

    The event facility is 1.4 kms long and 1 km wide with ample camping if numbers surge.

    We have kept costs down for geocachers by securing more sponsors from all types of businesses and industry.


    We will try to submit updates till the release date and the Committee thanks you for all the interest and intents to date.





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